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Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book – Hot New Reviews!

The reviews for Dr. Angela’s new book Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book keep coming! Here is some of the feedback we are hearing. Make sure to get your copy from Amazon!

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From Anna Paradox:
Cutting-edge publishing advice
Angela Lauria’s on a mission: to help authors reach the audience they can help with their books. This is her third book on the topic, and it is the best yet. She has an innovative approach to writing and marketing a book that reaches and changes the author’s tribe. If you are a coach looking to reach more clients, or a leader wanting to start a movement with a book, you need to read what Lauria has to say.

From Jenny Krengel:
Book publishing demystified!
Dr. Lauria’s experience as a brilliant businesswoman, educator, and leader is the gift that keeps giving. If you need a know-how navigator who will not BS you, follow this woman. She’s funny and clever as hell, too. –

From Tamara Arnold:
Breaking all the traditional rules on how to write a book
Angela breaks down how you can create and fund a movement, by understanding a problem you can solve, then being in service to do just that. Strategic, smart, and here to make a major shift in publishing, this book kicks serious ass. Read this book, it could be the very thing that changes your life. I know because I have lived it.

From Joann Filomena:
Is it in your heart to write a book – an important book?
One that will change people? Before you even start, grab this unique look behind the velvet curtains of the publishing industry. It might feel discouraging at first but persevere and read on. Angela Lauria breaks it down. This is a game changer and you will discover that you can indeed write and publish a book that makes a difference in the world. Dr. Lauria is standing the publishing industry on its head. Every single person who feels they have a book living in their heart needs to read this before they even begin putting pen to paper.

From Angie Reyburn:
Exquisite, poignant and a must read!
Dr. Angela Lauria has done it again. Thank you for all you do.

From Brian Ridgway:
Far beyond the norm.
Angela is truly unique among the unique. She had a mind for monetization, and eye for optimization and a heart for Transformation.

Her work is unlike anything out there in the “author and book” space.

This book will show you exactly what to do – and not do – if you want to write the ultimate expression of your soul and expertise, get it in front of the perfect audience and monetize it brilliantly.

From Aicha Bascaro:
Uncovers the Book Publishing Mystery
Angela, in her book “Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book”, opened my eyes to a whole new world of publishing. She shares honestly and objectively the pros and cons of publishing and provides future authors with important information for them to be able to make the best decision for their book and their business. I had no idea that there were multiple options to publish a book and I knew even less about how traditional publishing works. Now, with all this new-found information I can make the best decision for me, my book and my business goals.

From Joanne King:
Motivating, Honest and Inspiring
I had a dream to make a difference in others lives, and it all started with a book. That was the easy part. Deciding how to publish or even finding a publisher seemed overwhelming. Many publishers charge people to publish their books, and it can be a confusing maze of information and expense. After reading Make’em beg to publish your book, I have gained the knowledge and clarity to move forward. Angela is brilliant and knows the business inside and out. If you are wondering how to make sense of the publishing world, look no further than this book! Angela can be your personal guide and is truly motivating, honest and inspiring.

From Linda Yalen:
This book is exactly what I have been searching for!
Angela has a wonderful way to motivate and provide exactly what I need to finish writing a book that will make a difference! I’m not really good at marketing but after reading this book I understand how to take my coaching business to the next level with a book. I highly recommend it!

From Melissa Morrison, Coach and Author of ‘Unstick Your Stuck’:
If you want to learn the best way to get your book published and into the right hands then read this book!
Angela puts the truth out there about the traditional publishers and explains the other options available for soon-to-be authors. Her storytelling had me glued to the pages wanting more. Now I know a better way to publish to be in a place to serve my clients.

From Kelli Reese:
This book is a game changer.
Angela Lauria has pulled the curtain back on the publishing industry in a way that no one else ever has. This book is honest and in your face, in the best way possible. Angela presents it in a way that is realistic and approachable. I have a much better understanding of the world of publishing and now I feel capable of approaching my own writing dreams in a creative and powerful way. A must read for anyone with eyes on a book, publishing or best seller status.

