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Our First Video Book Launch!


It’s that time again!

We have 8 spectacular authors launching their newest books and we’d love to invite you to the party to celebrate their success.

We are having a virtual meet up April 9th at 4pm ET

2pm MT where our Best Selling series author will be dialing in from 9pm GMT where one of our authors will be throwing a big party

11pm AT (Arabia time!) where one of our authors is currently stationed

Whether you are in Denver, London, Riyadh or anywhere else on the globe. We want you to join us.


Register at:


Party-goers get goodies bags with hundreds of dollars in gifts and prizes plus you’ll find out the secret to how these authors got their books DELICIOUSLY DONE!

If you are thinking about writing a book, connecting with these authors will be a great tool to getting your mindset where it needs to be to finish.

When you can keep your eye on the prize, you too can have the deliciously satisfying feeling of knowing you didn’t just talk about writing a book – you got it done!

Congrats to our newest authors:

Cassie Parks – Author of Money Mindset for a Champagne Life

Charity Gonzalez – Author of Vibe Your Way to Fit, Healthy & Hot

Christine Erickson, Author of The Mother Within

Evan Zislis, Author of ClutterFree Revolution

Galina Knopman, Author of Every Time I Diet I Gain Five Pounds

Jim Shields, Author of Three Guys Walk into a Bar

Susan Foster, Author of It’s Not Rocket Science

Travis Collier, Author of Scale


Register at:


We’d love to see you at our Deliciously Done party! And when I say “See” – for the first time ever I mean it! Because this is our first ever VIDEO JAM! This is a picture of us “warming up” and getting our video-party ready to roll!



Register at:


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