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Steve Daar – Book Journeys Author Interview

Steve DaarLast week’s Book Journeys Radio gave listeners yet another exciting episode as Angela interviewed conversion optimizer and author Steve Daar on his book, Profit Hacking: The Web Entrepreneur’s 3 Part Formula for Maximizing Success. Steve’s book discusses three leverage points that people can do to increase their profits online, namely traffic, conversion, and economics. The goal of the book is to teach entrepreneurs with an online business how to significantly increase digital traffic, grow their business on a massive scale, and maximize their marketing activities to reach the full profit potential of their business.

Steve’s love for marketing was the spark that led him to develop his expertise in web marketing and as he gained more and more knowledge on the various aspects of web traffic and conversion, he eventually decided to write a book in 2014. He started his writing process by digging into a handful of books and pulling out the best ideas, concepts, analogies and quotes. He then put them all down onto index cards, filing them into general categories which eventually corresponded to a chapter in the book. He would then pull out the notecards for a certain chapter and make a storyboard, expanding on the ideas and customizing them with personal experiences and stories until he completed a chapter. He wrote around a thousand to 3,000 words a day and finished his first draft in nine days. Steve found the writing process to be fun and easy but he admits that doing the notecards was quite a struggle. The editing process was not enjoyable for him too, but what helped him after he finished his first draft was to get beta readers who would give him feedback. He came up with a list of questions that would help him understand what they liked and didn’t like about the book, and just get into the heart of how things can be improved. He then hired an editor and gave him the feedback so that it would be considered in the comments and edits that would be made on his first draft.

Profit HackingTo help with his book promotion, Steve built a launch team and gave them a soft launch the day before the official release of the book. This way he was able to get a bunch of reviews up on his website before it was released to the public. In exchange for people being on his launch team, he offered a free copy of the book, a half hour of consulting, and some other bonuses, making it worth their while. Steve believes that commitment is key to starting a book journey and what will push one forward is to be really in touch with the purpose and the reason behind why they’re writing the book. In his words, “Being able to remember like what sparked that idea to write a book in the first place, or what made me so excited about it… was kind of the thing that pushed me over the edge.”


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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.


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