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Define Your Direction for Optimal Success s2e15

Define Your Direction for Optimal Success

In this class we will explore your Canada, your goal, where are you headed with your business? Identifying your goal destination is powerful because it guides where you put your energy and how you make your choices.


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In this episode you will learn:

  • 03:00 -How do I define my direction without getting distracted?
  • 08:04 -What is your big goal?
  • 11:32 -What events do you see yourself speaking/teaching at?
  • 13:48 -What did you dream about when you were a child?
  • 15:37 -How do you stay on track to meet your big goal?
  • 17:00 -What do other authors see as their big goal?
  • 21:33 -How do I make my goal measurable?
  • 32:50 -How will things have changed by the time I reach my big goal?


Full Episode Transcript:

Now we’re going to dive into the meat of what we’re doing. And if you remember, a million years ago, aka, about two months, two and a half months ago, one of the first things you did was, which was class two, but I still have not quite figured out class one and class two are really married. There’s just too much content to do at one time, but class two is your outcomes. You do remember that lady who did that? You used to know her? Okay. When you did your outcomes, there was a whole bunch you didn’t know. So the way that I approach our whole entire book process, and why I want your manuscript done, but why I haven’t edited yet. This is is because what usually happens, not always, but usually, is that by the time you finished writing it, you’re like, Oh, now I know what the books supposed to do. Like Now I know what my program is, now I know what I owe. So we do step two, which is frame your outcome, so that you can write a book that helps you go back to step two, and reframe your outcome. So we can edit it in a way that gets you that outcome. So in order for me to give you the best feedback on your manuscript, which is why I kind of added this stopping point on the journey. I need to know how that outcome has changed. Now that you sort of see this, many of you have been selling. Many of you have created new programs sold some of your first programs, many of you have been selling before, and you’re like, oh, now I’m going to structure it differently. You’re starting to see the picture and you’re going to see it even more Over the next three days of where you can go with this, and that often, a lot of times people start the outcome assignment with like 30 products they want to sell or like, first I’m going to sell this, then I’m going to do this, then I’m going to do this and they have these very complicated and I want you to like simplify. So now you probably see things a little differently. So I want to go revisit that assignment and make sure what you said is what you said. And for some people, it will be okay, the way we need to do that. Have you guys ever heard me talk about the trip to Canada? So I’ll say I can only I can only tell you one way to Canada. Okay. So this is what happens a lot with you guys. So I you we all have a conversation. And then I have this other translation of the conversation. So a lot of times our conversation sound like this to me. You guys say, Oh my god, Angela, I really want to go to Canada. And I’m like, oh, Canada totally know the way go this way. And then you look me in the eye and you’re like That is brilliant. I’m going that way. And then you come back two days later. And you’re like, so I know what you were saying about going to Canada. I’m thinking of stopping by San Diego on my way. And I say, ha, seems like a long way to get to Canada. What with it being West instead of North and all?

