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How To Write A Book That Creates Clients – How Authors Actually Make Money

Did you know that the vast majority of authors do not make money from book sales?

If you write a book and publish with a traditional publisher, Someone IS making money, just not you. It’s the PUBLISHERS who make money when books sell.

Publishers usually take about 90% of the sale proceeds of a book. Even if you manage to negotiate an advance what they are giving is your own damn money in advance of earning it!

And these days, unless you are Dan Brown or JK Rowling, they rarely invest in significant promotion of your book – or even good placement in stores. With the majority of publishing deals, reaching the consumer to sell your books is mostly on you.

So do you want to know how most authors actually make money?

They use their book to sell their services. If you are a life coach or other expert whose zone of genius is not writing and publishing, but is instead helping people, the right book will help you to create an endless stream of your ideal clients.

Clients who are bought into you and your message, because they’ve read your book, resonated with your message, and now are chasing you to work with them!

When you sell your SERVICE, publishers don’t make money. Because if you actually SOLVE the problem for your reader they stop buying books.

You don’t need a traditional publisher to make $250K from your book.

You just need to write a book that helps one person – your ideal reader – solve a real problem in their lives. And a percentage of your readers will hire you to help them implement your solution in their lives.

I explain it all here as part of my Thanksgiving week of giving back.


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