From Mark Silverman, author of Only 10s:
Nobody knows the publishing business like Angela Lauria and it is incredible that she has taken so much of that expertise and spelled it out for the rest of us. Not only can Angela help get a book from idea to publication, she takes the reader even further. If you want to take your message, your mission out into the world for maximum impact and you want to make your living from that place, this is the book you should read.

From Mara Linaberger, author of HELP! My Child Hates School: An Awakened Parent’s Guide to Action:
The dream of writing a book is one that many of us share.
Few of us accomplish the task, and even fewer of us have a true understanding of the various processes behind making our books a success. Angela Lauria’s new book proposes a new way actualize that urge to publish – in writing a book that gets our message out to those who need it most, then building a business behind that work to directly serve clients in pain. It’s a bold new vision for the very outdated publication process – one that will help many aspiring authors to not only publish but advance their message and calling while helping clients heal.

From Jessica Eaves Mathews, #1 Best -Selling Author, Speaker, CEO, Lawyer and Business Strategist:
I absolutely LOVED this book!
It was full of inspiring and incredibly practical information for anyone who has dreamed of not only publishing a book but reaching best-seller status. I self-published my own book four years ago and figured out the hard way how to achieve best-seller status on my own, but there was so much I did not know or do effectively in publishing or promoting that book. Boy, do I wish I had had Angela and this incredible book back then! I am writing my second book and am thanking my lucky stars I met Angela and can benefit from her wisdom as I get my big message out into the world! I am so grateful to Angela for sharing the behind the scenes gold nuggets that no one tells you when you go to write a book. I highly recommend this book for aspiring new and repeat authors who want to understand clearly what they really need to do to get their message out into the world and start making a difference!

From Karen Putz:
Angela gives an inside look at the publishing business–and it’s an eye-opening one.
If you are thinking about writing a book or have a completed manuscript, read this book FIRST.

From Stephanie McAuliffe:
I used to think of writing and publishing a book as a romantic act.
In reality, it’s big business and brutal in many ways. Angela shares the many options to publishing, with pros and cons, as well as insights based on her experience. In a nutshell, publishing your book is you running your own business. You as your business.

There are so many with great books to share, yet authors give away their power in the process of trying to connect with a publisher – just for the sake of publishing. As Angela shares so candidly, “you must take full control of the process of exploiting your right.” And getting your message to the people who need to hear it.

From Leah Skurdal:
This book really made sense out of the mystery of book publishing. I’ve wanted to write a book for a long time, not just to see my name on the cover, but to significantly help the reader. Now I see a path to do that. Angela’s book explains details through engaging stories. A great read for someone wanting to actually get their book into the hands of readers.

From Lisa Smith, Parent Coach:
I consumed the book in one sitting. Prior to reading her book, I thought I would not ever write a book. Now I know it is only a matter of time until I am an author!

From Ally Nathaniel:
The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

In this book, Dr. Angela Lauria tells you the whole truth about the publishing industry and why it simply doesn’t make sense to wait for a permission to get your book published.

The reason I know this is all true is because I went through the process myself. I experienced rejections from literary agents and learned that with self-publishing you get to keep not only the rights for your book but the control over your future. In this book, you will learn about the pros and cons of traditional publishing, self-publishing and author-funded publishing.

This book is for you if you wish to learn about how to use a book to get clients, generate income and build your business. It is written in a captivating way that demonstrates perfectly how to write a book that will grab your ideal client’s attention, help them and make a difference in their lives.

From Kristina Hallett, Ph.D., ABPP:
If you have always felt there was a book inside you begging to come out – NOW is the time and Dr. Angela will show you the most effective and efficient way to get your message to the people who desperately need it!
Reading this book will help aspiring authors understand the why and the how to make it happen. At once inspiring and ass-kicking, Dr. Angela’s book is what you have been waiting for if you want to make a difference. This book tops my recommended list for repeat authors, authors-in-waiting and anyone who finds themselves stuck at the starting gate. Seriously – stop making excuses, buy this book, and publish yours.

From Amari Ice:
I loved this book!
Angela is clearly a guru in her industry and a masterful story teller. It was a quick and easy read that reinforced my decision not to pursue the traditional publishing route even if they beg to publish my book. But if I were to change my mind, I now know the best way to handle the big companies should I choose. If you want to write a book that makes a difference AND gets into the hands of the right people you TOTALLY need to buy this book!

