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Coffee With Yoda

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future..” – Yoda

This picture is from one of my favorite spots in San Francisco, hidden in the Presidio. I’m not a big Star Wars fan… I’ve never even seen the movie, but I do love me a good Yoda quote.

If I had dinner with Yoda, or let’s say a cup of coffee, here’s a theory I’d want to throw at him. What I have found with our most successful authors is that when they have been avoiding their “real” book in favor of the book they think they “should” write, there is often a lot of resistance. It shows up as writer’s block, confusion, distraction. One of our authors explained to me that this was a root chakra block.

But… when you FIND your truth and you know it’s right, but you are afraid to fully step into it, our most successful authors have some sort of freak, weird, inexplicable accident. Examples have been – all the door knobs falling off someone’s house, a “surprise” kitchen remodel because a cabinet refacing lead to all the granite cracking on the counter tops, a mysterious infestation of baby squirrels that made her home inhabitable. Just totally crazy stuff!

My theory is this… these people have “fast twitch” manifestation fibers. Everyone ALWAYS is manifesting their future with their current thoughts (see Yoda quote for confirmation – 100% of people 100% of the time.) HOWEVER – there are “Slow Twitch” manifesters and “Fast Twitch” manifesters.

Fast Twitch folks will have a random “accident” usually within 24 hours of the ah-ha moment. What’s happening is that your “inner author/wise woman self / higher self / God/ the Force / whatever you call it” is basically reflecting back a crack in the direction of your life.

Basically your life was going in one direction and you just shifted it with your thoughts.

Now… free will is ALSO real… so you can shift it back just as quickly with your thoughts. The way to do that is to get freaked out or distracted (that’s a root chakra issue — “am I good enough?” “who am I to….”)

But if you don’t freak out or let the “accident” distract you, but instead step into being the next version of yourself (the person who WROTE the book) and handle the “accident” as your FUTURE self instead of your past self, the results for you will happen much faster.

In short, you created a vortex in the Force with your thoughts…. the Force asks: Are you going to step through it or do you want us to seal this thing up?

All right Star Wars fans, let me have it… What do you think Yoda would say to my theory? Let me know in the comments.

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39 thoughts on “Coffee With Yoda”

  1. I had a dream that the heels of my shoes were crumbling as I walked and talked with people I would love to work with. They noticed my shoes crumbling, got disappointed in me and ended our meeting. Then the dream shifted. I was in a room filled with people who were preparing to interview for a job. When I realuzed I didn’t have the strength to work full time, I decided I could help others with their interview process so they could get the job. Ok, here’s the freaky part. A couple months later, the heels of my shoes DID crumble after wearing them…exactly as they did in my dream. What does all that mean? Ahhhhh….weird!

  2. I think our subconscious mind allows us to be distracted by these things when it knows we are fearfully inhibited. You are on the mark.

  3. Very well articulated! I share this perspective through and through. I love using the Force as a metaphor to explain the Flow. Yes! Used that one in my last book.

    I keep getting stuck applying to work with you. Feeling that my work still isn’t up to snuff, self-doubt, also trepedatious about the up front investment for working with you.

    Keep hearing from my guides that i should reach out, though.


  4. I do believe this is totally true, with Karma in my life, very strange things happen to me and I do always keep in mind that if negative things are happening to me one by one almost daily, it’s time to start having things that are definitely more positive, having more of positive people to associate with and meditate and pray to God for guidance in my life.

    Actually things seemed more calm lately, already dropped the negative old friends and I’m going to start meditating and have nothing but a positive life.

    Hoping to write my book, B Of A and Me!
    Will make a great movie and help others on what to do when their company is a Hostike enviorement and being Bullied and completely harassed on a daily basis.

    Have a Wonderful day, a great weekend and try to stay dry!

    Angela Weston

  5. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.- Yoda Years ago I wouldn’t try. We have to lose sometimes a lot to gain something we never had before. Sometimes it’s only knowledge ,but that’s a very powerful thing.

  6. Funny, I just turned in my first assignment last night. It’s a big reveal topic for me (I hear the “tisk, tisk, tisk!” from my friends and family now). This morning, I awoke to a nest of stink bugs in my bathroom window. It was early morning, still dark, and I was fumbling with the window latch, or, so I
    thought. My fingers were actually touching bugs! Ok, in a regular home probably not a big deal, but I’m traveling cross country in a semi truck! How in the heck did the bugs, a whole pile of ’em get in there? Yuck!

    I believe we’re in the matrix and this otherwise strange event represents a rift in the matrix. I also don’t believe in coincidences. So when I committed to my subject and released it into the universe last night, I now have bugs this morning. Haha. I totally get what you’re saying Dr. Lauria. But this is the new me. And I’m here to stay, bugs and all.
    P.S. No bugs where harmed in the writing of this message. All were released back into the universe.

  7. In the forefront of our minds, we are built to “protect ourselves” against anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. Therefore, writing a book on a very core, life changing topic is a huge step of courage and faith. Courage and faith can always be strengthen by the little steps we take with them each day; a very courage person has just chosen to take more steps in their life with fear and courage over and over again. Let’s just take 1 step of faith today!

  8. Vortex created, it was, when these visions you had. Let not baby squirrels wander into it. Trust the Force and use Jedi Will, you must. It has the energy to manifest your dream, this vortex. It does; do with!

  9. I find that the weird and seemingly opposing events crop up when I am facing a fear in my life. I realized this several years ago and I decided to use fear as my compass. When the opposition comes along with me having an unshakable desire to accomplish something, I know that I am going in the right direction. God told me not to worry because both the good and seemingly bad are working together for my good. I look at it like this…you can’t have the hero without the villain. You can’t have doctors without having sick people. You can’t experience the depth of your faith, courage, love without an introduction of fear. In other words Fear is just a stimulus for faith to move you into the fullness of your purpose.

    1. Christ Debra A Smith

      We all have to beware of self sabotage. When predicting it’s not good enough or to dare think you don’t deserve the finer things in life. You step through. 10/9/18 12:28 pm let it be on someone else as long as you know you took the Bull by the horns.

  10. Danielle K Platt

    Yes, if we accept that we do indeed have fear, instead of running from it, we can walk through the doors that the Universe and Love open for us with renewed faith, spiritual awakening, humility, and the Light within each of us may extend more brilliantly..

  11. I am in dire need for Yoda’s wisdome and positive reinforcement. I continue to make excuses for my writer’s block. I know what I want to do, and I probably know what I SHOULD do. I believe we change our worlds with our thoughts. I now shifted from “can I write a book” to visualizing myself at a book signing event.

  12. Thoughtful people we do reply,
    Not that we do not hardly try.
    So we may sometimes, cry,
    It is not for us to idly lie.
    Up again after idea did indeed die.
    Blessings on to you my bye.

  13. I love this post. So much that I saved it and have read it several times. I often wish I had that “Fast” twitch and had doorknobs falling off so I could really now I was on the right track. Thank you!

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