Our philosophy is that if you dream it, you can create it. And that’s what we’re doing every day at The Author Incubator.

The Sad Truth Is – Books Don’t Make A Difference.

Most books are never finished. And the majority that are published sit behind unclicked links on Amazon. This is because most first-time authors do not have the right framework and support to complete their book the right way from the start.

As a vocational school, we prepare you with the skills and understanding you need for lasting success as a published author and leader of a movement that can touch thousands of lives. Our success rate is over 98% because we choose the right people to work with. If we decide it’s a fit to work together, we won’t let you make fatal mistakes, and we won’t work with you unless you’re doing this for the right reasons. The most rewarding and gut-wrenching part of our work is to make sure we only choose the people who prove they have a true servant’s heart, as well as the commitment that it takes to publish AND serve the people they’re on this planet to help.

And by the way, we’re not content to stop with the authors we work with. We are giving the entire publishing industry a gut check because we have more revenue and higher profit margins than almost anyone else in the industry.

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