What is Your Path to Getting Published?

Seize your literary destiny—watch our publishing secrets webinar!


By opting in, you’re joining our vibrant community! Expect 2-3 weekly newsletters packed with curated content, exclusive updates, and valuable insights to fuel your journey. Welcome to the conversation!

From Sophia Remolde / author, artist, Lobsterbird:
Angela Lauria is blowin’ up the publishing industry!
If you want to be an empowered author (instead of subject to a system that doesn’t quite have your back), read this book immediately. You will definitely be surprised, educated and entertained. I am enthralled by her ability to weave together storytelling magic with expert knowledge about industry mysteries kept secret all too long. And if you follow her sage advice, you will Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book!

Turn publishing on its head by taking ownership of your personal power! I am inspired to do it with the guidance of Angela’s devoted leadership. Books like this truly change the world.

From Amy Birks, The Strategy Ninja and author of the international bestseller, The Hustle-Free Business:
Dr. Angela Lauria has done it again!
With Make Em’ Beg to Publish Your Book, she reveals her foolproof system for helping hundreds of authors become not only best-sellers but build thriving businesses in the process. She turns the traditional publishing industry on its ear with her disruptive (and brilliant!) model and shares the exact steps for readers to follow to fund their movements and get their messages in front of the people who need them. A must-read for all coaches, healers, and future thought-leaders who want to change the world.

From Janelle Capra, Founder & CEO, Capra PR:
Mind Blown!
Angela shares the insider’s secrets on how publishing really works and what’s in it for them. My favorite part is where Angela busts three big myths about working with a traditional publisher. This book is a must-read for anyone who has the burning desire to write a best-selling book that will actually get into their ideal reader’s hands and create a full-time income to live the life of their dreams.

From Jenny Johnston, Founder of Quantum EFT & Mining the Akash, EFT for the Soul. Best Selling Author of Tapping into Past Lives:
I don’t think there’s another honest, informative, wise book out there on publishing.
I have many friends who want to write and publish a book. Now I have the perfect book to refer them to so that they understand everything they need to know to write, publish and get their message and programs out to those who need it. Angela doesn’t hold back in explaining the ins and outs of publishing so that the reader can choose what is best for them. I don’t think there’s another honest, informative, wise book out there on publishing. Angela – you’ve done it again! Thank you for imparting your wisdom so clearly for all to find their way through the maze of writing, publishing and getting the best results for them and their message and business.


From Cindi Hostetler:
Angela Lauria has done it again!
Her passion for helping budding authors and changing the face of publishing is on fire! In “Make Them Beg to Publish Your Book; How To Reach A Larger Audience & Make A Full-Time Income In The Extremely Overcrowded World of Personal Development” Angela turns up the heat on traditional publishing and extinguishes the myth “you never pay to publish.” Angela then gives aspiring authors the tools to ignite a successful coaching business. if you are passionate about spreading your message and growing your business, this book is just the fuel you need to set your dreams of publishing on fire and explode into the Personal Development market where your movement will spread like wildfire!

From Rosslyn Scott:
I so enjoyed this book!
I could not put it down, it is so beautifully written and full of great stories and inspiration. What is also awesome about this book is all the information it provides on the realities and behind-the-scenes of writing and publishing a book that most people don’t know.
If you have any thoughts on ever writing a book, this is a must read before you start, it will save you many hours and potentially a lot of money and tears!

From Jiayuh Chyan, Akashic Records Teacher & Multidimensional Healer Facilitator:
That is such an eye opening book for me!
Marketing is one of my weaknesses, but after reading this book I understand how to take my holistic practice to the level with a book so that I can make a bigger impact on the world. I also learned the big difference between writing a great book and getting that book into reader’s hands.

From Shari Mallinson:
Wow! Angela has blown my mind.
Every page is packed with valuable, inspirational, game-changing content. Angela flawlessly busts big publishing myths and breaks apart traditional paradigms while laying out publishing options in a clear and concise manner. Not only am I now crystal clear on what’s behind big publishers, agents, self-publishing, vanity houses, and paying to publish but I have a clear action plan on how to follow through with my own personal publishing dreams and aspirations.

