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We’re Taking Life Coaching to the Mainstream

On March 31st at the American Documentary Film Festival, there’s going to be a documentary premiering that poses the question “Is Life Coaching A Scam”?

All the tickets are already gone, but I saved 20 that I’m giving away for free only to people who are on my email list who write to me with a compelling reason why they should be part of an exclusive group consisting of me, several other seven-figure coaches, and a bunch of my successful authors for a private coaching event, VIP admission to the documentary premiere, and access to an exclusive VIP reception afterwards.

Many people (including my best friend who is a prominent life coach) asked me why I agreed to participate in this controversial film. The truth is this project is actually terrible for business! I don’t sell life coaching and it’s a huge distraction from my real job which is helping healers and experts get their books done.

I did it for the same reason I run my company. Life coaching saved my life, and if this film helps just one person whose family or friends told them coaching was B.S. to say yes to changing their life, then it was worth it.

This film is an opportunity for us all to defend ourselves and to put Life Coaching on the map as a valid way to solve persistent problems. Coaching is not just for the Encinitas Jet-Set, but is valid and legitimate to common, regular, everyday people who deserve relief from suffering too.

As we all work to bring the relief of personal development to the mainstream, the legislation, litigation, and controversies about us are getting louder and louder. People are calling us scam artists. Psychiatrists and psychologists are saying we hurt people instead of helping them. Religious people call us false prophets and say we lead people away from God. And of course, there are many, many people who really need our help but have judgements or little understanding of what we are really about.

At this critical juncture, we need to come together to form one single, powerful, inspiring voice of truth. People love negative news, and so as we get bigger and bigger, we need our side of the story to be consistent and to resonate beyond the noise for us to become fully legitimized and accepted in mainstream society.

But for that to happen, this movement to put life coaching on the map needs your support.

Keep reading to find out how you can get one of my free tickets to this exclusive event.

My intention in participating in this movie is to simultaneously defend us, to give people enough insight into what we do to make an informed decision about life coaching, and to put life coaching on the map.

This is not a money-maker for me. This movie is a strategy that will make the industry bigger and better for ALL of us.

Extrovert Entertainment, led by Director M. Douglas Silverstein, came to me with this idea but agreed to feature me in the film only if I agreed I would have no say over the final product. We filmed for something like 1,000,000 hours (okay I think the actual number was 40, but it felt like a million) and there were a few times where my guard was down, and I said and did things I really don’t feel 100% comfortable about. Of course, those were the moments that made it into the edit. You will have to see what you think; it’s definitely a “warts-and-all” documentary. In the movie, I get into a heated debate with a leading psychologist who is anti- life coaching. And there is input from people from religious and various social backgrounds who are both for us and against us.

Let this movie be our first step in creating this movement together.

We’ll make a whole day of it. In the afternoon before the event, I’ve planned a private, two-hour coaching session at a secret location in Palm Springs. Most of us have detractors in either our personal or professional lives. During our session, we’ll talk frankly about friends, family members, and even spouses who do not believe in coaching or personal development and what to do about that. We will work together to clear out the blocks they bring up that prevent us from putting our full selves into taking our movements to the masses. This will be a working session, and it will include some hot seats, and I’m not coaching alone— some of the brightest and best in our industry will be alongside us, digging for gold in your stories with me.

After the movie, I’ve planned an awesome exclusive after-party with an open bar, a surprise musical guest you won’t want to miss, and lots of opportunities for connection and play.

Here’s the full schedule for The Weight Of Success Insider’s Experience:

  • 1-3pm: Coaching Event
  • 6-6:30pm: Meet & Greet
  • 6:30-8:30pm: Documentary Premiere
  • 8:30-11pm: After Party

I’ve almost filled this event to the max with my authors, but I’ve saved 20 tickets for life coaches or future life coaches on my email list. Here’s how you can claim yours for free:

  1. Write an email to [email protected] with the subject line, “Please let me attend the Weight Of Success Insider Experience”
  2. Write no less than 100 words and no more than 300 words about why we should choose you and how the work you are doing – or will do – in the world makes a difference in people’s’ lives
  3. Write another 50 words about a detractor in your life, either personal or professional, and how you are working to make sure they do not stop you from making the difference you were born to make

The deadline for entries is tomorrow (Saturday, March 23rd). I’ll be reading the submissions on Sunday and we’ll let the people we choose to join our group get access to the coaching event with me and The Weight Of Success premiere by noon on Monday!

I can’t wait to hang out with you!

37 thoughts on “We’re Taking Life Coaching to the Mainstream”

  1. 2019 is my year of transformation and I am committed to discovering my life purpose and living an extraordinary life. Coming to this event would provide a spark to propel me into the next level! Please pick me. 🙂

  2. We all need coaches, but it is so hard to express the benefit of what we can do to others. I really need this to help momentum in my province, and am actually going to be in LA that weekend (flying from the most easternly tip of Canada-Newfoundland)- serendipity? unfortunately not……
    I am in another workshop. Would have loved that opportunity to be there. Have fun, and
    Congrats to the lucky 20 people that will avail to this opportunity.

