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Build a Book that Gets You Clients s2e16

Build a Book that Gets You Clients


Case Study: Navigating the Business of Writing

Explore Sophia’s fascinating journey from couch surfing to 2 bestselling books

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In this episode, Dr. Angela shares 3 steps to write a book that makes a difference. Write a book that solves a problem, love your clients, and don’t expect to make money from book sales.


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In this episode you will learn:

  • 00:30 How do I write a book that gets clients?
  • 03:00 How does being an author give me credibility?
  • 06:29 How do I get clients to want to work with me?
  • 10:22 What does my book need to do to create revenue?
  • 14:00 How do I connect with my readers/clients?
  • 17:00 Will I support my business with book sales?

Full Episode Transcript:

Hello and welcome to today’s episode. I’m so excited to share these fundamentals on how to build a book that gets you clients. I really wanted to make sure you had all this information I normally teach it in my master classes which can run a couple of hours and I know so many people these days are listening to podcasts. I’m going to give you that the skinny on what it takes. To build a book that is guaranteed to grow your revenue and get you the business that’s really going to make the difference in your life and in the lives of your clients. So, I want to talk today about why a book there are lots of ways to start and grow a business people talk about Instagram, I’m hearing all the rage about Tic Tac. A lot of people teach you to do a podcast like this one to start a business. I want you to know why I think a book is the most powerful way to get your business going quickly. The first thing to really understand is there is a certain kind of magic with a book and it’s not necessarily a fair magic. I focus a lot of my attention in marketing around voices that aren’t traditionally heard women People of Color the LGBT community, indigenous people, the reason I focus on these communities so much is I know the fastest way to even the playing field is with a book, there is a certain amount of credibility, even today, that comes with being an author an extra four best selling authors. This is why we make all of our authors a best seller. Whether or not this is fair, or part of an unfair system. We could debate and I think it’s probably not fair, but it is how it works. And I want you to have the tools at your disposal to leverage this advantage.

Case Study: Navigating the Business of Writing

Explore Sophia’s fascinating journey from couch surfing to 2 bestselling books

By opting in, you’re joining our vibrant community! Expect 2-3 weekly newsletters packed with curated content, exclusive updates, and valuable insights to fuel your journey. Welcome to the conversation!

Let’s say Actually, I’m going to give you a specific example for my corporate career. One of the things I did in the corporate world was technology books, so I would go into a company And I would go straight books for that company and they would use those books to get leads. And I was working for an identity theft company. And they wanted to use social media to promote this book. Now, it was 2008, nine, something like that a long, long time ago. And there were not a lot of social media experts. One of the things I was charged with was finding a Twitter expert, could I find someone who could promote our book on Twitter? I went out. I did a search. And I found this amazing woman. I’m still friends with her today who ran a what was it a pot of blog network. That was a network of blogs that were on families and couponing and home lifestyle design. She’s an amazing woman. She had a huge Twitter following and I thought this is the person to run our Twitter. At the same time, my boss found a guy who had written the dummies guide to Twitter. Immediately my candidate was out the door. Immediately, we paid someone three times what we would have paid the woman I wanted to hire, because he was an author. He was an author of the book on twitter at that time, immediately if you were making a decision about who to hire to help you with your business, your body, your relationship, seeing that someone is an author and a best selling author and author in a well known series, as was the case with TJ seeing that makes it easy to make the purchase decision. Seeing that stuff Somebody has a podcast, just doesn’t do that seeing somebody on Tic Tac. If I went to my boss and I said, Hey, this woman’s on Twitter, we should hire her to do Twitter and it wouldn’t have the same effect. Even though she had more Twitter followers than TJ even though she was more engaged in the blogging world where we wanted to be with the clients, we wanted the prospects, we wanted to see the fact he’d written a book made that decision for my boss. So I want you to understand how to use this system to your advantage. By having a book you will instantly get more credibility, three to five times more credibility and then double that when we make you a best seller. Should this be true? No. In fact, I think the woman that I had found was more capable than the guy who have written the book. But the fact of the matter is a book will change how people see you. So what kind of a book? That’s the next question, a book that’s going to get you clients. And a book that gets you clients gets your revenue because you will not make money on book sales. TJ wasn’t making money on selling that Twitter book. He was making money and using the book to get Twitter consulting gigs.

