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I wasn’t sure if it was possible.

A few months ago I told you about my interest in the Kindle Singles phenomenon and 10 of you brave souls agree to join me for a pilot project to see if we take a vague book idea and transform it into a finished book that is live on Amazon in 13 weeks.

I wasn’t sure if it was possible.

Turns out – not only was it possible to get them live, we actually made them best sellers.






I wish I could tell you there was more art than science to it – but there was much more of the later than the former. This was pure science, logistics management, and hard work by lots of people. But we did it!

And now I want to tell you what we learned.

I’m inviting each of the 10 authors to join me in explaining to you what goes into writing a book in 13 weeks. There is a lot to it so this is going to be no cost a 4-part teleseminar series where you’ll get to hear about the books and authors in this program directly from the participants themselves.

We’ll meet every Monday at 12:30pm ET during the month of December. You can come to one, some or all. I know you’ll learn more the more you attend but even just one of these could be the difference for you. Plus you’ll learn about some great new books.

Register here:
It’s free and you’ll get a recording of the call even if you can make it live.

This Monday (the 9th) you’ll hear how author Janette Dalgliesh and novelist Nicole Skuba cranked out their bestselling books in just 13 weeks. (Hint: They aren’t going to tell you it was easy…but they will tell you exactly how they pulled it off and give you ideas for how you can do it too.)

Janette and Nicole have both WANTED to write a book for a long time. They have started many times. Nicole even came close to finishing a novel before she did this project and Janette had contributed to other books – but as smart and gifted as they both are neither had been able to finish a book and get ready for sale until joining this program. And it’s not like they cleared their calendars. Both were extremely busy during these 13 weeks.

So why did it work this time?

Join the call and find out for yourself how and why this program worked for them.

We’re going to be revealing secrets of bestselling authors. Register here:

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