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Why We’ll Spend $1.2m on Ads Then Say NO to Almost Everyone (Part 1)

The reason we’ll receive over 18,000 applications to write with us this year is because we are investing over $1.2m in advertising. Without spending that money we’d probably get closer to 5,000 applications – which is still much more than enough for us serve 25-40 new authors each month. But it’s not enough for us to do the best job we possibly can on our divinely-inspired mission to change the world through difference-making books.


Because we’ve found that we need to have a strong filter on who we choose to work with, and this requires us to say no to most of the people who apply to our program.

There are two types of personal growth experts/conscious business leaders/alternative healers who want to be authors: Ego-Based Authors, and Transformational Authors.

Ego-Based Authors want to write a book that contains whatever they think their audience needs to hear. Or they want to “tell their story” and think it’s the reader’s job to relate themselves to the ego-based author’s “success” or victim story and triumph over it. If this is their motivation for writing it means their ego is still too big and they aren’t ready to help others, even if on the surface they pretend that they are. In reality the ego-based author sucks energy OUT of the people they’re supposed to help in order to empower their ego so it can continue to distract them from their need to forgive and empower themselves in an authentic way. Because of their true motivation they actually hurt their readers and themselves because they are using people negatively. From our perspective, ego-based authors are very difficult to work with because instead of following the simple path we lay out to be successful they try to invent their own unique path – even though they’re paying us to guide them! As a believer in the Law Of Karma, Dr. Angela directs us to invest over $1.2m every year in paid advertising so we can make sure we NEVER accept an ego-based author into our program and are NEVER responsible for the negative impact that their book will make.

The Transformational Author has a servant’s heart. She or he spends time finding out how to turn the message they have in their heart into something that resonates with the people who need it most so their book can touch them in their soul. Then they write a book that describes their reader’s problem in the reader’s own words, wins their trust, and offers them a solution that will solve their problem and help them improve their lives. A book by a Transformational Author creates a Transformational Author Business that allows them to dedicate a significant amount of their time to going deep with their readers (while making a multi-six figure income that allows them to pay their bills and invest in getting their message into even more hearts and hands). This is Service, and if this is what you do you have a high chance of being in the top 2.5% of applicants who are accepted into our program. If you are a future Transformational Author, we’re going to spend over $1.2m this year trying to find you, and watching you make the difference you were born to make is the best feeling in the world.

Later today we’re going to release a video case study of a true Transformational Author – Megan Jo Wilson. Seeing the impact she’s made since she came to us in 2017, and how many peoples’ lives she’s affected, inspires us to find more groups of authors who are truly committed to creating change in the world. We’ll shoot you another email as soon as it goes live – and we’ll be offering an opportunity to those who resonate with this case study to become one of our next transformational authors…

Love, Light, and Visits From The Muses,

The Author Incubator Team

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2 thoughts on “Why We’ll Spend $1.2m on Ads Then Say NO to Almost Everyone (Part 1)”

  1. I believe this is where I need to be because I to have a story to tell I’ve been writing it for about a yr. Now I’ve stopped because of some family issue but I need to get this story out because I know it will help and heal alot of people yes I need your help.

    1. Hi Troven,

      Thanks for reaching out! If you’re interested in working with us, the best thing to do is to just start on our application process. It’s very comprehensive and will give you all the information necessary to decide whether we’re a fit to work together. Go to to get started.

      Steve Goodrick
      ​TAI Support

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