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We’re celebrating 100 Bestsellers In A Row – $1,000 worth of gifts inside

This coming Tuesday we’re going to launch our 100th bestselling book. It won’t just be our 100th bestseller – it’s actually our 100th bestseller in a row. So as well as being a huge milestone in the lives of the six authors we’re publishing, it’s going to be a huge milestone for me, too.

On Tuesday at 2pm ET I’ll be on a webinar with six of our latest authors. We’re going to talk about exactly what they did to make it from book idea to published bestseller in three months or less, and how they overcame the blocks and challenges that stop most aspiring authors in their tracks. If you have any interest in writing a book now or in the future, be on this free webinar.

Some of the questions we’ll be answering are:

  • How to manage a crazy schedule and still meet your deadlines
  • How to manage the impact of your personal stories on the people you love
  • How to cope with personal challenges such as ADHD during the writing process
  • How to finish your book despite major life challenges like severe illness
  • How to balance being a parent while writing and publishing a book in 3 months

We’re also going to answer your questions live. Once you register for the event you’ll be able to submit questions to our authors in the facebook event page (link provided after registration) before we begin or ask them live on the webinar. We’ll answer as many as we can.

To celebrate the launch we’re also giving away more than $1,000 of free gifts to every webinar attendee. We’ll include links to download all six of our latest books free of charge, and our authors will be offering free guided meditations, free or discounted online courses and tools, and discounted coaching.

applewatch3And we’ll also give the person who submits the highest quality feedback about the webinar an Apple Watch!

So if you feel like there’s a book in your heart but you’re not sure how to get it on paper, if you are ready to write but want to make sure your book will actually make a difference in peoples’ lives, if you’re unsure about publishing options, or you want to know how a book can grow or launch your business then use this free webinar opportunity to get the answers you need from me and a group of six bestselling authors.

There is an attendee limit on this webinar. Click here to register now.

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