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What Dragon-Slayers and Incubated Authors Have in Common

The first memoir I ever read was Slaying the Dragon: How to Turn Your Small Steps Into Great Feats. It was written by 4-time Olympic gold medalist sprinter Michael Johnson. Impressionable and endlessly curious as a youngster, two obsessions began shortly thereafter: learning everything I could about dragons (I was 8 years old!) and setting and achieving goals (I was a very mature 8 year old!).

As time has gone by, I’ve never forgotten how important goals are to me, but until just a few years ago, I swear I hadn’t thought about dragons in forever. Shrek and friends temporarily brought them back into my consciousness, but that dragon was so adorable and lovely to Donkey! What happened to the fearsome beasts I used to know? Did Millennials kill them too?!

Now, thanks to a certain HBO show and the books it’s based on, the beastly dragons of yore are back, baby! Dracarys! I promise no spoilers, but as you can imagine, dragon-slaying has been on my mind lately. I mean, how exactly does it work? Millions of inquiring minds want to know….

Anyway, huge news from The Author Incubator: last week, we slayed a dragon. We launched our first four audiobooks!

“Audiobooks have been our number one request forever – just ahead of children’s books! And so here we are,” said Dr. Angela.

Dragon. Officially. Slayed.

So, what exactly do dragon-slayers and Incubated Authors have in common? I never realized it until yesterday, but our authors are also real life, bad*ss dragon-slayers!

I mean, how could they not be? Writing a book in 9 weeks is a dragon! Investing oneself in building a transformational author business so you can make a difference for others is a dragon! Working through the process of publishing a print book AND an audiobook is a dragon! Overcoming writers’ block or personal struggles or family difficulties to make the difference you were born to make… those are dragons!

The authors we celebrated last week slayed every single one of those dragons— just another example of how the authors we choose to work with are committed to their missions. Dragons are everywhere, but Incubated Authors are dragon-slayers!

During their audiobook launch event we asked them curate 3 stories of how their books have made a difference over the past year for their live interviews. Story after story after story abounded of how one person and one book transformed lives in such a short time. It was a privilege and an honor to witness and be part of. It was an even greater privilege to know that we’ll be launching our clients on audiobooks every month from now on!

From all of us at The Author Incubator, a thousand sincere congratulations to our featured dragon-slayers: Janet Ellis, Neisha Hernandez, Robin Morris, Susan Schiff, and the late Dr. Anita Hunt Hickey.

Here are the links to their audiobooks:


Janet S. Ellis

Wake Up!

Break the Generational Cycle and Be Yourself

Audible Link:












Neisha Hernandez


A Mom’s Guide to Help Her Daughter Find and Follow Her Dreams

Audible Link:












Anita Hunt Hickey M.D.

Pain Is Not What It Seems

The Guide to Understanding and Healing from Chronic Pain and Suffering

Audible Link:












Robin Rae Morris

Goodbye, Comfort Food

How to Free Yourself from Overeating

Audible Link:












Susan G. Schiff D.O.M.

Fertility Fuel

Create Your Family Without Losing Your Mind, Your Marriage, or Your Money

Audible Link:












Last week’s Audiobook Launch was the first of many new benefits we’re giving our authors. Stay tuned and watch this space. Trust me, we’re rising to the occasion— our dragon-slaying authors do it all the time!

With love,

Trevor M. McCray

Publishing Manager

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