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How To Work A Perfect Barter Deal – Over $1,000,000 Of Experience Later

Many of my clients/authors offer incredible services and I have a very specific barter process I follow with each of them so I can take full advantage of what they offer. I wanted to take some time to teach it to you in case you are looking for ways to barter with your clients for services.

First I want to share with you some of the services I have purchased from my clients. Together this is well more than $1 MILLION dollars worth of services I have gotten!

  • Mary Sterk – Personal Financial Services
  • The Life Coach School – Weight Loss Coaching
  • Maggie McReynolds – Editing Services for Difference Press authors
  • Pam Prior – CFO services for The Author Incubator
  • Lee Heyward – Style Services for me
  • Rachel Nachmias – Style Services for 12 of my authors
  • Michael Buckley – YouTube Coaching/Mentorship for Jesse
  • Rachel Alexandria – Dating Coaching
  • Sharon Pope – Relationship Coaching
  • Steph Gold – Life Coach for Jesse
  • Rachael Maddox – Trauma Therapy
  • Rachel Dunn – Video Production
  • Alina Frank – EFT for thyroid disfunction
  • Jenny Johnston – EFT for past life regression for me and Jesse

I recommend all of these service providers highly and without reservation.


Because they made me a promise to solve a problem I had, and they solved it.

I hope they would recommend my services because I solved a problem they had an got them great results.

*** Here’s what they all have in common — not one of them asked me if I would consider bartering their services for mine. Not one! ***

A great barter agreement includes both participants being so committed the question doesn’t even come up.

They decided they wanted my service and just found a way to make that investment for themselves.

And when I identified that they might be able to solve a problem for me, I went through the sales process as they have it outline and if it was a fit for me, I paid for it. Sometimes they bought from me first. Sometimes I bought from them first. The order was irrelevant.

The problem I had in each case was so critical, and I was SO committed to solving the problem, that I was willing, and in fact excited to make an investment in getting the problem obliterated from my life. AND IT WORKED!

Had I not been willing to make an investment in getting the problem solved it would have meant one of 2 things:

  1. The problem wasn’t really worth solving to me
  2. The person wasn’t the one I believed could solve the problem

And if it were a barter instead of an investment – I either would have been a skeptical client doubting their advice and arguing with them along the way — or I would have been a disengaged client ignoring their advice and no-showing on calls with a list of excuses and apologies.


If I didn’t make the payment, I would not have gotten the problem solved.

And I believe the same is true for them – if my program was free to them, they would have done a half-assed job, not finished their book and not learned to make a difference with it – and then they could have blamed me and my program for that!

This week I’ll be heading to receive medical treatments for an injured shoulder from Kaley Anne and Bridghid McMonagle and their team Lake Oswego Health Center PC. I didn’t ask for a barter. I didn’t try to trade any of my services for any of theirs.

I will happily pay them and I look forward to being one of their most dramatic success stories. I will show up on time to my appointments. I will be a compliant patient. I will do everything I can to work WITH them to get this problem solved. Oh, and when they do a great job, I will give them as many spectacular reviews as I can sharing my gratitude with the world.

***Because that’s the kind of client I WANT – that’s the kind of client I AM!***

Buy from people you know, like and trust because you believe they can solve a problem that gets you a 10X return on your investment – or better! Be an awesome client. Get awesome results.

And step up to solve the problems of people you know who know like and trust you so you can help them get a 10X or better investment.

This is the key to a great barter deal!

1 thought on “How To Work A Perfect Barter Deal – Over $1,000,000 Of Experience Later”

  1. Such a great perspective that I hadn’t considered. You’re right. I don’t try to barter with my dentist…… no wait…. 🙂

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