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Gurutej Khalsa – Book Journeys Author Interview

Gurutej KhalsaIt was another interesting episode of Book Journeys last week with Angela Lauria as she interviewed author Gurutej Khalsa on her latest book, The 13th Month: How to Get an Extra 29 Days Each Year. Gurutej is known as the energy guru and is a foremost authority in Kundalini yoga, meditation, and deep spiritual teachings. Gurutej has developed quite a body of work not just with her books but also with programs she has developed through videos, audios and other tools that help people to connect to their higher consciousness. Interestingly, her new book, The 13th Month, was inspired by a friend who was most impressed, not by all the great work she has done, but by the fact that she has been sleeping for three to four hours a night for the past 35 years. The book is targeted for leaders and mothers who often have the problem of having more to do than times to do it in. Her book touches on six primary areas, namely: how you go to sleep, how you wake up, how you eat, how you exercise, how you breathe, and how you meditate. She talks about making a shift in one’s life so that each of these areas are feeding people instead of taking energy away from them.

The-13th-MonthGurutej describes her writing process simply as just committing herself to writing. She doesn’t follow a particular schedule but just focuses on the book so that even when she’s out doing other things, she lets parts of the book come to her. When she was writing The 13th Month, it was also the time that her daughter was very sick so the book wasn’t the most important thing happening in her life at that time. But she did get to finish and publish it a few months after her daughter passed away. Six months after it was first published though, she read the book again and realized that it wasn’t edited properly. So she re-worked the book, having someone re-edit and reformat it, and then released it again. For her, writing a book is a fearless process and sometimes it may mean having to go back and redo things, but it shouldn’t stop one from putting it out there again. While having a timeframe is great, not being able to follow a timeframe does not necessarily mean that you have failed. Gurutej believes that if you desire something with all your being, like getting your book out there, then you just have to stick with it and it will happen.

Gurutej views writing a book as something that has been entrusted to her by something bigger than her. “It doesn’t have a good or bad, it’s just you got the assignment and if you don’t do it, somebody else will,” she says. So for her, thinking of writing as something that you get to do will help one to move on despite the challenges that come up. Asked what’s the best thing that has come out of being an author, Gurutej says that it’s knowing that she has left some very good tools that will be useful to many people.


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Watch out for Angela’s interview with another exciting author.


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