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Thriving Through Chaos – Part 2

This is the second installment of my latest series, Thriving Through Chaos, where I feature authors who have recently published or are in the process of publishing their books who are having some of their biggest ever months during social distancing.

While tens of millions of people are losing their jobs or businesses, why is it that these authors are thriving? Is it because they serve humanity, and because humanity needs its servants now more than ever? YES. But it’s also because these authors use the Transformational Author Business Model that I teach everyone who works with me to use to monetize their books and their messages. It’s not about book sales. It’s about using your book to make sales for your coaching, healing, consulting, or services business. This is the key to why my authors are making money and making an even bigger difference during the crisis.

Check out the interview below. This week I’m featuring:

Vivian De Guzman, author of Money Blocks and Awaken Your Medical Intuition. Vivian is a Money Magnet Activator.
Mia Hewettauthor of Meant For More. She is a business coach and founder of Aligned Intelligence™
Emily Hirsh, author of Ignite Your Impact and founder of Hirsh Marketing
Laura Slinn, coauthor of Evolved NLP and cofounder of Avalon Empowerment

So many of our authors are having their best months ever, the only question that remains is… are you ready to have yours?

If so, go to

We select our next four authors next week.


Some gifts from a few of the authors featured:

To book a free clarity call with Vivian S. Guzman, go to

Mia Hewett is giving away a free copy of her book, go to and enter the password Freebook

Laura Slinn is offering a free copy of her book Evolved NLP, at

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