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How Self-Publishing Made This Author a Best-Seller

With over 13,000 copies of his books sold, Aaron Ozee has become one of the leading self-published authors at 18 years old. He started writing at the age of 16 and released his first book a year later. In this blog post, we will share how self-publishing made this author a best-seller and how his success has inspired others.

From the very moment, a writer has the initial idea that their work is valuable enough and deserves public attention, getting it out there becomes much more complicated. Suddenly, the pressure is on to create something great and ensure it meets all the standards required for publication. Becoming a published author through traditional publishing is quite competitive and only a select few manuscripts make it into the hands of book publishers each year. Despite its challenges, it remains a desirable way to get your book out to the marketplace. There is no guarantee that these manuscripts will ever see the light of day again. Most of them will likely never be read by anyone other than the initial reviewers.

Making Your Mark

Just because an expensive review and literary agent do not guarantee publication doesn’t mean that authors have to give up on their written work altogether. Other options are still available for getting their work out into the world. Many authors now choose to self-publish their work instead of going through a traditional publisher. There are several advantages to self-publishing, including cost-effectiveness and more control for the author. In some cases, self-publishing is even free and has made this author a best-seller.

After self-publishing enabled an author like Aaron Ozee to become a best-seller, this process has since set off as an attractive option for others and allowed them to bypass the traditional publishing route. However, the lack of experience in this field can make the process intimidating for many. Those with no prior experience may find it difficult to navigate their way to success. Without a professional team to help guide them, they may struggle to promote and market their book effectively.

Become a Best-Selling Author by Self-Publishing

These simple steps can be extremely beneficial for anyone wondering how self-publishing gave this author the opportunity to become a best-seller. Aaron Ozee has gone through these himself and is confident that they will enable you to create a powerful presence for yourself.

Selecting the Appropriate Genre

For aspiring authors looking to get published, selecting an underrepresented literary genre or sub-category can be a great way to stand out amongst the competition. This could be anything from a niche sub-genre of horror to a specific style of poetry that isn’t widely circulated. Establishing a name for yourself within a genre can be difficult, but if you focus on writing quality work within that genre, it will be easier to gain readership and compete with other authors.

In certain instances, it can be advantageous to be the only person in a particular field of interest. This may allow you to have a monopoly on the knowledge or resources in that field, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Establish an Assembly Line

If you want to improve your writing skills and produce more quality books, set aside some time each week specifically for creative writing. This will help maintain a consistent level of output while also gradually improving the quality of your work. If you want to be a credible author, it’s important to have a steady track record in your chosen literary genre. The more pieces of literature you release, the greater chance you will have of gaining that track record.

Create a Print

When searching for a print-on-demand publisher, you should make sure to pick one that doesn’t charge any title listing or distribution fees, assigns an ISBN to the book you’re publishing, and only generates a return on investment by covering the costs associated with producing a publication when individual copies of that publication are sold. This way, you can avoid high upfront costs and get your book into the hands of eager readers without delay.

Lulu Press Incorporated is a very well-known and respected print book self-publishing company. They are a great choice if you are trying to decide on a print-based self-publisher.

Be Social

To gain maximum benefit from your online presence, creating profiles on both popular and lesser-known social media networks is essential. This will help create a balanced and diverse company that can help reach a wider audience. This way, you can reach out to multiple demographics while avoiding oversaturation. The more social networks you join, the better connected you will be to interested readers, publishers, and content distributors. Regardless of how often these networks are visited, they provide a valuable way to connect with others in your field.

Further, setting up an official website or blog for your writing would be a great way to showcase your work and keep readers informed of your latest works & career progression. This would also be more efficient in generating original material that is fine enough to receive attention from print and digital media sources.

Transform Your Content

You can begin to grow your market share of the literary genre in which your work is grounded by producing alternative versions of your print publications such as ebooks and audiobooks. Do your research to find an ebook publisher that won’t charge you a listing or distribution fee, and will assign you an ISBN for your book. Adopting this approach can help you cut costs while ensuring that your book gets published without any difficulty. It is an effective strategy to save money and time.

For e-books that are not available in print yet, Smashwords is a great choice as they have wide coverage of global distribution networks. When distributing print books and ebooks to third-party retailers through their premium distribution networks, Lulu uses the same percentage approach; this means they take a portion of each sale in addition to any other costs imposed by the retailer.