So the way a book makes you money is by having clients beg you take them on, whether it’s as a consultant in marketing or media, whether it’s as a weight loss coach or a relationship coach or a life coach, whether it is added as an educational consultant, or, as you’ll hear in a minute, a business coach, a franchise consultant, we’re going to talk about all those examples but in order for a book to really generate revenue. It has to be a path to the readers asking to work with you. And not all the readers, of course, but about 10% of people who get the book will find out about your services, and about 2.5% of people who get your book will beg you to be a client. So how does that work? Well, step number one is, don’t write what you think people need to hear. You have to write what your clients your ideal prospects are searching for. The mistake that I see people make is they know the answer. They know what the answer is, and they want to write a book about the answer, but you really need to write a book that focuses first on the problem. How do you do that? Well, a great tool to use is Google. Little trends, Google search search related tools to see what are people searching for. If no one is searching, if there are no people that have written books on this topic and no one’s searching for it, it could be the world’s best information. But it’s not going to lead to clients for you. So if we want to write a book that’s gonna make money, then we have to write a book. And that’s going to lead to people asking about working with you and ultimately begging to work with you. And the way we do that is we solve a problem that exists, that is a known problem. So you can look on Google, you can look on Amazon, you can look on social media. You can do your own market research. We can work with you on that market research, but you have to get a feel for what people actually want to know. A lot of people come to me And this was the case with Jill McCabe, who is one of our quarter million dollar authors that she’s gonna hit a million very soon with her book that just came out during the pandemic in the last few months. And what I’ve, what I worked on with Jill, because there’s so much she does with people and with businesses to help them get better results is we needed to focus on one problem people were trying to solve. So Wow, her services are really wraparound services as an incredible business coach, both in terms of strategy and most significantly in terms of execution. The book really focuses on that productivity piece, because her perfect prospects are asking how can I get more done? How can I be effective So you want to identify a clear problem that you can solve, you have to actually be able to solve this problem. So people have to have the problem, and you have to have the solution. But we have to know what the problem is. Right? And then the book is a demonstration of how to solve it.

This is the first key. It’s the first principle I want you to really understand. A book must solve a problem if it’s going to generate revenue. Now, do fiction books or creative writing books make money? Yes, for sure. But I can’t teach you how to do that. That’s a little bit of luck and lottery winning. If you want to guarantee that you’re going to have a book that makes a difference for people that changes their lives, their bodies, their businesses, and generates revenue for you to grow. Row your platform and reach the masses with then you want to make sure you are writing to solve a problem that exists and that you know how to solve. Okay, Principle number two, and I won’t be able to get to every principle today we’re we’re gonna carry this conversation on in the next episode as well.

But Principle number two is you gotta not sound like a robot, you have to sound like a real person that we can connect with. And the way you do that, is by writing to one person I call it writing your book as a love letter to one person. So when my client Roseanne Austin, who is a fertility coach was really crafting her book. There are lots of people that do with infertility people with medical issues, people of all ages there are a lot of reasons why people are facing infertility. But for Roseann, her ideal reader is a career woman like her Roseanne was an amazingly successful student, and then lawyer, someone who has put their career first and all of a sudden and woke up and she was 40 years old and the time had come to either have a baby or not. And it wasn’t going well. By being so clear on that one ideal reader. Roseanne was able to build a quarter of a million dollar business very, very quickly. In fact, I think she just had her first six figure month and within a year of writing her book, how because she spoke to one specific person what is speaking to one specific person? Do? it narrows the focus of your book. So now we’ve got one problem and one person, you would think, well, how am I going to make a million dollar business? If I’m solving one problem for one person? What changes is your voice? And what will make people beg to work with you is something no one can steal from you. There’s no technique. There’s no tool. There’s no even words you can write on the paper that will replace who you are. There are lots of business coaches. There’s only one Jill McCabe, there are lots of fertility coaches, there’s only one Roseanne Austin. Why? Because when they wrote their books, they were channeling this love letter, this connection and sounding like a real person and not a robot trying to get an A for me English teacher. is what really makes readers connect and keep reading. So being able to meet your ideal reader where they are being able to really get into the mind of your reader. So as they’re reading it, they’re like, wow, this person gets me. They understand my problem, they know what I need. That is how a book can be so effective and building your business. And the third thing I want to share with you today, I gotta be honest about this one, I don’t know that you’re gonna like it.

