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Build a Client Conversion Funnel s2e24

Build a Client Conversion Funnel

In this episode Dr. Angela teaches you how to build a client conversion funnel that gets you clients. Giving your book away to as many people as possible is the key.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • 01:50 How do I build a book funnel?
  • 04:00 How do I reach everyone with my book?
  • 07:00 How many clients do I need to fund my movement?
  • 09:00 How do I get people to action on my offer now?
  • 14:00 Can one client a week fund my movement?
  • 17:37 Will people who stay on my list a long time eventually buy?

Full Episode Transcript:

The trick with all of this and with what you see people do with their books. And what’s actually happening with successful book campaigns behind the scenes, is that what it often looks like is the book is a revenue source. So I don’t know if any of you thought of this, when you signed up, you may have been educated by me and my funnel. But a lot of people think of the book as a source of revenue. So was anybody thinking about this, I’m going to make money from my book. So you can make a lot of money from your book, but the way the publishing industry has changed, especially over the last 10 years or so, the money does not come at the bottom of the funnel from book sales, the book, we actually invert that, and the book is at the top, the book is how you get awareness. And the book is how you get leads.

So the key to revenue, which is how we fund our movement, which is how we go on our Viking river cruise or beach vacation with our family or African Safari, the way we do that is by using the book to build awareness and get leads, when we get those leads, we convert them into clients, that’s in our sales conversion, the golden step there, then we get people into our front end program, which is what’s the first thing they’re going to buy, usually, in most cases, it’s doing your book with you, with you, with your coaches in a group program, one on one, that all can be sorted out as long as you’re doing it one way, so you can continually make it better and better. And then the way that we extend that revenue source, is by selling them something else, a back end program, which is usually implementation of the book over a longer period of time. That’s where the money comes out.

And you can see, we start off on this gray bubble with lots and lots of people hearing about your book, the lead magnet, in many cases will be people getting your book often for free. Even if you make money on your let’s just say you make $5 on a book sale, we want to take that $5 import right back into awareness. So we’re not keeping any of that money. Even if we get any from the book, we don’t care about that.

We want to get those leads, those are people who have the problem that your book solves. And they’re raising their hand saying, hey, I’ve got this problem, I’m bleeding, I’m red, I’m in pain, will you help me solve the problem, that’s when you take them through. And you can see how there’s fewer and fewer each time not everybody who hears about you will get your lead magnet, or we’ll get onto your list. Not everybody who gets on your list will go into a sales conversion process. And not everybody goes into a sales conversion process will become a client. So we know that number is going to get funneled down to fewer and fewer people. And some of those actual numbers. We’ll dig into this a little more in the details tomorrow. But some of those actual numbers that we see are here. So about 1% of people who hear about you in your book are going to raise their hand and say they have the problem. Some of those 99% are like your college roommate.

Like your college roommate probably doesn’t have the problem that your book solves. But they might like get the book hear about you. They’re aware of it. Like that’s awesome. But we’re only looking for a tiny percentage of people who hear about it to be like, oh, I’ve got that problem. And then in this next step,the sales conversion step about 10% of those people who have the problem, will want to learn more about whether or not you’re the person to solve. Most of them will like read your book, think about it. And they’ll either decide I don’t really want to solve this problem, I got other problems that are higher priority for, oh, I want to solve this problem. But this person is not the right person for me, I’m going to go find my person. Awesome, cool. You don’t have to be the solution to everybody’s problems, but about 10% of those will go into your sales process. And of that 10%, about 25% of those will become your client. So if four people are thinking, I have this problem, I’d like to solve it. I think Connie is my person to help me solve it. I want to find out more. That’s the sales conversion. One of those four people will end up buying from you and asking for your help. Of those four people two will decide it’s you’re not for them or it’s not for them. So either they don’t want the results anymore, or they don’t want it from you. Two will want it from you. And there’ll be some logistical reason why one of those two people can’t do it. They might say it’s money, it’s probably not. They might say it’s time it’s probably not they might say they can’t come to Washington DC that weekend. But There’ll be some reason why one of those two won’t work out. And one in four pretty consistently is what we find, then of that one and four, they take share front end, half of those about 50% will want your back end. And same reason to not buy the back end, they either don’t want to implement your plan for whatever their reasons are, or they don’t want to implement it with you. And about half of them well, this is a sane business, doing 55,000 things is not saying. So trying to do everything with every possible lead magnet in every possible social media channel. And selling every possible product, because you don’t want to miss anyone, is how you miss people. So what you’ll notice about the front end is It’s exactly like the ideal reader. 