From Ilia Blandina:
Make ‘Em Beg To Publish Your Book, the newest book by Dr. Angela E. Lauria puts it all out there in the light as far as the publishing industry.

Her style of story-telling takes you on seat gripping journey of digging deep into what decisions you need to face when it comes to writing your book that may, in turn, make the biggest difference in the world for not only the people you are trying to help but for you and your family.

You know what the flight attendants say, before takeoff, “If there is an emergency, first apply the oxygen to yourself then apply it to your smaller children.” Well, this book is the oxygen.

I was told by three separate people that my destiny was to write a book. The first message came for me by an intuitive healer I met at a coffee shop in Brooklyn after the Christmas blizzard of 2010, I thought, “No way, are you kidding me? We just met, what makes you think I should write a book?” She said, “Oh yeah, mark my words, you have stories to tell and you are going to tell them.” Then a numerologist that interviewed me on a radio show in 2012 gave me a surprise reading and said the same thing. By now, my ears started to perk up. But it wasn’t until a Tarot Card Reader in Florida during the winter of 2015 said the same that I really started to pay attention. Well, I had to listen at that point. By that time I had heard Dr. Angela speak about writing in an online class I had taken during the summer of 2011 and I had signed up for her newsletter. It’s no surprise to say, “she was the first person I consulted with when I suddenly got the download about what my book was going to be about!

If you’ve been told by three independent sources or not, but you know you have a book inside you that has to come out because it’s going make a big difference and you are trying to find your place in the world of personal development, look no further than to start with reading this book. Angela breaks down all the pros and cons on how you should publish your book. Reading this book should be your first step in writing yours.

From Emily Wanderer Cohen:
As usual, Angela Lauria tells you like it is.
There’s no candy-coating in “Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book,” and I’m going to bet that traditional publishers won’t like this book one bit. I spent years with a book idea in the back of my mind, but navigating the publishing industry was not one of my goals. I thought I had to have an agent to get a book deal. But who would represent me, an unknown, with a memoir in her head? I’d heard people poo-poo self-publishing, but I really didn’t understand why, other than the conventional wisdom of, “You don’t pay to publish.” Angela takes the traditional publishing industry head-on and dispels all the common myths that anyone who has ever thought about writing a book has heard. She’s refreshingly honest and straightforward and flips the book on publishing. If you have ever considered writing and publishing a book, Dr. Lauria’s latest is a must-read!

From Nora Ganescu:
This book was written for me!
This is what I felt every minute reading it. Every page brought me an “aha” moment about what *I could have* done since the release of my Ebook and ideas about what I could still do before and after my paperback comes out.

Dr. Angela knows her stuff, and her stuff is to help people make a difference in the world. This book is the business case and the playbook to making this work (with a book, and with your service).

If you are a consultant (like I am), a coach, an expert of a healer do yourself a favor and read this book.

From Beverly Davidek:
Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book is an entertaining, must-read for anyone who’s ever dreamed of publishing a book that makes a difference. It’s one thing to write a great book; it’s another thing to get that book into the readers’ hands where it can have a positive impact on people’s lives. I get that now, and my plan is to do both.

From Erica Ross-Krieger, Business Coach, EFT Specialist, & Author:
What an eye-opener!
My favorite part of Angela’s new book is the section where she metaphorically lifts the curtain on the Wizard of Oz and busts 3 big myths about going with a traditional publisher. Before reading the book, my plan was to put my book in the hands of a traditional publisher…by the time I finished reading this book and really understood the pros and cons of doing so, I decided to go route. I’ve never heard anyone else explain publishing this way. Angela is straightforward, honest, motivating and inspiring and the book was a quick, fun, refreshing read.

