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Write the Right Book-Pick a Topic that Attracts Your Dream Clients s2e19

Write the Right Book-Pick a Topic that Attracts Your Dream Clients

In this episode Dr. Angela shares her secrets with you about how to write a book that attracts the clients you want to work with. Did you know you can make people beg to be your client? Make sure you write the right book!

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In this episode you will learn:

  • 01:35 How do I make real money from a book?
  • 02:51 How do I make an offer for my book?
  • 05:11 How do I make my program accessible from anywhere?
  • 07:45 What will my offer do for my clients?
  • 09:24 How do I know I’m writing the right book?
  • 14:43 Can I make 100k or more with my book?

Full Episode Transcript:

Well, Hey, welcome back. Today we’re going to be talking about how to write a book that gets clients and I want you to pick a topic that attracts your dream customers, clients or patients. And so I’ve got a three step process I want to share with you today on how to write the right book. Now a lot of people write the book, they want to write the book that their friends tell them to write the book that popped up in their dreams, the book, they’ve been thinking about writing since they were nine, and all of that is all well and good. But if you don’t start with the end in mind, you are likely to get a different conclusion than you hope for. Stephen Covey says when climbing the ladder of success, make sure it’s leaned against the Right building. And what I find is not that people intentionally lean it against the wrong building, but they mindlessly lead it against the wrong building. I find most people, literally most people, like 90% of people who are writing a book are thinking about what they want to write, and not the outcome they want from the book. There’s the saying in a don’t judge your insides by other people’s outsides. That’s what I see people doing with a book, they see Rachel Hollis selling a million copies.

They imagine that Rachel’s entire strategy was write the book I want to write and then people magically buy it. There’s a little more strategy than that. So what I want you to do is to be much more strategic about writing a book that gets the outcome you want and that means you have to ask Identify what that outcome is, if your goal is in fact, to sell millions of copies, you got to figure out how you’ll do that you have to research people that sell millions of copies, you have to really understand what that takes. Now, what I like to talk about on this podcast is how to generate six figures from a book. I think I have another training called quarter million books calm because I think everyone who writes a book should have a clear executable plan on how to make a quarter of a million dollars from that book that to me is worth the effort. And for most people, the best way to make a quarter of a million dollars from a book is to start with an offer.

So here it is.

Step one, create an offer to write the right book. You have to know what you’re selling to people who read and like the book, and you have to have an offer that’s going to make sense for readers. So this takes me back to one of my first authors, Jill Angie, an amazing woman who left her job in the pharmaceutical industry to become a personal trainer. And she had made a big investment in her home in setting up a home gym. And she thought I will do a book so I get better known and then I’ll get more clients good, but not great. Because that generic goal setting is very hard to track how long, how are people going to find you, you just put the book out on Amazon and magically people find you and she was doing personal training at her house. So what if people find you in Iowa and you live in bluebell, Pennsylvania, like Jill did at the time, so we want to make sure there’s a match Between your offer and what would generate the amount of revenue you want to generate, or, in my opinion, what would generate a quarter of a million dollars. So with Shell who is selling individual sessions, or four packs or eight packs of training for 50 or $80 an hour, it didn’t really matter what the book did on a global or a national scale. It really only mattered what it did probably within what How far would you drive for a personal trainer 30 minutes from her house? Really, we would need a strategy there. And then what I asked Jill was, if we filled every session at $50 an hour if you were training every minute of the day that you want it to be working, how much money would you make and the answer if I remember correctly Somewhere around 60 or $70,000. Now Jill left a pretty well paying job in pharmaceuticals. She was making hundred and $50,000.

So even if we could get her famous in that 30 mile radius of her house, that would still only get her to $60,000. Hardly a replacement for her fancy corporate job. So we needed to put together a package we needed to put together something that went beyond that hourly rate and went beyond the 30 mile perimeter of her house. Now today, Jill has a thriving six figure business serving runners all around the world. She is not just a personal trainer. She is one of the top running coaches and definitely the top running coach for women who are non traditional sizes. To be runners her program, not your average runner was connected and it was really came out of her book, How do I start running? How do I start running if I’m not somebody who thinks of themselves as a runner or an athlete, but I’m called to run her next book is not your average five K, how do I run my first five K, and then she came out with not your average half marathon, how to run a half marathon. Now, each of those are associated with digital online courses and virtual training that you could do with Jill from anywhere in the world. So if you think of how a pandemic might affect most personal trainers, Jill had already created an online business that went far beyond her footprint in her neighborhood in Pennsylvania. It also enabled her to move and expand and change in ways so how do you replace that six figure corporate income Come, you’ve got to have the right offer and the offer has to solve a problem that someone would pay you to solve for them. So the book is actually the plan or the blueprint or the guide to solving a problem your ideal reader has your offer is the implementation of that plan. So not your average runner how to start running the book tells you exactly how to start running. It’s the plan, not your average five k gives you the plan to run your first five K, not your average half marathon. That book gives you the plan to run your half marathon.