And then you’re like, yeah, I totally want to listen to you. But I also really just want to go to San Diego on my way to Canada, you could totally go to San Diego, on your way to Canada for sure. I can’t be an integrity and tell you that’s a good idea. So it often comes off as like kind of a brace. I’m also abrasive but it comes off as abrasive because I’m like, well, that’s a dumb way to go to Canada. Right? Because that’s what it looks like to me. When you’re talking. You’re just like, oh my god, I love your idea. What do you think about stopping by San Diego? I’m like, I think that would be it. Not good. Right? So it’s very hard for me. So then you will often push me and be like, well, what if we went to San Diego in a Winnebago. And I’ll be like, Nope, still seems bad. Like, it’s like you’re trying to convince me I really, really promise you I know the way to Canada. I know it’s north. I’m 100% Sure. Could you get there by going south through Argentina around the you know, whatever is that called the South Pole that is that Antarctica and then like, loop back around like I’m sure I don’t really know that way. And if I did, I wouldn’t take you that way. So I have to to stay in integrity. I have to be very clear. With anytime you deviate. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it. And there are two ways that that you can do it. One is you could just be like me. I don’t like this girl’s GPS. I don’t think that is the way to Canada. I don’t think that’s the way to Canada for me. I did I disagree. And if that is the case, that’s perfectly fine. Pretend for three days because You can do it, you can’t get this time back with me. So just pretend for three days and at the end of three days, you’re like, I think that whole thing stupid, just don’t do it. And by the way, I did this at landmark Has anybody done landmark? So I love a bunch of things about landmark. And then I don’t love a bunch of things about landmark. It’s just a personal development training program. So I just went there, I played full out, I was like, let me pretend I’m gonna get sucked into their little cult. So I can get all the juicy stuff. And I still use a ton of stuff I learned there. And then let me get the fuck out. Because I think it’s a crazy call. Right? So like, but that doesn’t mean so even if you think I’m totally crazy, you don’t want to keep working me don’t agree with any of that. The only way to really get the juicy stuff is to play full out for the next three days. So just act as if even if you think it’s nuts because you really will get so much more benefit than if you argue with me in your mind for three days. Right. So in order for us to To build your plan, we have to know what Canada is. For you, we have to know what is the destination because I don’t want to change the destination for you. In fact, I was just answering some Facebook posts on the break. And somebody posted like an I had this with when Lissa Rankin was my client. This was a big thing for her too. Like, I’m afraid I’m going to get too big. I’m afraid I’m going to get too famous. I’m afraid things are gonna blow up too much, right? So you get to control where we’re going. So I have a client who’s Canada. It’s really awesome. I think he’s gonna get there. His Canada is 100 million dollar nonprofit organization. His name is Ken lineback. And his organization is called urban ecology. And they have changed Milwaukee with what they do. They take inner city parks, they revitalize them, they coordinate with the schools and with like the communities to make these like and Education Centers, their garden so they provide foods to the neighborhood. They provide like biology lessons and teaching and they integrate with the schools and then it’s an aftercare program for the kids. They have changed the face of Milwaukee. And he is up for a MacArthur grant to change like the world with this and he’s been in like 15 cities. His book is amazing. He’s incredible. He has like this hundred million dollar vision. And it’s he already has a seven figure organization with many employees and lots of grants and that’s a huge vision that may not be yours. The path that’s still Canada, the path there, I want to go in a straight line, I have a specific way. Your Canada might be $10,000 a month, 20 hours a week. That’s just as good as in my head. It’s just as good as Ken’s vision. We don’t all have to start an Urban Ecology Center. We don’t all have to live in a castle. You have Have a vision and I want this to be.

I don’t want to talk about necessarily the next 12 to 18 months, although that’s mostly what we’re going to build a plan for. I want to know where we’re going. So what’s like the big. So my big goal is to change the publishing industry. So my goal is, if I had a keynote at VA, which is book Expo of America, and I’m like very far from this, like probably five to 10 years from when this might happen. But if I had a keynote there, and I was like the speaker that Random House and Simon and Schuster and half Shay wanted to hear about how they were all going to remake their organizations. That to me, I would know that I’d gotten to Canada that’s like where we’re going. If there was an Urban Ecology Center in every single city, just like there’s a McDonald’s and every city or multiple McDonald’s in every city can want as many urban ecology centers as there are inner city parks. In the world, like that’s how we’ll know we’ve gotten there. Right? So I’m not looking for what can we do this year? this time next year? I’m looking for like, Where are we going? What’s that? Big? How will we know we’ve gotten there? What’s the big vision? Some of the things that people have shared with me is like having a retreat center, where they can have like different modalities and people coming to that Retreat Center. Baris was he wanted to and they could be personal. They could be business goals. A marriage was he wanted five, five homes, he wanted to live in five locations they didn’t like so it could just be like, an apartment in Paris. And house. I think one of his house was in Indiana, which is where he’s from or his parents are from, but he’s like, I just want to have five houses and I want to be totally mobile. Right? So it doesn’t matter if it’s personal. It doesn’t matter if it’s business. But I want you to, I want us to know where we’re headed. And what I always say is is actually that or something better. So I don’t, not that I don’t want to keynote at VA, I do totally when I came out to be. But it could also be the cover of Publishers Weekly magazine. Like there’s a bunch of like, it doesn’t have to be that. So we want to get in the ballpark and know where we’re going. This is the end point or the Canada, right. This is the end point for our trip. When we start talking about what we’re trying to do, let’s say a year, 18 months from now, 14 months from now, that’s kind of like the first night hotel stay. So we’ve got to do like an eight hour road trip. And that’s what we’re going to build a plan for. But I want to make sure we’re driving the car in the right direction. What is for you that long term goal, which is what Canada is. So when I talk to Caroline green, who’s one of our authors who did two books with us next and Matter, she’s a coach for mom entrepreneurs. So what she said to me now I can’t remember their names.

