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Call with Ms. X

In the past 3 months I have been hanging out, almost exclusively, with massively successful entrepreneurs. I made it my goal to be the dumbest, least experienced, most ignorant person in every room I’m in for the next year.
I have been stunned at how different the conversations are among this caliber of people. And even more shocked by the impact this shift has had on my business (my monthly income has more than tripled in 90 days).

I sat down an analyzed this with one of my new friends who has been so successful she actually had to commit “Google Suicide” because the pressure at the top was changing her in ways that didn’t feel awesome.

One of the things she explained really surprised me. She felt totally confident dismantling her massive platform because she now knew the secret to rebuilding a platform that big anytime she wanted it. (I mean, her following was something most entrepreneurs and authors would kill for – like one phone call to a 6-figure book advance big.)

I’ve asked Ms. X if it was something she could teach and that’s when things went berserk. It was nothing like what I expected.

All of the list building and sales training and marketing education I had was no match for the power of this training.

It was a total alignment blastoff and I really think every entrepreneur and author needs to know about it. I asked Ms. X if she’d teach it to a small group intensive with me and she has agreed.

2We are putting together a 3 day intensive emersion that will massively rebuild your business without you having to write a single autoresponder series, make a video, or shift the products and services you sell.

These are highly dangerous tools that have been used for thousands of years and she has translated them for modern business owners and used them herself to <redacted>. (Damn I wish I could tell you what she has done but it would reveal her identity!)

I can’t say too much more publicly but if you are curious, email me.


We are only going to teach this once… January 16-18 at my house in Washington D.C… And to just a handful of people.

This is kinda like a date with JD Salinger as she has removed herself from this scene almost completely but I could not resist begging her to share this with a few key people in my circle and I’m so excited she said yes! (Only a little Malbec was involved in the request, I assure you!)

If you are intrigued – or especially if you feel called by this post or if you get an intuitive hit that this might be the thing that is missing to take you from where you are to where you are supposed to be, join us for a conversation on Wednesday at 3pm ET.

You can join us by dialing into our call at (760) 569-7676 / Access Code: 353499#
To use skype for calling in to the number above, add ‘freeconferencecallhd.7605697676 as a Skype Contact. Select the green Call button to place a call to that content. A new screen will be displayed signifying that the call is taking place. Then locate the tiny little drop down menu next to the volume button and select Display Dial Pad. From there you will be able to enter the access code (353499#).

It will just be the two of us talking about this work and this approach to becoming everything you were born to be and helping the people you were meant to help. You’ll be able to ask any question you want – but I have to warn you, her answers often seem vague and mysterious because this is, as she says, a somatic experience. When we talk it’s from the neck up; at our intensive, we’ll be face-to-face and I can assure you it will be something you experience in your body not just in your mind. That’s why this work is so powerful.

Here’s what you need to know, I’m doing this because it was so powerful for me that I feel a strong calling to share it, but it’s not part of my business plan. There is no sales page to read, no long list of testimonials, no videos. I’m not even using this opportunity to grow my list. That’s why if you join the call Wednesday there is no FB event, no email required. No reminder emails to get you to the call. If you are meant to be a part of this call, it will happen.

Since I know you are going to ask, I will record the call but I won’t have a list of email addresses so if you miss it and want the call you’ll need to reach out to me to get it.

We know the people who are supposed to be on the call will be. If you feel like you should tell someone about this – please do. Just forward this message.

Here are the details again:
What: Conversation with Angela & Ms. X
When: Wednesday Nov. 12 at 3pm ET/ Noon PT
Where: (760) 569-7676 / Access Code: 353499#

Here’s what Ms. X says:
“This is for people who know deep in their bones that the traditional way of doing things is not going to work for them and when they say that outloud to their other entrepreneur friends they tell them they need to manifest more, they need to repattern their thinking – there are all these suggestions to get their minds in order, but none of it ever works because this particular person who this program is for really gets that they have a calling to do things in an extremely different way and the second that person gets the monkey off their back that they need to get with the program the way the program works on the internet right now, that person will fly. They will do things differently, they’ll innovate, they’ll be amazing. And the reason they will be amazing is that they will finally be tapped into their own story in a way that the world hasn’t seen before.”

I know it’s weird… ;-)

P.S. On the fence about whether or not this message is for you? Have a listen.

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