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Honoring Louise Hay

I got the email in October 1994.

The love of my (21-year-old) life dumped me. In a P.S.! P.S. I need space. That was it.

3 small words at the end of a long update email.

3 small words that brought my life crashing down.

I thought I would marry this guy but instead everything was falling apart.

In a fog, I got in my car and drove to the Borders at Baileys Crossroads about 10 minutes from my little garden-style apartment. I parked. Walked through the front door, past the information desk, and straight to the section in the back.


I was embarrassed to be seen in this section. Crying. Sitting on the floor like it was my apartment. Pulling books off the shelf into big piles. Books by authors like Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, Jerry & Esther Hicks and, of course, Louise Hay.

I didn’t know anything about Hay House then. And I didn’t know much about self-help books. But I knew a lot about heart-break.

I wanted the books to tell me when I would stop crying. I looked for the calculations. Statistically how many days would the tears flow? What could I do to make them stop? And how could I get this guy to love me again so I would be out of pain.

The books didn’t have the answers I was expecting. But they had other answers. Better answers.

My life filled with the sounds and words of these authors who would take me on a path of hope, healing and, ultimately, transformation.

It didn’t take me long to realize all these books had something in common – a little H icon shaped like a house on the spine.

It was, I came to learn, Louise Hay who brought all these healers together and gave them a platform to help make me whole again. She became my shero.

In February of 2013 when I launched The Author Incubator, I announced we would be the NEXT Hay House.

Our mission is to find the next generation of authors like Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Iyanla Vanzant, Jerry & Esther Hicks and, Marianne Williamson. I knew there were other healers out there who needed their Louise.

There is simply no one who has inspired me more to become the person leading my movement.

When I heard she was gone yesterday I was genuinely shocked. If anyone was going to live forever I figured it would be Louise. She always seemed so VITAL.


I know there is nothing Louise would want more than for her work nurturing authors to continue. I wanted to be more eloquent today – about this woman who shaped my future without ever meeting me, who inspired me to hold space beyond what I am mortally capable of, and who taught me, indeed, how to heal my life.

I search the world over for those with messages as powerful as the ones Louise cultivated and brought together. In her honor, I want to share a few of those voices with you today. If The Author Incubator is “the next Hay House” then these authors are the voices of hope, healing and transformation for our generation.

Each year I select the authors who have made the biggest commitment to making a difference with their message and honor them with our coveted Author of the Month award. We have asked a few of those authors to present their messages as part of our TAI Talks series. If you are missing Louise’s voice today – check them out in her honor.

TAI Talks are TED style talks by Incubated Authors that celebrate the power of ideas to positively change the world. Each of these Incubated Authors have missions in the world to change peoples’ lives for the better by helping them move more into alignment with their true and natural selves, and step fully into their power.

Check out their messages of hope and healing and how they’re changing the world.

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