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Wag Of The Finger For Brendon Burchard

You know what’s the most ego-driven, self-serving, heart-less thing I see coaches and other healing entrepreneurs do?

Creating more content instead of focusing on selling.

You know what’s even more offensive than that?

Business coaches for “heart-centered entrepreneurs” that encourage this non-sense!

Creating pretty student centers and workbooks is a privilege you EARN by helping people, not a right. This isn’t an arts and crafts camp. Your 12 part video series or 10 class dripped campaign is not changing lives sitting behind an unclicked link in the cloud. Congrats to you for creating it now shut the eff up, stop creating, place some ads, hustle up some leads and close some mother-loving business because your brilliant ideas aren’t changing more lives just because you are putting them into different packages and paying boatloads of money you don’t have to branding experts and then self indulgently stressing over which shade of blue represents your heart chakra best.

Business coaches who are teaching this technique while doing the opposite yourself: You should be ashamed of yourself.

I just saw some advice that Brendon Burchard is giving his new coaches and I was HORRIFIED. This is not the way to save a planet people. And I see why he sells so well. He focuses on selling and building a real business that creates change for his clients for himself and then teaches the EXACT opposite letting his clients focus on low level content creation activities that will, by design, never create change. Are you effing kidding me? That seriously borders on criminal in my opinion.

If you are not selling, you are not serving anyone but your ego. No excuses. Calling it heart-centered does not make it so.

Be ware of business coaches who teach one thing and do another.

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