Your brain wants to go big, right? You’re like, but this message can help everyone. Let me help everyone with everything. By being really narrow about who you can help, you can actually help more people. It’s totally like paradoxical. But having one program gets a lot more clients than 10 programs. A lot of people teach, like, make sure you have something cheap and something expensive, and something in the middle and something here and something there and something in Bali and something online, you cannot do it successfully, those people just burn out. And if you actually look at who’s selling that and teaching that it’s not how they run their business. most successful people in this space have one, it’s sometimes called the flagship programmers signature program. Maybe there’s like a random November where you decide you want to do a retreat where you sell something. But that’s not like your main business. That’s sort of brick. And I did this once a couple years ago, Brooke and I decided we wanted to go to Bora Bora. And we’re like we should just get that paid for. So we did a two day event in Miami, that just basically paid for our trip. So every once in a while just for fun, you can go do something else. But it’s after you hit your revenue goals, it’s a reward. It’s not your main focus of your time and energy. The first year and you’ll see this on Friday, we’ll go through it more. The first year building this, especially if you have to pivot and you have existing contracts or jobs or other things, you have to clean up the first year doing this, it’s very hard to do it in less than 40 hours a week. by year two or three, you should be able to get this down to 20 hours a week, especially if you’re happy with what people call a lifestyle business. But anywhere in that 400,000 a year $2 million year range. This can easily be executed in 20 hours a week. But you have to do everything yourself first. So you can have you ever heard the phrase like standard operating procedures, you want to know how to do everything in this business. So you can write up a description, go hire people, train them to do almost all of it except the parts you love the most. So you go first you have to do it yourself, write up their procedures, then you know who to hire, then you can hire someone, train them, replace yourself, get yourself out of that job. And if that person left, you’d be able to hire someone else. Setting all that up, takes it one to two years. And then you can get yourself out of whatever you want to get yourself out of. And what I recommend is really identifying the stuff you love. For me. It’s those Tuesday calls. Have you noticed I’m sort of on fire and those Tuesday calls. Like that’s my favorite thing are these events. And my Tuesday calls almost everything else. Like I even in this castle, the stage used to be we’re currently sitting there was no stage. It was a table. And it was a table with a tablecloth Oh, you were here for that event. Yeah, all those events that was like the first year, and there was no one else in the room. It was like me and Nora. And I think there were what eight or 10 people, it was smaller than this. So there were eight or 10 people, I was standing in front of a table, there was no videography, there was no streaming high beta. There was like it was much smaller and I did everything myself, we did have music on the brakes, you know how on my computer, I would go to Spotify and press play. Like that’s how we had music so and you know how we got the snacks is I would just like put them out on the table on my way downstairs in the morning. So you can get more and more and more off your plate once you know how to do it.

So this funnel needs to get filled. We have to put in more people at the top to get those people who are begging for your help to get those people here. We have to put in a lot of people at the top of the funnel a lot more. So the best way that I find to use a book to get those leads is to build awareness. And then to drive people to a specific event with two keywords in marketing, urgency and scarcity. urgency means there has to be a very clear, urgent reason to take action now, because we could all want, I don’t know, a Viking cruise to Europe, and they’re always available. And you can see the ads running on Downton Abbey. If you’re like me, watching Downton Abbey, like they’re always running, you can always do one. Why now? So why do people? Why do people pick when they’re going to take a vacation? What are some reasons that you’ve taken vacations?

holiday time?

Yep. So like spring break or Christmas? This is when we take vacations. That’s a big one. What else?

Okay, good. Is my tax return?

Otherwise gonna get you said something? What else?

But you can rest and relax anytime. So why did you pick that think of your last vacation? Why did you pick that time? Did you say graduation? This is exactly what I was looking for graduation, birthdays, big events, right? That’s the urgency. How many times do you turn 50?

