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What’s wrong with eBooks?

I’m sitting in the doctor’s office this morning waiting to get some blood work done and watching as a rainstorm blows through. I’m trying to keep myself calm while I wait but there is so much I’d rather be doing. And that’s when I remember the pile of eBooks sitting on my iPhone.

With an eBook at your fingertips, wait times are quick to turn into reading time – and all without having to anticipate the wait or remember to bring a book.

The truth is, I practically explode with joy when I hold a paper book in my hands. I’m tactile, for one thing. I love the smell of a new book and the sound of a spine cracking for the first time. But there is a time and place for everything…even eBooks…which is why we are putting 5 of our favorites for sale this summer for just $2.99!





Grab these books and download them to your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or other eReader and when you find yourself stuck in a doctor’s office waiting for blood work (or whatever), you’ll be glad you did. Links to purchase here:

And oh, can you do us a favor and drop a quick review on Amazon when you are done. We’d really appreciate that!

Happy Reading!

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