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Resolving to write?

Now that the holiday season is behind us, you can settle down to your usual routine … but should you? There’s no time like today to start making good on at least one of your New Year’s Resolutions—and writing a book is a fantastic goal for the New Year.

It’s easier than it sounds. So easy, I guarantee you can do it, and in just 13 weeks. The ten authors in our pilot program did exactly that—and now, just a month after publication, they’re all best sellers! I’m incredibly proud of them, and of the team of professionals I’ve assembled to help make it all possible.

These ten authors are all, like you, busy people who live full lives. Like you, they had all of the same concerns about writing a book in just 13 weeks: I don’t have enough time! What if I can’t think of a topic, or if my ideas aren’t good enough? I don’t know anything about publishing a book!


With this program, we’ve unlocked the key to quickly writing a powerful book. This program solved the time and accountability challenges most of my clients faced. By having a professional editor and a book coach at each author’s beck-and-call, we were able to address writer’s blocks and stylistic challenges. Plus, we put all the logistics on our team, so the authors could be free to focus on writing, and leave all of the publishing details to us.

If you’ve been telling yourself you just need more time or more knowledge to get your book done, that excuse just went up in smoke … and if you act today by going to, you’ll save $150 off of the registration price by using coupon code13WTP150OFF —act now, this is the best deal we’ll offer on this fantastic program.

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