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Joan Lunden & I

Did you miss our first call on writing and publishing a book in 13 weeks? 

We covered some rich ground including:

  • how to set achievable goals
  • how to protect your writing time even if you are
  • how to find and work with a fantastic editor
  • how to hold yourself accountable and actually finish your book this time.

I’m going to talk to 2 more authors on Monday, December 16th and you’ll hear the highs and lows of their journeys to becoming bestselling authors.

But first a quick story…

When I was 12 years old the Challenger Disaster happened I became surreptitiously addicted to the dulcet tones of Joan Lunden’s voice on Good Morning America.

I used to sneak out to the living room early in the morning to watch her and her “Mrs. Brady” smile interviewing experts and authors about the news and topics of the day before anyone else woke up.

“One day,” I thought, “I am going to write a book and Joan Lunden is going to interview me on the Good Morning America couch.”

It became my life’s mission.

But then a sad thing happened.

I started several books, but I never made it past page 20. 

Somehow, as badly as I wanted to, I couldn’t finish a book.

I KNEW I was a good writer.

I KNEW I had a message to share.

Without a finished book, Joan Lunden was not going to interview me.

When Joan Lunden left Good Morning America, she took my dream with her. I gave up. And for 10 years I gave up. I thought writing books was for people who were smarter, more organized, more accredited than I.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Why have you given up on  or deferred your dream of writing a book?

This program will help you take your dream back. I may not be able to sit down with my girl Joan… but I am making a difference with my message and so can you.

Learn how Dara and Alina wrote their book in 13 weeks and how you can too:

P.S. Know someone who wants to write a book? Share this event with them and post it on Facebook andTwitter. 

Here’s the link again:



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