Okay, but enjoy, runs a blog called monastery, like a new, funky liberal kind of Christian community that’s got a thought. So they do an annual event monastery is an annual event. And Caroline’s goal
was to be on the stage at that angle of that.

So if you can imagine that, and there might be an event like this for you, like, clearly, that’s not the event for me because I couldn’t remember the damn woman thing. But if you can imagine, like, that’s the stage I want to be on.

What I want you to think about is like, Who are they booking as a speaker? Like, what what would it take for you to be on that stage? Right? That’s what we’re gonna build the plan for. But right and that might be three to five years like it’s probably unless you win the lottery. Most people don’t go for being unheard of to being on the monastery stage. It happens to be famous. I know you guys don’t know it. So what are we my example? I’ll tell you the john lennon story. So I used to I used to we I lived at a hill, I lived on the top of the hill, and the bus stop was at the bottom of the hill. So the bus would drop me off from school and there was like this long, not steep way up the hill. And then there is this like vertical climb. And so I would always do the vertical climb because the long way was so exhausting, but the vertical climb was miserable. So is you know, six and one half dozen the other. So to get myself and that the bus would drop me off. I must have been seven, eight. So the bus would drop me off and I would like make this decision every once in a while I go the long way but I almost always say go short way To get myself up the hill, I used to write songs. So I thought I would write the songs and I would like sing them as I was walking up the hill and like distract myself by writing a song. And I think I’m gonna share I’m gonna sing for you guys. So I’m gonna share the song. And I don’t know why I was writing this at eight years old. But this is the song I was writing and eight years old. This is the one I remember when the vision came to me. So goes like this. If you don’t like what you see in the big old mirror. If you don’t like what you feel in the bottom of your heart, change your ways. Change Your Life. Do the things you think are right change the times where people say, make things the way you want to today.

No idea why.

Right? That was eight year old little me. So walking up the hill and I’m singing this song, you know, it’s like day after day. This is like my like drudging thing. And every time I would see it I sing it, I would see myself on the couch. I’m going to now date myself with Joan London. Does anybody remember Joan London from Good Morning America. So it wasn’t Steve Hartman. It was always Joan London. I was on the couch. And I knew like in my little girl head, I knew I was there because of this song like this song had made it. That’s why I was on the stage and say, sit down with john lennon and john lennon was about to ask me, like, tell me about how you wrote the song, like, whatever john Lennon’s question was, and she would always ask me about the people. She’d be like, so these people you’re supporting, and I’m like, let’s talk about my song. Like, I would have this like, very frustrated visualization. So I know I like and this was like, for years this is like my, this is like all until I had the whole dream of the blue turtle problem. And I lost everything. Because I accidentally saw what was that movie The day after. In fifth grade, so I had all these dreams and then I saw the day after and then I thought we were all gonna die. And then sting wrote the dream of the blue turtle he wrote, if the Russians love their children to that’s when I finally got my life back. I didn’t sleep for a year because of that movie anyway. So john London would always ask me about you guys, but I of course did not know she was asking me about you guys, because it was always about this organization. I was running supporting all these other people. And I was like, I don’t know who the other people are. But I’m gonna be a rock star. I was in a band called The outhouses with Mandy Monaco, like for sure we were going to be famous. The outhouses? Yes.

