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Ted Karam – Book Journeys Author Interview


Ted-Karam-Author-of-Jumping-on-Water-Awaken-Your-Joy-Empower-Your-Life.Transformation coach Ted Karam’s interview on Book Journeys Radio was  about his book, Jumping on Water, Awaken Your Joy – Empower Your Life. Ted is a transformational counselor and life coach, and has done numerous self-improvement sessions and life coaching with people for several years. His also has two websites, and

Jumping on Water describes how people’s lives are held back by things that they feel are impossible. This prevents them from tapping into a powerful reserve of inspiration, creativity and joy that is independent of what’s going on in your life. Jumping on Water also describes how each of us has a unique gift that we need to share to the world, and tapping into that reserve is the key to do just that. Karam likewise revealed that one of his inspirations for writing Jumping on Water was the work of several self-improvement authors from the early 20th century, like Eckhart Tolle, Charles Haanel, and Thomas Troward. He said that it’s amazing how the work of these early pioneers, who couldn’t possibly have had any idea of how life would be like at the dawn of the 21st century, could write books that still stand on their own today.

Jumping-on-Water-Awaken-Your-Joy-Empower-Your-Life-Book-by-Ted-KaramDuring the interview, Karam likewise shared some insights into how he prepared and wrote Jumping on Water. He detailed the processes that he went through, such as collecting thoughts and ideas scattered across different notes that he has shared during his counselling and coaching sessions. He goes on to say that waiting for inspiration to come around can take a long time, something that is difficult when you’re dealing with an impending deadline. Instead, he suggests that you make use of different tools to capture thoughts, such as audio recorders, collecting and using them as you see fit. In the interview, Karam described the process that he went through in getting his book from its draft form to the final printed one. He said that it mainly involved reviewing individual writings and clippings from his previous work and seeing if they fit into the book’s structure; a collage of different pieces, as it were. Karam noted that it was a little like riding in a helicopter; that is, reviewing the material from a detached perspective allowed him to fine-tune and polish his work. After that, he also shared how he studied the ins and outs of self-publishing, something he wasn’t sure how to do when he first got into writing. He advises that researching and comparing different publishing firms that offer self-publishing is the key to getting the best value for your money.

Ted Karam offers a little practical advice to writers struggling to get their work done, but are hampered by bouts of Writer’s Block. He says that the best way to deal with the situation is to work within your best and most creative times. For some people, it may be early in the morning, while some may prefer quiet evenings, but the trick is to simply keep writing, to allot a little more time each day to commit your thoughts to paper. Finally, he also shared some of his motivations that made him take up writing, noting that that humanity can benefit from the important stories that each of us has the capacity to share.

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