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$20K From 1 Sale of Your Book

February 10, 2007: The day I ordered these 2 books.

That day I changed everything in my life with a click of a button and a commitment in my heart.

I’d never heard of life coaching but I had a deep familiarity with hell because I was living in it and I was ready to get out!

I was 315 lbs., had a colicky 11 month old, just got spectacularly fired from my dream job (the day before Christmas), and my marriage was beyond repair but I had no idea how to escape.

These 2 books were my ticket out of hell and they are the reason I do the work I do today. I am so all-encompassingly grateful to Brooke and Martha for beating back whatever gremlins they faced to bring me the books that introduced me to myself.

Is there a book inside you that could be someone’s ticket out of hell? Why the eff are you not writing it???

Future authors take note: I didn’t spend $20 on these books. I’ve spent $15k – $20k with each of these authors on retreats, workshops, one-on-one coaching and certifications. And it’s unlikely I’m done investing with them. The day I bought their books I started a loyal customer relationship with them.

How many $20k clients do you need to have the business you want? 5 a year? 10?

Did you know when you write a book that makes a difference you create opportunities to help people far beyond a single book sale?

If you focused on writing a book that would attract a handful or two of readers who would make a long-term investment in you, could you do it?

I bet you could!

I’m not saying it’s possible for everyone or every book, but I can promise you that if you take the time to tell me about your book ideas, I’ll tell you if it’s possible for you and how you can do it.

Here’s the link to schedule a free call with me:

I would love to talk to you about your book.

P.S. People ask me all the time – Who am I to write this book? And just reflecting back on the impact Brooke and Martha’s books have had in my life over the past 7 years (and $40-odd thousand dollars – OMFG!) I just have to say, if you know you are supposed to be helping people, who are you to NOT write your book?

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