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How To Write A Book That Gets Clients Begging To Work With You

In this five-part mini series, I’ll teach you the key concepts about how to create a book that will fill your coaching, healing, or consulting business with clients.

We’re going to talk about:
– How to pick the right book topic
– How authors really make money
– Why most new authors fail, and
– What it takes for a book to make a difference


Part 1 – How To Pick The Right Book Topic

Picking the right book topic is essential to being successful. A LOT of applicants apply to us wanting to write a book along the lines of “self-love for women in transition”, because they think they need to write a book that can help everyone with their message.

But what makes a book successful is actually writing a book on a specific topic, and creating your manuscript as a love letter to one single ideal reader. Find out why in the first episode of our 5 part mini series training.


Part 2 – How Authors Actually Make Money

Did you know that the vast majority of authors do not make money from book sales? So do you want to know how most authors actually make money?

They use their book to sell their services. If you are a life coach or other expert whose zone of genius is not writing and publishing, but is instead helping people, the right book will help you to create an endless stream of your ideal clients.


Part 3 – Why Most New Authors Fail

According to the NY Times 91% of people want to write a book. But only 3% finish their manuscript. Of that 3% who do finish, only 20% ever publish. So that’s 0.6% of people who want to write a book ever actually write and publish it!

Here I’m going to teach you the main reasons why most first-time authors never finish their books, why 99% of my authors finish theirs in just 9 weeks, and how YOU can too!


Part 4 – What it Takes for a Book to Make a Difference

This time I’m featuring 12 case studies of clients of mine who in the last 12 months have made huge differences in the lives of their readers with their books.

What I can guarantee in this 30-minute video is inspiration, ideas, and EVIDENCE that if these people can transform their entire lives and their businesses and touch thousands of lives in a matter of months, so can you.


Part 5 – Your Dream Client Criteria

To most coaches, healers, and experts, the idea of choosing the right clients is far out of reach. They don’t have clients, or enough clients, so they need to take all the business they can get.

But for a successful transformational author, who wrote the right book in the right way (as I’ve covered above), picking the RIGHT clients is possible because your book has already brought you a stream of qualified leads who are bought into your message and KNOW you are the one who can help them.

I’m going to spend some time on what we look for in the people we work with. Because my program success rate of 99% depends on getting the criteria we use to accept authors who work with us exactly right.

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to take the next step, go to and my team will review your application.

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