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When Baby Squirrels Get in the Way



You don’t have enough time to write your book. I totally get it. You have to juggle the work that pays your bills, the work that fills your heart, friends in crisis, house-disasters, school field trips… you name it. And as much as you want to write. As much as you feel CALLED to write… somehow you can’t get it done.

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Here are some of the obstacles my 10 newest authors had to overcome to get their books done:

  • We found a total of four baby squirrels in my tackroom, obviously orphaned/abandoned, but the nearest wildlife center where they could be properly cared for is an hour away. Needless to say, that chewed up most of the day.
  • 5 days before deadline: sick dog in hospital. 5 days in bed with flu and Mac crashed the night before deadline!
  • When I get into the flow I am focused and don’t hear or see anything going on around me. This felt like benign neglect to both my children and husband who would then go into overdrive to try and get my attention.
  • Mom fell 4th of July weekend and we went to ER to have her checked out.
  • I had 12 neighborhood kids in and out, a construction crew building a room addition and painting our house and a 3 week mystery illness that had me bedridden, so yes, craziness, and I thought it would be easier in the summer when I didn’t have to focus on homeschooling.
  • Teenagers who started saying: you never have time for us.
  • I traveled a couple of times and I’ve got my medical condition to deal with every day.
  • I was putting my house on the market, and got sucked into very full-time general contracting!

Life did not stop for these authors – and yet they wrote their books in just 3 months… 3 months where they were traveling, dealing with home renovations and baby squirrels. They had neglected spouses and kids. family emergencies, and serious medical conditions… and they got their books done.

What was different for them?

Why do you get derailed when they didn’t?

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