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How Do You Get a Book Publishing Contract In 2023

what happens when you find your message

I wanted to share a story with you this week about my sister. You see, my sister was almost chronically committed to being non-confrontational and to not having a message. But, she was always searching for something meaningful to do with her time. For her, this was a search for an entrepreneurial business and she had considered a very long list, but never felt passionate enough to put herself behind any one idea.



That was, until the Newtown shootings in December.

After that horrible day, Gina’s message crystallized and her voice has become louder and stronger every day since. She is changing the world with her message now. She is vulnerable and authentic; clear and unwavering. That’s how you will be when you find the book inside you that wants to be written.


Gina made a little video on her computer while my nephew was taking a nap and this week that little video has gone viral. You may have already seen it!

The video has been picked up all around the Internet and received thousands of views. She even got re-tweeted by and tweeted to from Senator Kristen Gillibrand.

When you find your voice and you understand how you can make a difference with your book, the same sorts of things will happen to you. Your message will go viral, famous people will re-tweet you, and you’ll know in your heart you are changing lives and changing the world.

I know this is true because I help authors in transformation to write books that make a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes the clients I work with know exactly what message they want to share with the world, but more often than not they just know they are supposed to help people – they know they are supposed to do something important with their life. They want to change the world – they just don’t know what their message is.

My job is to help remove obstacles so they can see their message clearly. This can be a challenging process. I remember one client who changed her book topic 29 times before settling on her message. 29 times! We spent an entire year together working on the general topic or message of her book. She felt like a failure more times than I’m sure she’d care to count. She missed several coaching sessions and more than once I wasn’t sure she would reschedule.

It’s hard to stick with your search when you WANT to have something meaningful to say and do with your life, but it just doesn’t seem to want to come out of you.

I want to help you find your deepest message. That’s why I created my Free Your Inner Author program. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to go to to learn more.

P.S. Be sure to follow my sister’s work with Moms Demand Action. Join their Facebook page here:

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