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The Future You Are Creating For Yourself

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Imagine this…

You wake up after a good night’s rest,
 throw on some slippers,
 and turn on the coffee maker…

While it brews, you open up your laptop 
and watch as hundreds of emails download into your inbox. You won’t have to answer them, you’ve got someone who does that for you, but you always like to start the day with the words of gratitude from your readers all around the world.

It was a great decision, you think, writing the book. You had wanted to do it for years but you weren’t sure if you had enough to say, or if you were qualified enough to say it.

These emails answer that question. Every morning, dozens upon dozens of thank yous from people whose lives you changed, all with your little 128 page book.

It’s not just the emails that have changed now that you are an author. You’ve got a thriving business now. More clients than you can reasonably serve – enough so that you literally HAD to raise your rates. And the speaking invitations! They aren’t all paid yet but even the unpaid opportunities are amazing. Speaking at Facebook! And in Paris – all expenses paid?

One of your favorite things now is finding out how your book as helped people you think of as your heroes – people whose books you turned to when things were bad.

Oprah hasn’t called (yet!) but you did get on BBC Breakfast and they just finished shooting the documentary where you are the featured expert. You have a team now, which is so fun because you’ve built this little family to support you.

It’s funny to think of how much more careful and guarded you have become with your time. Without your team it would never be possible to have the time for self-care and reflection that you know is so valuable to continuing to do the work you were born to do.

You never would have stepped into your power in this way if it weren’t for that random little call you attended way back on March 11, 2015 at 4pm ET. The call where you met 8 authors who not too long ago were exactly where you were.

They spoke from their heart about how scary it was to fully commit to writing their book. They cried tears of joy when they realized they were creating revolutions and changing lives, and they didn’t hold back about the hard parts of the process. It wasn’t the writing you were surprised to hear. They all said writing was easy with the system that was in place.

The hard part was finding the inner strength to stand up for the people they wanted to help and claim their role as authority.

You remember how it was when you came to attend this event. You reached out to me via email and wasted no time getting straight down
 to business. 

”Angela” you write, “We’ve never met, but I need to know this, and I
 need to know fast. If you were me, and you
 needed to get your message out in the world help more people…


How would you do it?”

Well, since you asked…Here’s what 
I would say.

First, come to this tele-seminar book launch.

Then, simply do what the authors on the call say to do.

Register at:


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