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If you are here, it means that you have decided to use this time in our history to step up and lead. That’s exciting! But you should know, how we do things doesn’t resonate with everyone, and we don’t help just anyone write a book. We will spend a lot of time during this application process making sure that we only accept aspiring authors who are truly ready to do the work it takes to inspire, to help, and to transform the lives and businesses of others.

Important Note: If you haven’t watched any webinars, masterclasses, or training videos by Dr. Angela Lauria, do not apply yet as your chances of being admitted into the program are extremely slim. First, watch this video where she explains exactly how The Author Incubator program works, who it’s right for, and who this program isn’t for: Click to watch training

If you have watched at least one of our training videos and are prepared to make an investment in yourself and your business, then you are ready to apply. While we aren’t looking for perfect grammar, or even that you have a good book idea yet, vague or incomplete answers could put your application at the bottom of our pile. To make sure you have the best chance to speak with us, answer these questions from the heart and don’t hold back.

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