Audiobooks can reach an entirely different set of readers, allowing your creations to garner more attention. One of the most satisfying things for an author is to hear their work being read out loud by another individual. It can have a different impact on readers who are auditory learners compared to readers who prefer to read the printed text and could open your publications to a unique market that is typified by higher-quality craftsmanship and content delivery.

Audiobook Creation Exchange

Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) from Amazon is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an audiobook self-publisher. With a wide range of options and a commitment to quality, you can be sure that your project will be in good hands. ACX is a great solution for authors who want to publish and promote their audiobooks without spending any money on fees. It offers a convenient way to list and distribute your material at no cost. The only downside is that you won’t be able to get an ISBN through ACX like you can with other outlets. ACX makes it easy for authors to create audiobooks by connecting them with producers. This provides a quick and efficient way to turn written books into audiobooks.

Authors and producers who are looking for a way to collaborate on an audiobook can choose between two options. First, the author pays the producer a set price for narrating the title. In return, the author keeps more of the net royalties from digital audiobook sales. This arrangement allows the author to recoup their investment more quickly and keep a more significant share of future earnings. Secondly, the author does not directly pay the producer. Instead, the narrator receives half of the net earnings from digital audiobook sales. This allows the author to invest more money into other areas of production, such as marketing or printing physical copies of the book.

By having a presence in all three formats, you are increasing the chances that self-publishing will make you as an author and a best-seller in the future. Your work will be seen by potential readers, no matter what their preferred form may be.

Showcase Your Work

Visiting mainstream book exhibits is an effective way to promote the presence of your publications. By attending these events, authors can engage with potential readers, market their books, and network with other industry professionals. Also, attend book events to learn more about the publishing industry, its current trends, and how to best utilize their resources to improve their literary works. Book fairs are valuable resources for authors looking to promote their work in the literary world.

The Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) is an event representative that provides authors, publishers, and booksellers with a unique platform to showcase their work. It allows authors and publishers to promote their books through various marketing channels such as trade shows, conventions, and even online. It also serves as an educational hub for those interested in publishing or selling books by giving them access to resources such as expert speakers, industry news, and exclusive deals.

Participating in book exhibits is a great way to get your work under traditional publishing houses and libraries and directly engage with potential readers, publishers & librarians. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss the intricacies of the publishing process and gain valuable insight into the industry.

Becoming the Best

It is an honor to have recognition as a bestselling author by selling enough copies of your publication Achieving a place on the bestseller list, be it in print, ebook, or audiobook format is a remarkable feat that authors strive for. This is a testament to all of the support that you have received from readers and is a true reflection of your hard work and dedication.

There is a false assumption among authors, both traditionally and independently published, that for an author to be a “bestseller,” their book needs to be on Amazon, The New York Times, or Publishers Weekly. A bestseller list compiled by any source is still a bestseller list. The term originates from books that sold so well that publishers printed more copies due to high demand which eventually led to the publishing of lists detailing which books were selling the most copies. The source of the list does not matter, as a bestseller is still a bestseller.

The publishing industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape, and authors must be aware of the numerous options available to them. Unfortunately, many authors are led astray by common misconceptions about publishing, which can lead to self-doubt and hinder their chances of success. It is important to remember that success as a writer does not rely solely on traditional or independent publishing – there are many other paths one can take to establish themselves as an author.

Vouch for Others

Book endorsements are a great way to get authors the exposure they need and deserve. However, those entertaining proposals for book endorsements need to maintain an unbiased state of mind. This means considering each proposal objectively, without bias or prejudice towards any particular author or genre. Networking is an essential tool for any writer as it provides access to valuable resources such as feedback, contacts, and potential collaborations. By building relationships with other writers, content creators, and industry professionals, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you become a better writer.

Get the Word Out

The final step in the process is to promote yourself by connecting with the press. This is an important part of how self-publishing made this author a best-seller. This can involve working with publicists, building relationships with journalists, and writing guest blog posts. Publications from these kinds of sources may not have the same level of prestige as those from more well-known publications, but any publication is a valuable credit to add to your writing portfolio. Published work is still widely read and respected by many people, so it should never be discounted as a worthwhile achievement.

Starting at the bottom of the chain allows you to gain knowledge and experience in all areas of media. Your connections and influence can help you reach higher positions of power in the workplace. Having a respected and acknowledged status among those in more senior roles can open up many doors for your career.

Aaron Ozee’s life and career as an author and entrepreneur are synonymous to success, creativity, and tenacity. Indeed, self-publishing enabled this author to become a best-seller and paved the way for a successful career in writing.

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What is Your Path to Getting Published?

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Watch our publishing secrets webinar!

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