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Congratulations to our March authors!

Last night, we had an incredible, brand new group of authors release their books to the world. To celebrate their achievements, we wanted to make these books available FOR FREE for a limited time! 

Each of these authors went through a unique journey to bring you these books, which represent a commitment to bringing hope, healing, and transformation to their readers and the world around them. It’s rarely easy to write a book in three months, but these authors did it, and now they’ll never not be authors again! 

Below you’ll find links to get all of their free books, as well as thousands of dollars worth of free gifts and messages from the authors themselves. The books are only free to download for a few days, so get them now and share with your friends!

Sandy Dempsey

Take Back Your Dreams: Prioritize Your Purpose, Regain Control of Your Time, and Create the Life You Want Before It’s Too Late

Thank you for your support! If you or someone you know finds yourself feeling stuck, I’d like to offer you a free strategy session to help reclaim your dreams. Visit my website to book a session now!

Additionally, you can receive a free companion workbook to utilize when reading this book that you can download here.

Mischa Holt

Unschooling Teens: Simple Strategies to Conquer the Overwhelm of Getting Your Kids Through High School

Thanks for downloading a free copy of my book! Educational choices we have to make as parents are always challenging and my goal is to alleviate the stress for unschoolers with high-school age children.

If you are an unschooler, don’t hesitate to join our Facebook community and for a collection of free resources, including transcript and diploma templates, visit my website.

Izibeloko O. Jack-Ide

I’m Divorced, Now What?: The Strong Woman’s Guide to Your New Life as a Single Mom

Thank you for your download! I help women overcome the stress of divorce by providing the support and tools they need to move on with their lives and be able to take care of themselves and their children.

If you can relate, visit my website to receive a free class you can take today or feel free to email me to discuss your situation and go from struggling to thriving single mom.

Maya Manseau

The Photographer’s Focus: Do What You Love, Tell Your Client’s Stories through Images, and Have the Business of Your Dreams

Thank you for downloading a copy of my book! My passion is to inspire professional photographers to grow their business.

To help share all my small business techniques I compiled while building my business, I created a gift for you in a free companion mini masterclass on how to build a referral network that can start pulling in clients right away. Go to my website to get access immediately!

Maya Shetreat, MD

The Master Plant Experience: The Science, Safety, and Sacred Ceremony of Psychedelics

Thank you for supporting the release of my book. It is my calling to utilize plants to instigate transformation and connect to realms beyond this one.

As my gift to you, follow the link to access some of the meditations, practices, and other activities I describe in my book. You’ll also find a free list of references, current research, and wonderful resources to assist on your exploration.

Are you ready for results like these authors? Is it time to uplevel your business so you can really make a difference with a book? 

If you’re ready to get started then…

…but only if you’re ready to make it happen at warp speed!

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