Girl Scout camp was very made a big impression is that so I always knew I would know I made it when I got on Joan London’s couch. For a lot of people. They will tell me it’s the backyard at Oprah’s house. That super soul Sunday her whatever shows not really her backyard. So I think a lot of times We skip where we’re going. And we see like an ad on Facebook that’s like you can grow your Instagram followers by 15,000. And it’s like, oh, yeah, let me do that. But we forget why, like, why are we growing our Instagram followers like what’s happening? So what I want us to all start with and I call this your, your long term goals. But I want you to brainstorm as many things like john Lennon’s couch being on the monastery stage having five houses, like why are we doing this? Where are we going? What is that for you? So take a couple minutes and make a list as big as you can of what comes to mind for you. And then I want you to pick one or maybe two, that stand out on that list and circle them. So just kind of let your mind go. And it’s like what would catch How would we know this was all worth it? Five years? Oh, and the other thing I want to say that I forgot to say is, the timeline is different for everyone. Some of it has to do with your age, your personal situation, what’s going on with you. This is at least a five year goal. But for some of you, it might be a 20 year goal, but it’s definitely not I don’t want to know what you want to do right now in the next 12 months. Think at least five years out, probably no more than 20 or 25. For some people, they think of it as like their lifetime goal. But really, I like that five to 10 years sweet spot. How will we know this was worth it, this part of your effort in your life was worth it.

And once you’re Joan Lunden pops out where you’re like that’s totally it. Go ahead and share it with your one of your secret handshake partner, share it with somebody at your table with at least one person and then we’ll share some of them out. But just to sort of make it real for yourself. So tell me what some of you What do you got anyone got a good one something you think might inspire you or others?

Yes, once you got Cynthia, my goal is to establish a ministry that will help me to be did I love that?

What else? Keynote at book Expo and Good Morning America. Yeah.

What have you got? And I want to try and work with the MA, MA Yeah. Ama, the medical because association to incorporate.

Model hyperbaric is therapy and light therapy into radiation aftercare. So have rooms in hospital where you can actually get this treatment acknowledge, which is an uphill battle.

So what I like about this as you’re thinking about yours, I think I said this but just clarifying. It needs to be exactly like what Edna said that it’s binary, it’s like yes or no, it either the AMA there has acknowledged this in a piece of literature or they haven’t, like it’s added to their standards, or it isn’t right. So we don’t want it to be like, I want more doctors to incorporate. I just said HB hyperbaric oxygen tree. I know there’s more in that. But like, I want more doctors that’s hard to put a finger on like I was either on The Oprah couch or I wasn’t I was either on the Good Morning America couch or I wasn’t right. So keep it binary. What else you guys got somebody over there was it Linda

Okay, I’m doing research of women over 50 and beauty and everything else. There aren’t a whole lot of modeling agencies that are for women over 50 that aren’t the elite, like looking around and say, oh my god and have maybe a modeling agency or piece of it. I’m affiliate with john Kansas like to say I would like to start over 50 segments, which has to do with the image consulting. So if you just start it, is that really the goal? No, the goal would be to change the face.
But I want to make it binary. So let’s make it more specific because you could start it today. Let’s just go register it started right I want to I want to show through jackass blank. I want I want to take john Casablanca offer program for women over 50 bucks another segment, but how will you know how will you know that happened? Like is it get five models registered or, and it’s opened up to everyone I there were women in there that were horrible. I was 15 at the time doing three other women that were older than me, but it was genetically specific to just all of you people. And it was a mixture. It wasn’t geared toward towards I get it. I’m not 100% on this one yet, because it’s an it’s like so out of your control. Right. So it sounds like it sounds really mushy to me. So I would play around with it a little bit more, to get it to where it’s something that could be in your car. So you could start your own modeling agency, maybe it’s not a modeling agency. But But I want but starting it probably isn’t the goal. So like have one of the models I represent in Vanity Fair. I’m not saying you have to do that. I’m just saying we would know if that happened. Or not.