But the third thing I have to share is the book is not the source of revenue. If you are thinking about how to make money from book sales, you are going to be a hungry soul. The way to make money From a book is to give it away. You can give away chapters as you write, you can give away a companion class, you can give away the E book, the audio book, the print book. If people buy it, that’s fine. Put it up on Amazon and charge. No worries. Don’t spend a lot of time on that. But I want you to really focus on getting this book into people’s hands. I love my client phaseone who helps people who want to start a franchise. And what she did when her book came out is she went to events, virtual events and in person events for people who were looking at franchises, franchise fairs, and she would give her book away now if you’re going to bring on a consultant to help you start a business to pick the franchise for you. Are you going to pick the expert who has a book or the expert Who’s handing out brochures and business cards, how magnanimous Faison looks at those events as she gives away her books. And that’s how in just a few months she made a couple hundred thousand dollars from her book by finding the right place to give her book away. So these are the first three key fundamentals I want to share with you and want to make sure you really had this information and that it’s sinking in now this is the quick and dirty I go much deeper into this in my master class but the first three things that I want you to know and then I’ll come back and give you another bite sized chunk of the training next episode but with the three things I want you to take away today is that like it or not, a book can be the same Go fastest path to big success. And it requires three things. First, the book must solve a problem that exists that you can solve. Second, you must write it as a love letter as a heart connection, not as a robot or a machine. You gotta sound like you. And third guy, give the book away, give away chapters, ebooks, print books, give the book away. When you give the book away, you will find 10% of people want to learn more about working with you. 2.5% of people will beg you to accept them as a client. And when you meet your ideal reader where they are. It’s going to blow your mind how many people will want you to help them solve the problem. They have So if you’re listening to this and thinking I want support finding my ideal reader, I need support identifying the problem I want to solve. I would love to know more about how to build my business with a book. Then I want to know you are invited to apply to work with us. You simply go to the author slash apply. And if you mention this podcast in your application, and we decided to fit for you to work with us, for us to work together on your book. Then I have a special thank you. If you mentioned the podcast, then I will make sure the editor that you talk to throws in a bonus valued at 1500 dollars. It is our program incubator package. That package is going to give you all the tools to create an Online companion course to go with your book. So if you want the results that I shared, the Gil has as a business coach that Roseanne has as a fertility coach that Faison has as a franchise consultant. If you want to build or grow a coaching or consulting business with a book, please go to the author slash apply. Mention this podcast on your application. And we’ll get you the program incubator companion program add on a 1500 dollar value at no extra charge. If we decide it’s the right time to work together to make your dream a reality. I know if we make that decision, you will be one of our amazing success stories because at the Author Incubator We are changing the world, one book at a time.

Now I’m going to come back and do the buffet. Hey there hope you enjoyed that episode, I’ve got a special treat for you. We’ve gone back into the archives and we have grabbed some conversations with the authors I talked about in this podcast episode. They are from other conversations I’ve had with them, but I want you to hear directly from them how becoming an author has changed their life. I know becoming an author can change your life too. But hearing directly from our clients on how they made a difference with their book and how a book made a difference for them is going to give you a completely different perspective. I’m excited to share these clips with you. I hope you enjoy them.