From Julie A. Pierce, Fertility & Healthy Lifestyle Coach for Woman Who Want to Leave the Infertility Struggle Behind:
This book is a true gem.
Do you want to write a non-fiction book with an important message that must get into the hands of those that need it the most? You must read this book. It clears away all the mud and fog that hangs out in a wanna-be author’s brain keeping that powerful message hidden. It shows you how to effectively get that vital message into the hands of the people who need it the most. In these pages, Dr. Angela Lauria delivers a clear pathway for aligning your purpose, your message, and your audience — it’s matchmaking at its finest. Don’t dawdle. People are looking for the solution you have. Read this book and understand the most financially and energy efficient path to getting your message out there.

From Teri Dale:
This book is fantastic.
I have learned so much. I had no idea how the world of publishing worked, but Dr. Angela Lauria explains the options very clearly and is a master story teller which helped me understand this very complicated world of publishing. I highly recommend this book if you are wanting the truth about all of your options.

From Jeanne Andrus, Author of “I Just Want to Be ME Again!”:
As an author, I’m asked all the time “how I got my books published.” NOW, I have an answer – read this book to find out EXACTLY how to make a ton of money from your non-fiction book!

From Lindsey Rainwater – Spiritual Grenadier:
Right now, it’s easy to walk into a giant bookstore and think that traditional publishing is a booming, growing industry. But when minds like Seth Godin are talking about the death of this industry, and how antiquated and backward it is, you have to sit up and pay attention – especially if you want to write a book.

Angela Lauria is changing the publishing landscape for sure, but the most amazing thing is how easily she explains WHY the traditional industry is broken, WHY it needs to change, and WHY you should care.

If you have a book inside you (and honestly, how many people don’t?) then you need to read this book. You need to see how traditional publishers are NOT your friends, and they are NOT serving your people. Angela has amazing info, lays out the stats, outlines the problems, and then hands you the keys to creating a solution that will serve you and your people while making sure your intellectual property isn’t ripped to shreds by a self-serving publisher.

From Esther Goldberg:
Angela Lauria has rewritten the publishing narrative. In this quick read, she explains in engaging detail how to get publishers begging to publish your book, instead of the other way around. If you have a mission to help people, and you are ready to do that in a big way through writing a book, this book is a must read. Frankly, I think writers in all genres can learn a lot about the publishing world from this manual.

From Shelly Young, Speaker | Author | Teen & Young Adult Guide | Family Recovery Consultant | Interventionist:
Dr. Lauria has the prescription for how to actually reach your dream of publishing a book that matters. I read the book cover to cover in one sitting. It was so inspiring and motivating I read it again and then began to implement the clearly laid out strategy with my own book idea helping families facing addiction. Within 24 hours of following her guidance, I began to see remarkable results. She didn’t just lay out how to get a publisher to beg to publish your book but also how to make money as an author in the personal development realm.

From Chiao Kee Lim:
One word – WOW.
Angela’s book is incredible – jam packed with more than twenty years’ worth of insights into the publishing industry, with clean tables weighing up pros and cons of traditional publishing vs self-publishing and valuable advice for those needing clarity on which direction to go. What I find incredibly illuminating is the way Angela breaks down the costs (and opportunity costs) and revenue of traditional publishing vs other forms of publishing, it definitely crushed my preconceived ideas about traditional publishing!

A quick, enjoyable and insightful read, I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about writing a book and getting published.

From Jim Goldfuss – Speaker, Author, and Coach:
Great Book! A must read for any author, or one aspiring to be.
Angela Lauria has once again written a book that literally astounds with information and techniques that will make a success of anyone who puts her tips into action and just “trusts the process”.  Angela tells it like it is and writes as if she is talking to you alone. Great connection!

From Pleasance Silicki:
I have read all of Angela’s books and I learn so much from all she teaches.
She is truly a remarkable human, always encouraging people to get the book out into the world so we can serve more people.  If you are ready to actually make a book happen so that you can help others, this is perfect for you.  Also, I loved all the stories in this book, Angela is a master story teller and reading this book feels like you are hanging out with her and soaking up all her wisdom.

From Elaine Prestigiacomo:
This book is a necessary tool for all new authors with a purpose.
It cleared up so many misconceptions I had about writing AND publishing a book. A total game changer for me.