Because otherwise is mushy gushy No, no bueno. Okay, play around with that. A little To go to lay a TEDx talk that starts with movement of people becoming soul infused personality.

Okay? Great that serves a movement. It’s just very, it’s like loosey goosey. So you could say, I want a mailing list of 100,000 people, would that be a movement? Like what? How would you know you started a movement? How would I know? You could have your own TV show? I’m gonna have mine soon. You could have your own TV show. Like how would we know this is the problem. This is why most of you never get to Canada, because you’re going to some amorphous place that doesn’t exist. So a TEDx talk I can put up here. We will know if that happened in a TEDx talk on the homepage of Ted. We will know if that happened or not. There are lots of people who haven’t started movements have teta like Do you see what I’m saying? start a movement vague.

Popular. What is that? What is that language. So one of the most popular TED Talks I’m saying this as a placeholder, you can change it if you want later, but TED talk in the top 100 most viewed for the year. So 2017 most popular TED Talks, the ones that got the most views. If you want to throw off, you could say top 1000.

There’s a TED talk that you can put us all to exceed because there’s a guy that I recently saw the headline has been the article that he has the most the longest, or the most standing ovation, history and tick tock right now you could look your book, and nimble to exceed that.

Okay. Francesca, so, I like to sit around and talk to her about the personal power of art. Like privately at her house, no one Kara, where would that be? Right?

No, no, we don’t we don’t have to say where that would lead. We just have to say that we have it. So is it super soul Sunday? Is it?

Okay, so she doesn’t sit down with very many people. It I believe that you guys can correct me if I’m wrong. You could certainly be on Super soul Sunday that is a TV show where she sits down with people. She could invent a TV show for you. But that’s like, much harder to imagine happening. Like, I’m sure she’s like, did she do a special with Barbara Walters like it was a one time only she interviewed barbara walters. But for the most part, her TV show is super soul Sunday. Now she also has a whole network. So you could be a guest on any own show, because there are multiple own shows and they have multiple guests. So you could have an appearance on the own network in any way. That would be a yes or no it happened or we can say sitting down with Oprah which is super soul Sunday as far as I know unless sounds good to me super salsa so super soul Sunday on our

Malaysian pages the power the power of personal art what we’re doing here is we’re looking for the sign in we’re looking for you are on Super soul side area. Has anybody been on Super soul Sunday? It’s a no for all of us right now. If we have I actually have a client who’s been on Super soul Sunday. I’m blanking yet. But her her TV show his or her movie is girl director. girl. Oh my god, I’m totally work girl anyway. I have a client who has been on Super soul Sunday. That’s a yes. If Marie Forleo is here. She has been on Super soul Sunday. If Maslin Kip was here. These are people in our industry who have gone to events just like this. I’ve been in events with them. They’ve been on Super soul Sunday. So that’s a yes or no. You don’t get to say what The producer of that episode of super soul Sunday, what have they written on the script? Do you see what I mean? That makes it too hard.

It could be Oprah. It could be Angela Lauria, I would like to be interviewed with them about the personal power part.

Well, I mean, I could interview tomorrow. I mean, if you want to do a Facebook Live, I think that’s different. Right? But I want you to see if you really are going to leave this up there because it might be somebody, I want you to really think about what is what is a binary yes or no goal that we could measure. And if it’s truly if you have accomplished your goal, you are happy if you get on my Facebook Live channel. We go sit on that couch right now and I interview you about the power of art for my 20,000 followers and that you’re like, that’s it. I’m done. I’m good. Right? That’s not it. I love you, but that’s not it. TrinaI want to establish your own 100 take care world renowned retreat center love and x 100,000 acres we got to be in Vietnam or something I have to afford that. Jenny and then my 2020 vision is to travel the world of my husband and my daughter and then my online training.