Hello, so the fearlessly fertile method I know this is your unique approach to helping people get pregnant. Let’s talk about this book. Am I the reason I’m not getting pregnant? So

this book is really a love letter to the lovably control, freaky type A overachieving woman who’s doing everything she can to get pregnant, but nothing is working. And I wrote that love letter because I was her.

Hmm. So where were you and were you struggling with fertility yourself?

I was a prosecutor in the state of California and my career was dominated by my struggle with fertility. And the whole time I was going through it, I was thinking to myself, am I the only one and as a woman who’s typically put her mind to something and would get it done I was listening to what everyone was telling me to do. But nothing was working. And so I realized that I had to shift I had to pivot, I had to figure out a different way, because medicine had run out of options. was gonna say, what were some of the things you tried or you see that your your clients have tried.

I was in treatment for almost seven years, and medicine had just been like, give up, go adopt. And at that point, I realized I had to go find something else. And when I did start asking different kinds of questions, I realized that there was an entirely different body of considerations for having my baby. So I started I completely stepped away from medicine, and started looking into those things. And at 43 I conceive naturally, despite ridiculously tiny odds, and that’s what my clients do today. I love that and you. You mentioned earlier you work with particularly women who are career oriented. Did you have to quit your job to get pregnant? No, I didn’t. I I didn’t have to quit my job. That’s, you know, I’ll give you an example so many of my clients, my practice is full of women who are at the top of their professional game. And one example in particular is a delightful physician of mine, who’s absolutely brilliant. And she came to me from Ohio and she was like, Look, I have the chance of getting pregnant either IVF or naturally, that’s less than 10%. She’s like, Can you help me? I said, Yes, I can’t. And within about six months of us working together, not only was she pregnant, but she was pregnant naturally and right about now she’s getting ready to have a baby.

I love that that is so amazing. So that journey of pregnancy to me is so much like writing a book and trying to get I struggled with fertility, like and it felt like every month was another like, I don’t know what’s the opposite of a party. It was very sad once a month around my house and I wanted to give up Over and over again. But something kept pushing me through for you. You just went through a book journey. What was the hardest part of your book journey? And how did you overcome that?

I think the biggest thing that I had to overcome were my own thoughts about writing, coming from a legal background and coming from a super conservative thought about what a book was, it needed to be 5000 pages and boring as hell. And I thought I had to cover up my voice. But what I love about this program and the way that you coach me was that I get to step into my voice, and that I get to be who I am. And that’s the feedback that I’ve already gotten from this book is so many women are telling me Are you in my head. And and that is that is truly one of the greatest accomplishments in my life, to be able to share what I learned with other women, not only so that they know they’re not alone, but that they can see a path to success.

Let’s do April 2019, compared to April 2020, or if you have another just like, there, were you when the pandemic wasn’t a twinkle in anyone’s eye in terms of revenue and your personal life and then what happened for you in April, in terms of revenue, your personal life your home and want to get a sense and you don’t have to do April of 2019 if you want to pick another date, but I just want you to say where was I this month in comparison to a non pandemic month?

Jill, I’m gonna start with you. What a crazy two months to compare. Last April, I’m always gonna write my book. I didn’t because I needed your structure. I’m just Lexis so I needed that structure to take. Thank God you figured out that structure. So last April, I was just getting back I had been in Singapore I had worked at working there with clients working in Bali had an extended trip. It was also cool that I was going to come back and write, I came back, I’m actually had pretty much an upside down experience with my partner, my living partner who was not super great with me traveling around and doing all this work and sort of landed in this, frankly, a huge depression. So and I had really hit this probably one of the lowest points like um, I’ve had two years of rehab after a car accident or 18 months. lowest point probably since then. And just kidding. Like just was like almost like what is left, like I just felt so drained. actually interesting like people not happy for my success last year like people like good friends sort of like being angry about my level of success and that sort of made me pull back a little bit and kind of feeling badly for all the success I had and and so I actually just stopped I went from being super like everything’s great to like and kind of going inward and then if you just like skip past a whole year of overcoming that and all sorts of other things. This April I released the book of you know, when we said I released it and then I’ve had an unbelievable April I’ve I mean, I I’ve done in a month what many businesses would be proud to say they didn’t a year in sales? Was it like two or three times what you were doing last April or was it like eighth last April was

