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Apply to Get Your Book Done with The Author Incubator

Hey, you being on this page right now is so exciting!!!

If you are here, it means that our message of writing a book that brings hope, healing, and transformation to your people, and starting a transformational author business from serving your readers has resonated with you. And that is so cool, because how we do things doesn’t resonate with everyone, and we don’t help just anyone write a book.

In fact, we only work with authors who are truly ready to inspire, to heal, and to transform the lives of others.

They know that writing a book is what they need to do, they just haven’t done it yet!

They run themselves ragged and tend to say the same things over and over to the people they serve.

Their hearts are spread so thin trying to help everyone in need that they are on the verge of burnout.

They have a seriously nagging need to share the wisdom they have spent years cultivating and nights losing sleep over!

I have a feeling this is you, isn’t it???

We speak with experts all the time who tell us stuff like:

  • Yeah, it’s all a bit overwhelming.
  • It’s just…
  • It’s something I know I want and need to do, but…
  • But, the how of it all is such a fucking mystery!
  • How do I organize all that is in my head and get it out in a clear and digestible way?
  • How do I make sure I finish, publish it and be sure people can find my book?
  • How can I grow a business and make more money without getting ill or burning out?
  • How can I free myself from the daily grind I’m in and step into doing the work I love?
  • It tends to be all that stuff that happens beyond the book that hurts your head and creates the mud!

So let’s talk and get clear together. Let’s see what we can do to save you from burnout and your next sleepless night.

BUT BEFORE WE DO THAT, LET ME BE SUPER CLEAR—we are only looking to speak with people who are really ready to do this now—the people who can’t let another month go by without writing their book.

Our space is very limited and the time we spend speaking with people is really valuable. Only claim a window if you know you are serious, and willing to invest and do what it takes to accomplish this goal now. As you go through the scheduling, you’ll be asked some quick questions to help us prepare for your interview. Our goal during that hour together is to help you get clear on your book idea and what it is you want your book to help you do.

To get the most out of our hour together answer these questions from the heart and don’t hold back.

Now, choose the first available time below that works for you knowing ours is strictly limited and our program fills fast.

We can’t wait to speak with you.

Love, Light and Visits from the Muses
Dr. Angela & The Author Incubator Acquisitions Department

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