Are you taking a whole year off? Yes. What How much money do we want to have? So I want to be my businesses to be generating over a million dollars, a million dollars in passive income, that you could just totally disappear. I have a friend who’s suing me living in Texas who has a million dollars in passive income.

Okay, what else I shot your next. According to the National Restaurant Association, 60% of restaurants fail within the first three years of existence. I want to cut it in half. Okay. It’s five years from now. The National Restaurant Association releases a statistic. And it says now 30% of restaurants are failing instead of 60.

How will you know that was you? See this is why, again, this is a great example of how sneaky our goals can be because there’s no way to get there. So we ended up going for 15,000 Instagram followers instead, or building a website or getting letterpress business cards, because you don’t know where you’re going. This is why most people don’t finish their book. They don’t even know what fucking book they’re writing and then they’re like, I just need to be more discipline. No, you don’t need to be more discipline. That’s not what the problem is. You don’t know what book you’re writing. That’s the problem. Francesca so my real goal is actually I would like to help.

Ah, see, I love that. Give me some criteria for the museum. I’m just gonna say a national museum.


Yeah, so the first one that is that I want to be on stage with Deepak Chopra and Ray loving.

So we do but my other line is we’re close to home and that’s I want to build my tiny enlightenment Empire, which is a retreat center made of like tiny houses in the mountains you know,

Wendy, it might create a retreat centers. But let’s start with one and reports. My goal is to live a philanthropic lifestyle that I can live up to percent of what I make and give 9% away, but still maintain the lifestyle.

What would 10% be? What What would you want to be living on?

I probably could live on.

Pretty probably closer, maybe. Okay, so

I’m gonna just for easy math, or may say that’s $20,000 a month. If 20,000 is 10% 180 Is that right? Is it? Yeah, like, I want to figure out how much he’s giving away. So that would be 200,000. She’s gonna live on 10%, which is 20. So you’re gonna be giving away? Is that 100,000 a month?

No, no, that’s what it would be. If you want to live off 20,000 a month, then you have to make 200,000 a month, just to make 2 million.

Right? So you’re going to live on 200,000 you’re going to make money. So you’re going to give away $1.8 million a year. Yeah,

I like to give away 2 million a year.

How awesome would that be a giveaway $2 million a year. That sounds so fun.

Anyone else?

So I like the keynote speaker of the International Association love it because if I’m a keynote speaker, I’m making a difference.
Totally. And my visual goal starting with this book is actually I want to actually found the American restaurant Academy.

We tend to thousand of them and see how many of their businesses go on.



Okay, so I’m gonna stop there, but you’re getting the idea. You’re getting the hang of it. Here is the next part of the assignment. So I want you first of all, make sure that your table you guys check each other’s answer, you’re just going to pick one we think of this as like a, like a keystone goal, that if we get this, everything else falls into place. So the reason why I’m going to use Aisha, as example, being the keynote speaker at a major Association annual event, think about any association you’ve ever been a member of, or a part of, think of their keynote speaker. Right. And so any I went to blog world, and Mark Cuban was the keynote speaker. Like just think of any event you’ve ever been at in the keynote speaker. If you get that. You have, by definition, gotten a whole bunch of other things, right? Like they’re not like no matter how good your book is, right now, next week, you’re not getting invited to be the keynote there some other shit had to go down. Now if you started the 10,000 member organization that might be and and your organization, the restaurants Your organization have a 30% failure rate, whereas for the industry whole at 60. Okay, that might be a reason to bring you as a keynote speaker. So what I want you to do is make sure you pick one goal for this exercise, share it with a friend and make sure it’s binary. So your friend at your table has to be able to say yes, we would know if that happened, or it didn’t. That’s very important. Are you guys getting that distinction? So like, be recognized as a leader. I don’t fucking know what that means. It needs to be really real, my mate my painting is in a museum or not, and it’s gonna feel scary. But just remember, it’s this or something better. doesn’t know.

