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The Power of Finding Your Own North Star

I was at a gas station somewhere on the New York/Vermont/Canada border – maybe in Champlain? – when I realized the diagnosis was terminal.

I’d thought I’d done everything right. Studied hard. Went to a great school. Got a good reliable job. Met a nice guy. Got married. Bought a house in Connecticut. Now that I had checked all the required boxes, I could finally start LIVING! But that’s not how it went.

I quit my great job when the baby was just 4 months old and took a risky new job doubling my salary. The new job required me commuting to Montreal for a year – every week. I’d fly up on Monday, back home on Thursday.

And while I was away my husband realized something. He was not on board with our marriage and so when I was home, with my husband and my baby, things were… stressed. The baby jumped in on the action and just never seemed to stop screaming and crying.

6 months after I got the new job, I was fired, unceremoniously, over the phone, a few days before Christmas. I had an apartment in Montreal and had to drive up and back to get my things. And on that drive I realized the life I had built… wasn’t going to make it.

I’d spent 33 years creating something I was really proud of and I had sacrificed my health to do it.

I was 315 pounds. My husband was registered on “HURRY DATE” – I knew from his many phone messages. My baby would not stop screaming. I was unemployed and prospectless.

I called my best friend from the gas station and told her I was taking my life back. I was going to find a job where I could never be fired again. Finances were the first order of business – then I’d be safe. I told her I thought I might go to law school and become a personal injury attorney so I didn’t have to have a boss and I could make lots of money arguing which seemed to be my superpower.

I searched on Amazon for “Books like What Color is Your Parachute” to see if the personal injury route was aligned with what the “tests” said I’d be good at.

Amazon recommended a book I’d never heard of: Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star.

February 10, 2007.

Screenshot 2015-09-14 05.28.57


8 and a half years later… um…wow!

Yesterday morning at 5am I was sitting at a $10 million dollar movie star home in Hawaii on the beach, listening to waves crashing and tucked in their beds were 5 authors who birth their books with me while living here for the last 3 days. THIS IS MY JOB!!! (And I’ll never be fired again.)

My amazing love cooked wholesome, meals – mostly locally grown, organic, gluten free, vegan meals for the house of healthy authors.

And when the authors finished their manuscripts, we toasted with a $75 bottle of champagne. 8 1/2 years ago I didn’t know $75 bottles of Champagne existed. Now I find myself pouring Verve Clicquot at least once a month to celebrate something amazing. (Thanks Tonya Leigh!)


As one of my authors, Cassie Parks, taught me – I’m living my Champagne Life!

In the book Martha asked “what do you lose track of time doing?”

My answer: Reading Personal Growth books!

So…. I am NOT a personal injury attorney.

But I have found my north star.

And as I look up to the heavens, the stars are still shining in Hawaii, I am grateful this morning. For finding that book. For finding my north star. And for the ability to co-create with transformational authors, a team of ridiculously wonderful people, and with the Universe.

The last 3 days pushed me to the limits of my coaching and editing skills. I’m exhausted but so proud of what these women created.

None of this would have happened if I didn’t buy that book.

And now… my mission… that I live and breath every day… is to help others create books that change people’s lives like Martha Beck‘s book changed my life.

Screenshot 2015-09-15 08.07.26

Working with Rachel DunnLeah Hogarth-RuppelMelissa NationsCandice Ragland, and Elizabeth DiAlto this week… I know for sure all 5 of these books will do just that. Love knowing their readers are out their WAITING for the answers…. and I love even more knowing the answers will come because these authors stood in their power to get their books done.

Ain’t no doubt about it… this is why I am on the planet. Living my north star….

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