Yeah, often charts, like I’m saying I did in the month of April, what some people would be excited about doing in a year. So it just was huge. And I did that the and what’s interesting is because all these people are saying, Well, I have pivot because of that, you know, and some people really do. And I have, I did have some clients who had to pivot. So I had all these people ready to work with me in April. And I realized that like only one of them who’s in major events, like they work for the Olympics and major car companies would have only one of them really had to truly pivot. And everybody else like I’m working with like a shaft artist, writer, coaches, and all of them. Not only did they not have to pivot, we kind of just had to realize that they needed to be virtual, right? We had to create a virtual way of having a business, but all of them are actually making sales right now. Yeah, except for maybe two because they just don’t want to and they’ll make sales next month but but I was like, just all of these industries, right, and I mean, like they have nothing in common. Like an intuitive or this or that, and not only are they making sales, but people are like hungry for that what they’re offering.

That makes me super nervous right now is the number of sudden experts on pivoting your whole business. Yeah, there’s like 3429 offers on change everything. Most people do not have to change everything. Now,

if you were doing catering for the Olympics, yeah, they’re doing like they do events, installations for the Olympics, but I’m actually and some other companies, but I’ve actually been working with them. And you know, you were talking about the cool virtual stuff. So I had to pull them out of my program because my program didn’t fit their needs. So I’m working on working with them, and they’re actually creating stuff like what you’re talking about Angela, they’re creating these cool, wicked like, because not people aren’t going to stop needing to be entertained. People aren’t going to stop. Like, as human beings, we can’t help but want to build ourselves. We can’t help but want to grow. So it doesn’t matter that I haven’t a clue. Like a cook and intuitive novelist, you know, coaches like an IT guy, like all of them are successful because other people realize, yes, some people don’t have the time because they’re dealing with their families. That’s cool. Some people it’s not the right time for them, they need to kind of go inside and he’ll but some people need to keep going. So for you with April, one of your best months
in business best month and probably my one of my top months in business in my life is amazing. April 2020, April 2020 is ending or maybe not. Sometimes I feel guilty about that. But it’s true that it’s really like, Ah, no, you know what, I’m gonna call it it’s like the best month in business in my life. Amazing. It’s amazing, so much of that and there are a lot of people who are having great months that is possible. And so much of that is what’s in your head about it. Like you showed up for your clients.

I’ve never made this work for all of you and you’re going to have amazing businesses and they’re going to work and I don’t exactly know how and I’m going to do whatever it takes. Let’s do it anyway. I love this book, the right franchise for you, you help people pick out which franchise they should buy lots of people buying franchises now changing their life direction, living their dreams, realizing there’s no time but now can we share a little about this book, your journey? What are some of the best things that have happened to you people you’ve helped things that have changed in your life.

Oh my gosh. How much time do we have Angela? German. I know. I know. It’s a I think first of all, it really is. It would be remiss of me, if I didn’t begin by saying, I can’t tell you how deeply grateful I am to you, and the Author Incubator team for really helping make this book a reality. It had been up here, and it had been in here for so many years. And the way in which it all came together, where there was someone in every step of the process to help me along whenever there was an obstacle. Overall, your your wisdom and your guidance throughout the whole process leading us through, you know, in those moments when we didn’t think we could make it where we felt something wasn’t gelling, coming together, and you basically said, sit up, otherwise, I’m gonna kick your ass and you did. And it was fantastic. It’s fantastic. So I have to first say that I’m really Angela the book. Is is my to use your words. paraphrase your words, the book is my love letter to that one person out there. That one person who is an employee who is in the corporate world, who may have felt their soul die a little bit every single day for years on end. And they may be in a in a place where they’re saying, I’m so done with this. I’d like to go out there and do my own thing. I’ve thought about starting a business, but I’m scared at this age and stage in my life. I don’t know how much of a financial risk that’s going to be starting up on my own. Could I do this instead through a proven franchise model? Yeah. That’s my person. That’s who this book is for.

