Do you feel that you’re finally ready to step-up and make the difference you were born to make, by getting your life-changing message into peoples’ hands and hearts? Chances are, you’re on this page reading these very words for a reason. Here’s what to expect should you choose to answer the calling to apply...
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It is important to note upfront that our admissions process is quite competitive as we are only able to accept 30 number of students for each cohort. We receive 50+ applications for each individual spot.

We believe that the people who are predestined to write their book with us are the ones who are accepted. Our admissions process is unlike admissions for any academic institution, book program, or publisher. It has been specifically developed to be able to identify “the ones” and to help to gauge whether they’re fully committed and ready to make the difference they were born to make.


How To Apply

One of the main reasons we are able to maintain a 99% program completion rate is because we only accept those who we know, for sure, can be successful. What we’ve found is that it is not about who has the largest following, or whether you’ve been in your niche for 10 years or 10 months. What’s most important is that you have a servant’s heart. Our team will read into your application, and be listening to you in your interview, to understand your “Why” – why you have decided to dedicate some or all of your life to improving the lives or businesses of others. We want to know who you are on this planet to help, and why you are qualified, through your own unique blend of knowledge and experience, to help them. Once we understand your “why”, we’ll know for sure not only if you’ll make it through our program, but if you have what it takes to use your book to make the difference you were born to make.

The first step in the process is to book a time for your interview. The second is to fill out a high-quality application that tells us about your goals and aspirations. Our team will immediately begin reviewing your application and researching you. If we determine that you are a fit, we’ll accept your application. If we feel that now is not the right time, we’ll let you know. If our program is full, we’ll ask you to reapply in future when places are available.
What we ask most of all during the application and interview process is that you be yourself. If we feel that you’re inauthentic, or doing this for the wrong reasons, we will be unable to offer you a place in our next cohort.
To get started, click the button below and you’ll be taken to a webpage to book a time to talk to one of our admissions counsellors, then you’ll be asked to fill out a simple application so we can learn more about you.
We wish you all the best with your application.

Our Admissions Counsellors

With over 1,000 applications pouring in each month for our limited learning opportunities, our Admissions Representatives have a unique and challenging role. As they review your application, perform background research, and carefully interview you, each Admissions Counsellor is using their intellect and their own unique set of metaphysical gifts in order to determine who are among the 3.5% of applicants who are accepted. Their primary goal is to identify our soul-contract students, and ensure that they are in a place where they can enhance the energy of their cohort and continue to serve humanity for years to come.

Norman Plotkin

Norman is the author of Take Charge of Your Cancer: The Seven Proven Steps to Healing and Recovery from Cancer. He is a former lobbyist and cancer survivor who has found his passion for helping people through coaching, practicing hypnotherapy, speaking, and writing around wellness, healing and recovery.

Norman is a father, a grandfather and a veteran and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Georgianna Rivera

Georgianna is the author of My Daughter Myself: 6 Keys To Building a Loving Relationship and a Certified Akashic Records Consultant. She is an expert at quickly resolving residual pain and limitations attached to the problems and emotions of the past which show up most notably in our difficult and painful relationships.

Georgianna lives in Miami Beach, Florida with her husband.

Heather Mae Russell

Heather is the author of Seeing Double: A New Vision for Living with Graves’ Disease. After years of struggling with the highs and lows of Graves’ Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease, Heather got down to the business of living with it. A gifted intuitive and energy reader, Heather lives in Studio City, CA and when she isn’t helping clients join her on the side of remission, she’s taking care of a little blue-eyed blonde and a chic black cat. She spends the rest of her free time writing fiction under the pen name Esther G. Star.

Stacey J. Warner

Stacey is a the author of Good Enough: The Wild Woman’s Guide To Finding Love Without Losing Her Soul. A Certified Life Coach, Equus Coach, and Yoga Teacher, Stacey is committed to guiding her clients to a more fulfilled and connected life through greater consciousness.

She lives with her son, right where her intuition guided her, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Nancy Ma

Nancy is the author of The Mama Boss Method – the 8 Power Moves to Creating Time Freedom. As well as a masters degree in physiotherapy she is an acupuncturist, yoga teacher, doula, high performance coach, physiotherapist, wedding coordinator, entrepreneur, wife to highschool sweetheart and proud mama of two. Nancy gets the most jazzed when she gets to work with men and women who have a goal of improving lives with their heart-driven businesses.

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