From Morgan Templar:
Dr. Lauria shares years of personal experience in the publishing industry.
She lays out the options, pros, and cons of each of the mainstream options for publishing a book. She debunks the myth that big publishing houses do marketing and promotion and helps the reader understand the actual costs of each method of publishing.

If you have ever thought about or tried to publish a book, then “Make ’em Beg to Publish Your Book” is for you. Highly recommended.

From Selene Negrette:
In this book, Angela Lauria shares generously the pearls of wisdom she learned from her previous work in publishing as well as the reasons she is so very passionate about educating all of us about the truth of traditional publishing. I love her no-nonsense, authentic and thorough voice. She makes me want to follow her because I trust in her message. I particularly love it when she points out that ” A win-win is when 2 parties want the same thing.”. But you and your publisher want different things”. Lastly, her sincerity couple with all the extremely important information included in this book makes it a MUST HAVE for anyone thinking of publishing a book.

From Anitra White, Master Life Coach Trainer and Mentor Coach:
I was so excited to read another one of Angela’s books and I was amazed as always. I love Angela’s brutal honesty and transparency. If you have not read Angela’s books “The Incubated Author” Or “The Difference” they are great companions to her latest must-read “Make Them Beg to Publish Your Book”. Thank you, Angela, for exposing the myths of traditional publishing.

From Olivia L., Entrepreneur:
Invaluable, no-nonsense info about publishing, delivered with heart and spirit.
Love her approach to helping authors who want to change the world!

From Irene Diamond:
I’ve always wondered how to actually get my first book written (without taking years to do it,) and then to get it out in the marketplace and have it become a bestseller.

Dr. Angela Laurie’s book provides a great overview of how the book publishing industry works, and what it really takes to write a book that makes a big difference and actually get it into the reader’s hands, AND makes the author money!

If you’re also wondering how to become a published author, you’ll not only enjoy Dr. Angela’s writing style but also be on your way to getting your first book published!

From Gina Catalano:
In Make ‘Em Beg to Publish Your Book, Angela Lauria gives us a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes (and what you shouldn’t do) to get your book published. Like a fairy godmother with an attitude, this no BS book gives a frank account of what she knows works – not only to finish your book but have it published and reaching your audience. Reading this book may dash your notions of what it takes to become a published author. But it also may just guarantee that you succeed.

From Dr. Kaley Bourgeois, Lake Oswego Health Center:
Another eye-opening preview of how to publish in style! Dr. Lauria does more than simplify the complex world of publishing for those ready to change the world. She wants her authors to excel at every step of the process, including the most important one: Actually producing that change and impacting the lives of others once the book is done!

From Stephanie Wild:
Dr. Lauria explains it all for you!
I have been wary and intimidated and confused at the thought of trying to get a book published. So much so that it was really the thing preventing me from finishing writing my book. Dr. Lauria’s book suddenly made it all clear for me. Invaluable.

From Crystal Chen:
Angela is absolutely awesome!
She really helps to makes it clear about the intention of writing a book. So much info about publishing too. The book is all about how to use a book to get clients be able to find you!

From Stephanie Zeiss:
Wow! If you’ very ever wanted to write a book, but were reluctant because of the daunting publishing industry, then this is a must read.
Now I understand how this process really works. My favorite part of this book is where Angela busts three big myths about the traditional publishing industry and why going with an author funded publishing company is the way to go if you want a huge return on your investment. I loved this book! It was full of helpful information about how to get my message out of me and in the hands of the people who need to read it. What an incredible gift to give others!
I feel empowered to step up, share my message and be seen in the world. Thank you, Angela, for sharing all of your experience and knowledge. You are really changing the world for authors in transformation!

From Nurys Pedersen:
This book was to the point, practical and encouraging.
As a new author, my main concern was how to get my book out to the world. And this book answered all my questions, even questions I didn’t know I had. I’m thankful for the guidance provided in this book. A publishing GEM!

What is Your Path to Getting Published?

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What is Your Path to Getting Published?

Seize your literary destiny
Watch our publishing secrets webinar!

By opting in, you’re joining our vibrant community! Expect 2-3 weekly newsletters packed with curated content, exclusive updates, and valuable insights to fuel your journey. Welcome to the conversation!

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