The offer implements that plan. So you work with Jill to run your first five k you work with Jill to run your half marathon, she’ll take you to the half marathon. She’ll find the half marathon, she’ll time you show. Give you a plan for you, she will follow up with you, she’ll help you diagnose what problems you’re having. So whether it’s an online course, a Facebook group or another sort of group, community calls in person events, in some cases, maybe less so now, but not, you know, we will have in person events, again, your course is how to get results with the plan that’s in the book. This offer should feel like it’s worth 10 times the value of having the plan because it’s about putting that plan into action. So that’s step one, you start with an offer, you lean your ladder against the building that you want to get to the top of you identify a revenue goal, create an offer to help you reach that goal, and we’re going to pick your Book topic that’s going to feed the funnel for that offer. That’s step one. Come back and share step two.

All right, step two, the key to writing the right book is to put yourself in the shoes, not of the reader who will enjoy the book The most, which might be your mother, but to put yourself in the shoes of the person who needs your book the most, who will buy it, who will read it, and most importantly, who will follow up with you to become a client, most people right Their book for the person, least likely to become a client.

Most people think the right book is written for the general public. But the best book is written for the person who will track you down to work with you. So when I started working with Caroline green, she had a passion for teaching self care to moms, particularly moms of kids under five like pre school age moms, new moms, not necessarily with a two month old but with a 2345 year olds, that they’re just starting to get their feet under themselves and they’re saying who am I now that I’m a mom and Caroline wanted to help them wanted to help them to drop all of the martyr giving up their life and really find themselves at the center of their story again, but what She learned very quickly is that topic led to a lot of people liking her work. But it did not lead to a lot of people buying her work. So we made a tiny tweak for her to write the right book. All we did was we changed the focus from self care for moms to finding the right job that will support you and your family. Now you might think Karen is Caroline go from a self care coach to a career coach. Well, here’s how that shift happens. And this is what we do with our clients as well. What happens is we identify where is their space in the market, and moms with kids that are about to start kindergarten are starting to think about Can I get a 20 hour week job, can I get a 30 hour week job can I get it job that contributes to the household without me missing my kids, you know, losing a tooth for a birthday party or whatever, all those milestones, right? And so we knew that that was what moms were investing.

But what we knew was any answer. They didn’t start with self discovery and self care was going to be a temporary fix. We knew the better answer to how to find a job that’s right for you and your family is to start with your own self care. And that’s why we shifted the topic to focus on finding a job that’s right for you and your family. And where do we start? We start with self care. We start by you identifying what do I need to show up for my family? What do I need to give myself to be a good mom to have energy And some of that might be the meaning that is created from work. And it might not be not all of Caroline’s clients went on to even get a job. But those who did find a job or start a business, they were doing it for the right reasons and reasons that gave them the energy they needed to move forward. So you have to have an offer. And then you have to make sure that offer is matched to the marketplace. It’s not just what you want to sell, but it’s messaged in a way that you can deliver what you want to deliver to a receptive audience. That’s one of the key features to writing the right book and it’s very hard for people on their own to see this. Now when I come back, I’m going to talk to you about the final piece in the puzzle.

All right, step three. And this one I usually reserved to share with my clients who are working with me for a year or sometimes even longer. But this one is really important to understand because there is a six figure path by having a book that’s a plan and an offer. That’s an implementation of the plan. You can get to six figures right there. No problem. 100 clients at $1,000 10 clients at $10,000.

We’ve got a path to 100 K, but if we want to take it to the next level and go for that quarter million or even being a seven figure offer, there needs to be a clear progression from that first Implementation Plan to a broader offer to a deeper offer a longer offer a more robust offer. Now your first offer should be super low risk, super high value, it should meet the ideal reader where they are it should over deliver on what they’re looking for. And if that feels overwhelming, that is exactly why we work with our authors to develop the offer and the book because they go hand in hand and have to be really married to work. We help people every step of the way. And we’ve helped hundreds of authors build a book that gets clients and six figures in revenue, but then there’s this next piece and this is a little bit of X Factor. It’s less about me training you on the elements of the offer and more about You becoming the person you want to be becoming the next best version of yourself. So we have the book, which is a plan, we have the offer, which is the implementation of the plan. And then we have the follow up offer or offers. That’s what you offer to people who have implemented your plan. Very often. This is a mentorship or a mastermind, a done for you service, ongoing work together contract work, work on retention, a deeper partnership, a revenue share, and where that comes from is not the results that comes from your leadership. Now, of course, to be a leader, you have to get them the results. That’s why they have to want the plan. They have to want to implement the plan, they have to get results and then that high value You ongoing relationship comes from you being a leader. It comes from who you are, not what you do, not just what you do. And so one of the things that we train our authors in why we have Marianne Williamson as our author, mentor, why we spend so much time on mindset, as well as these practical things is if you come work with us, we’re going to get you a program, we’re going to get you a book, you’re going to be able to have everything to implement that six figure plan, but where are we can knock it out of the park, my authors that have made seven figures, high six figures, maybe even one eight figure in there. What they have done is they have offered ongoing support beyond just this book funnel to bigger, better, deeper, more robust connections. And that’s work happens by becoming the person who stops talking about getting a book done and actually getting it done. So we spend a lot of time on the mindset shifts that come with writing a book, creating a course and generating six figures to get you to that next level. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please go to the author slash apply. We’ll find out if you’re a fit to work with us. But as I have said in this episode, these steps apply to everyone you can apply this right now. The question is, will you the information is out there. The transformation comes from a decision you make inside yourself. That is how we are changing the world, one book at a time.

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Case Study: Navigating the Business of Writing

Explore Sophia’s fascinating journey from
couch surfing to 2 bestselling books

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