I love it. I love it. And I think right now, there’s so much risk in the world and being able to mitigate that risk with a partnership of unknown brands and known quantity like that helps you get that balance. Being on your own but also not being alone. So, such a beautiful process. What’s your favorite thing that happened for you this year? What would you say is the biggest success? That’s happened since you’ve become an author?

I’ll, there have been quite a few. I think the biggest thing for me has been getting messages and emails from complete total strangers who bought the book who said, for whatever reason, it really resonated with them. My story resonated with them. They too, are an employee and they’re feeling very no pun intended, disenfranchised with their current situation. And they’re thinking how can I turn this around? For me that’s incredibly gratifying because at the end of the day, if I’m able to touch just one life, and help them help change the trajectory of their Career and their life, then the mission that I had set out with, I think has been accomplished. But very importantly, you know, you the one story, I’ll share Angela, it’s a client of mine. He, he had heard about me, and he had picked up a copy of my book. And he reached out and he said, Listen, this is my story. I’d like to work with you. And his story was he’s in his late 50s. And he was the managing director of at a fortune 15 company, I won’t say which, and he had been laid off a couple of months ago. And he said, Look, you know, I have been in the job market and I have gone on interviews, I’ve done all of these different things. Nothing has jelled people, people want me but they’re not willing to pay me what I’m worth, because I’m an expensive proposition. And here I am, and I’m thinking at this point in my life, I’d like to have more control over my my career, my destiny. Long story short, we work together. And he now is a franchisee with a business that provides business coaching to mid and small sized businesses. And given his own career path, Angela, I don’t think there could have been a better fit. So fast forward and every every every client I put into a business, they they become friends of mine, and we are in touch and he reached out and he said, Look, you know, it’s I can’t tell you how different this has been for me. It’s really made the difference between going back into the corporate world and doing what I’m doing now. So that’s that’s it. That’s a huge thing for me. It’s worth it right.

Let’s talk just some brass tacks because it is expensive to work with the Author Incubator. Have you in a year gotten back the investment that you made.

I got back my investment.

In the first 45 days after I finished working with you, pretty impressive, all right, and I’d have you guys do you know like, can you kind of track maybe three x four x return something like that?

I’m trying to think agile I think back II, this was probably end of end of April, beginning of May. in that timeframe. I haven’t done too recently. At that point. Just my revenue coming directly from the book. I’m breaking it out non book and book just coming from the book was at that point, I think it was close to 200,000 amazing. That’s amazing.

And what’s even better, is the families who have been changed. The parents who have been empowered I know you are such an amazing mom to your gorgeous daughter but the parents who can be there for their kids activities, or homeschooling the people who have been able to claim their dreams and make them come true. Like the money is nice because we got to pay our bills. But at the end of the day, you’re doing what you’re here to do and making the difference you’re born to make and I’m just so proud of you in this book. Someday we’ll be able to see each other in person again.

So, absolutely. Thank you. Thank you, my friend.


Case Study: Navigating the Business of Writing

Explore Sophia’s fascinating journey from couch surfing to 2 bestselling books

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Case Study: Navigating the Business of Writing

Explore Sophia’s fascinating journey from
couch surfing to 2 bestselling books

By opting in, you’re joining our vibrant community! Expect 2-3 weekly newsletters packed with curated content, exclusive updates, and valuable insights to fuel your journey. Welcome to the conversation!

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