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We Know Books Make The Biggest Difference

Here at The Author Incubator we think it’s pretty clear that writing a book is the best way to create a positive impact that ripples outward into the universe.

800+ Incubated Authors don’t lie. But think about it— a book gives you, as a creator of change, a platform to stand on. Simply having your name on the cover of a book is a massive boon to your credibility. From our perspective this is important because having a book makes you that much more visible to the people who need to find you.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already changed lives organically— by simply living your life, stumbling into connections, and helping people whenever possible. You might not always feel like you’re successful in every case, but the impulse to do good is there. Writing a book is like creating a capsule for your message that you can toss out like a business card… or a lovingly wrapped care package of healing! You’ve likely already created an impact on your world in one way or another, but how much more could you do with a delivery system that allowed you to distribute your healing message almost instantly to thousands of people?

The truth is that if you have the solution to a problem that people are at the very least going to be willing to Google to solve, a book acts as a magnet to bring them to you. When they buy that book, it’s like they’re literally raising their hand to say “Hey! I have this problem, please help me solve it!”

For every single one of the 400+ clients that have gone through our program, there are tons of stories we could choose to focus on— sudden transformations, big wins, client successes, funny perspective-shifting anecdotes. We always love seeing our clients use their books to create a ripple effect in the world around them, and it’s constantly refreshing to continuously see that there are so many different ways a book can do that. So last week when we hosted the audiobook launch for five of our authors who published between 8 months and a year ago, it was fascinating to see just how many ways a book can impact readers’ lives and create actual ripples of change.

For example, take Dr. Heather Simone, bestselling author of The Diamond Advantage. Heather works with successful women to help them break through to the next level of what success looks like to them— without missing out on the rest of their lives. Heather told us the story of Christine, a woman who had known for years that she wanted to see more “success” manifesting in life, but didn’t know how to define or reach it. So for Christine, finding Heather’s book was exactly what she needed to put that wish into words and actions. The promising results she got from the book alone led her to work directly with Heather, prompting a huge transformation not only in her professional life (as she’d wished) but also in her personal life, relationships, and her spiritual and intellectual awareness. In other words, the book was an answer to her prayer— but it also rippled out to improve her life in ways she never could have predicted!

Next, we talked to two relationship coaches: Lee Ellis, author of Love The One You’re With , and Christine Elizabeth Leon, author of Roots of Forgiveness. Both described situations in which they connected with readers who, after reading their books, were actually compelled to not only stay in their marriages, but to do the work to turn them around and into the relationships they’d either always wanted or had and lost along the way. And simply because they found and read a book!

And when you think about it, not only did these authors’ books allow their readers to solve the marital problems between two people; the transformations also impacted their children, relatives, and close friends spared the tragedy and trauma of divorce. That’s the power of a book written with a heart of service.

Finally, we caught up with Yazmin Torres Padilla, author of Inspire. Yazmin lives in Ecuador and found us in May of 2018. She specializes in helping small- and medium-sized family businesses who are struggling with their sales to not only stay afloat but to solve the problem indefinitely and continue to grow sustainably. She launched her book in November, so she’s had almost a year to collect client success stories— like the one she shared with us about Diana

Diana had owned and operated a small family-run bakery in Ecuador for about eight years, but not without struggle. In reality she barely made enough money to survive. And in spite of telling herself the whole time that something was going to change and make everything better, she was seriously considering closing shop and trying to find a “real job.” But discovering and reading Yazmin’s book led her to recognize that her financial woes were tied to issues in her sales funnel— so she tracked Yazmin down, hired her, and together they identified what specifically Diana’s business needed to improve upon in order to survive.

Fast forward to today, just a few months later, and Diana is still working with Yazmin— only now her bakery has gone national in Ecuador and she’s getting ready to cut the ribbon in two additional countries. And now that her business is thriving she can consistently provide for her family and feel more of the joy that made her want to open a bakery in the first place! And on top of that, she gets to create huge opportunity in every community she touches. That means that for every location opened she gets to provide job stability for at least a dozen people. Each of those employees will be able to provide for their families and their children who, with the opportunity afforded to them by their employed parents, will be better equipped to make their own difference in the world. That’s a ton of ripple effect, and all because Yazmin, one person, wrote a book!

We really enjoy listening to these stories for a few reasons. First of all, it’s always heart-warming to witness soul connections like this. And if these are the stories authors actually hear about, just imagine what kinds of transformations occur in their readers who don’t get in touch after reading!  These stories show that author and client can change one another’s lives, but more importantly, they serve as further proof to our team of another ripple effect making its way around the planet.

And maybe “ripple” isn’t the best comparison – so you can take your pick between ripple, snowball, chain reaction, central nervous system, etc. — but to us the important thing is that what we do (that is, helping fledgling entrepreneurs write books that make a difference) creates cumulative impacts around the world and all the time. We just heard about five authors who made their own huge transformations. So what’s really even possible with 400+ authors, and more every month?

Every book is different. We have people right now creating the same positive transformations in widows, abuse victims, folks with chronic illnesses, hypnotists, millennials, you name it. And any one of them will tell you that a servant’s heart is everything. There’s nothing in this world that can leave an impression like generosity or kindness freely given. When we accept people into our program here, we’re looking for candidates who basically feel they have no choice but to pay it forward— to seek us out in order to help themselves so that they can help someone else. And most of the time, that person becomes empowered to help a bunch of other people. That cumulative effect is why we do what we do.

Really, any kind of positive change you can think to create has inherent potential to create still more change. Here at The Author Incubator, we just happen to know that writing a book is the best way to create that initial splash.

And of course, we’re always launching more books. So if you’d like to hear more stories, go ahead and sign up for our upcoming book launch here.

But what if you’re interested in writing a story of your own? Maybe you want to be the one telling the stories about how your readers changed their lives with the help of your book?

If you’ve been wondering about the best way to heal the world around you, it’s time to step up. Your book is the vessel for your message, and in our experience that message has the most impact when it’s written from a place of service. If you agree and you know that now’s the time to start your own ripple effect in your future readers’ still water, go ahead and apply to write your book with us.



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