Hopefully, once 29, I’ve turned several times. But like, you have one 50th birthday, you want to do something on your 50th birthday? Do you want to, like do it at a random Tuesday, like I want to rest and relax all the time. But I want to do something awesome for my 50th. Let’s take a Viking river cruise. Do you see what I’m saying? So we need to build that urgency? Why take action on this problem now? And then the second thing is scarcity. So one of the things if you look at that start and emerge plans that I gave you, what you’ll notice is I want you to build this business with very few clients. There are multiple reasons for this. Did you see how many clients there were in the start play?

For a month?

One week? one client a week? Can you imagine if you spent 20 hours a week how many people here think if you spent 20 hours in one week trying to get a client who couldn’t get a client? Does anybody feel like if you had 20 focus hours, you couldn’t find one client. It’s pretty fucking easy to find one client, most of you are not trying to find one client. Instead, you’re trying to find how many say your numbers 100. I want 100 clients, it’s always 100. I want 100. Cuz you don’t want 100 clients, you want one client. You only ever want one client. You might want another client tomorrow. But right now you only have space for one. In this moment, you have space for one, in the next moment, you might have space for another one. But just like with the ideal reader, I want you to think small. Just like with having one front end program, I want you to think small. When it comes to clients, I want you to think small, one client a week. You know what the immerge program has two clients a week.

That’s it.

One or two clients a week and you can have a 400,000 to a million dollar business trying to get 100 clients at a time? Or who has this goal as many as possible. Yes. How many people have gotten to a half million dollars on as many as possible. None that I know of? one a week, I can literally rattle off 30 names right now their book covers are on the wall, who have built a half million dollar business trying to get one client a week, number of people I could rattle off they want as many clients as possible that have gotten to a half million dollars. None. Think smaller, much, much, much smaller, it will make your life easier. It will make your family love you more. It will make you love your life more. And not only that you will help more people by trying to reach fewer, you’ll be able to do lots of in this awareness step you will be able to and I’m gonna bring this up on a board in a second but you’ll be able to reach thousands of people so for instance, my How many of you watch my masterclass my webinar you like maybe saw an ad and then watched like a webinar 10,000 people a month, watch that webinar. And it helps a lot of people like I’m able to reach 10,000 people a month. But in terms of clients, we want 20 clients a month. So and that’s five years in at $10 million. So I was at one or two clients a week, the first couple years like we just started growing and expanding that and there’s a lot more people involved. But I can still help with my message 10s of thousands of people because I can fund my movement. And like Nancy was saying like people say what I’m doing is awesome, but they’re not signing up for sales calls. So out of those 10,000 people every month who watch the webinar, we get 2000 applications. So our goal would be 10%, we get closer to 20%. But we’d be happy with 1000, we get about 2000 applications, you guys were among those of those 2000 applications of people saying, Oh, I have this problem, I’d like to learn more, they’re in the red in the red lead magnet, step three, between 303 50 I get a phone call from us. So do you remember that first phone call is probably 10 or 15 minutes of those 2000 people you got picked. And we grade all of the applications when they come in, they’re graded on a scale of one to five, we always call fives. we sometimes call fours. If we haven’t had enough sales. If you’re graded A one, two or three, you’ll never get a call from us, you get a very nice email that says you’re not a fit. So you are ready. all fours or fives, probably fives. We used to call for us more now, we almost never do unless we have a really bad month. So you have to be ready to five to get back call. of the 350 people who get that call. About 60 of them get offered the opportunity for the hour long interview that you had. So you are already taken from 10,000 people to the gray to 2000 people, that’s the red, and then 350 people end up in the gold 60 people get that one hour call. And of those 60 people we will make an offer to about 40 of them. And 20 will say yes. So it’s a lot of people to get to the awesome clients that are begging to work with you that are going to show up and do the work even though their husband loses his job and their cat, whatever who had the cat story that they got, oh, that was Anna, they got nine cats living in their house, like there’s a very, so we have to reach a whole lot more people and consistently. So how many of you there’s usually one or two. But how many of you were on my list for let’s say, three or four or five months before you did an application? Like on my list following along there’s usually one or two. Do you know how long you were on?

Oh, seven years, right? So there’s usually one or two Meredith Holly is the same way.

So for most of you, I know this statistically it’s about 95%. within seven days of watching that watching the webinar, it was about seven days until you signed up for the program. fresh blood is the lifeblood of small business. So you cannot wait for the Stacy’s I’m not saying don’t have a list. But your list is a holding place for non buyers. Most of the people on your list what they’re doing is not buying.

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How Will You Market Your Book?

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