Can’t be it. It can be we’re going to do that next. It is better if you can make it walk because what are we going to do? Like let’s say the financial goal is I want $10 million. So like sitting in the bank, like I want everything in my life to say the same. Nothing changes. I’m driving the same car. I’m wearing the same Same clothes. I’m doing I’m doing the exact same job. I’m working the same hours. I just miraculously have $10,000 sitting quietly in the bank or $10 million sitting quietly in the back. There’s no reason for that. Right? Like we need you want the money for something? And I want to know what that thing is that would motivate you and has to be a yes or no, you were on Oprah your paintings in the museum. I never got on john Lennon’s couch and you guys still love me, right? So it doesn’t matter if this actually happens. I just want you to be able to visualize what the thing is. Okay, so the first thing is clarify your goal, kind of like we did here. You’re gonna share that goal with the person just to check is that am I right? Is this binary? Is this like a yes or no? Does this sound good? And then what I want you to do right that goal on the top of the page, keynote speaker at major Association giveaway $2 million. Go into it put a date on it. 2020 Jenny did a great job with that. Imagine yourself there in the future. So it’s 2020 and Jenny is what were you doing? Jenny? Right. Jenny’s got she’s taken the year off. Now, I want you to describe that person. How is that person different from you? Where do they live? What are their clothes? What’s their staff? Like? What do they have staff they may not have if we got to the place where we have a tiny house Retreat Center. Did we start with one tiny house, like did it build so I want you to write as much as you can. I’m gonna give you about 10 minutes to write as much as you can about the person who has that outcome. You with me? And the best way the best way to do this is don’t make that person you. I want you to have to cuz it’s not going to be you and Deepak Chopra talks about this amazingly, every single cell in your body is full thing over, you will be for sure a different person when you get this goal. Every single cell will be different every molecule. So I want you to think about that person. Sometimes I name her. You know, like I said, I always call this made before I met her, the lady of the castle. I’m like, Who’s the lady who lives in the castle? And I would like describe the lady in the castle. So like, Who is this person? and describe her like, it’s somebody you met on an airplane. She told me she bought her first tiny house in 2017. She couldn’t believe she did it. She did it with lottery winnings, and she was able to keep trading in tiny houses one tiny house, she traded for two, and she like the red paperclip guy and she traded in tiny houses till she had 100 of them all on the same street in Colorado. Like what is the story? Who is this person? What’s their life like? Make it abstract as possible? Although Jenny, I don’t want you to not include like your daughter like so. She doesn’t have to have a son who’s 28 like it can be like But I really want you to think about this person is separate from you. It’s a person we’re going to create in the next three days. So who is this person we’re creating, kinda want to make sure you like her. So make sure you have a goal, like check with the person before you start writing. Make sure you have an actual goal. Just take a second and be like, this is the thing if I’ve already talked about it here, and I wrote it down, you don’t have to. But if you’re picking a goal that might be mushy, like help each other out. Because anything Moshi is super hard to see, it has to be like yes or no what, what are the criteria of people who get paintings in museums? Like usually they’ve done a bunch of gallery shows. So I’m doing you know, I did monthly gallery shows for five years leading up to it like I don’t know what it is. You want to pick one for this exercise, just so you have it really clear in your head. The person who has the tiny house retreat center, who is she Who’s this person.

Case Study: Navigating the Business of Writing

Explore Sophia’s fascinating journey from couch surfing to 2 bestselling books

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Case Study: Navigating the Business of Writing

Explore Sophia’s fascinating journey from
couch surfing to 2 bestselling books

By opting in, you’re joining our vibrant community! Expect 2-3 weekly newsletters packed with curated content, exclusive updates, and valuable insights to fuel your journey. Welcome to the conversation!

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