    1. If the muses are good then hopefully we’ll cross paths in the near future! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your workshop next week.

  3. Oh my – what an amazing opportunity!!! I get to see you a few days after that as I’m in the Authors Way program. I am not a life coach and would not want to take a space up for someone that is an amazing coach and ready to move forward. (Not to mention I am just beginning this career and another flight would be too costly but I am also changing that paradigm in my life so that I no longer need to say the words – I can’t afford that!!And coaching has helped me do that!!) But what I really want to say is GOOD FOR YOU!! Stepping out and supporting those that you coach to be better coaches is phenomenal. Showing the world that the evolution of the planet needs coaches and guides. I consider myself to be a type of coach as I share tarot readings with my clients. Now let’s talk about an industry with some major stigma! But if people with voices don’t start to speak their truth and say – hey wait a minute something is wrong with the picture we are painting in this world. People are grief stricken, traumatised and wounded. If we don’t coach them through that no amount of scientific evidence is going to shift the world. So if I can say anything at all, GO FOR IT!! YOU ROCK!! Thanks for stepping out and rocking the boat. It’s about time the world wakes up from it’s complacency and steps into it’s healing. Abundant Blessing on your movie release and your event!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your support Toni ❤️! We can’t wait to formally meet you in a few weeks— our team has a really good feeling about your book.

  4. I have clients driving hours for appts on the 31 st (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) so sorry I can’t make it!! I wish you all the best and thanks for all you do to make this world a better place. Sincerely Maria

    1. We appreciate your well-wishes. And there’s no need to apologize— your mental health should be a top priority!

  5. Scott Blakeslee

    Hi Angela,

    Thank you for this opportunity to entertain the thought of being a part of this special event!! This is a very powerful opportunity to not only express the passion that arises in me but to also share my personal journey from one who lives a supernatural lifestyle, a business owner and entrepreneur. I have been a business owner for over 22yrs but the one thing I had always missed unbeknownst to me was the value of people speaking into my life! As I write this small nugget I have pursued “personal development” over the past ten months and if it wasn’t for my own personal experience and the value of others and the tools given to equip me I would not be pursuing this opportunity. I am one who believes in “paying forward” in love by investing in other peoples lives, being intentional to see them thrive and not settle for a life of mediocrity. My personal experience over the past four years is a “Book Title” extravaganza….Hahaha!!!
    I will be looking for my ticket Angela.

    1. When we open up our hearts to what others have to say we’re able to gain a new perspective on ourselves and the world! Based on your comment, I know the muses are guiding you in the right direction. We received your email so keep an eye out for our announcement on Monday!

  6. I can personally say that I’ve never looked into life coaching or understood all that it entails, but I believe that it is a good thing for some people. I would probably be a good candidate for a life coach because when I have a project, I usually can get it done with someone there that is enthusiastic with me and in good time and generally with more efficiency. I find that assisting people one on one with a goal (I mean, actually wholeheartedly guiding them lovingly) allows a different kind of energy to form and ignite a positive change, as opposed to just being around a person and telling them what to do.

    1. My compelling reason: I want to go bad enough to miss my daughter’s 21 st birthday! Actually, on second thought, I would probably be lucky to miss that one So, on to reason two…
      My clients have become younger and younger and desperately need the personal development tools I offer on my coaching practice. These are kids that, otherwise, would fall between the cracks and be overlooked or passed by as ‘managing ‘. That is simply not good enough! I have several clients who said my coaching helped them reconnect with their child during difficult teen years. They went from hopeless and frustrated to having clarity and a compelling future. Now, that is something that school counselors, peer groups and overwhelmed parents don’t typically provide, is it?
      I would love to defend our purpose and join your ranks! If I am not chosen please accept my thanks for standing up and fighting the good fight!

  7. Hello I’m Susie Martin, I’m writing this sitting in my ninety-year old parent’s dining room. Four months ago, I gave up my easy life in northern Nevada as full-time entertainer, and part-time healer. Mostly because my Spirit guides made it clear I needed to be very mobile to do the most healing for the world. I made the good choice to set up a bedroom here at mom and dads, because lets face it, I’m so fucking lucky, to still have my two parents alive on earth with me. So here I am in San Diego, writing my story, teaching self- healing, and growing. In past two years, I have taught some adult, and kid yoga, some Reiki and life skills. Mentored a few friends, and one college student that I also had let live in my place for eight months. Recently, following my intuition, I developed a two part self-healing workshop. The first two-hour session, I taught in Reno last week to nine participants. The program I created mostly consists of skills I learned and practiced with a group for eighteen months guided by Seer, Art Runningbear, my 200 hour yoga teacher training from 2015 in India, and an online mind valley energy course instructed by Jeffrey Allen. The workshop was enjoyed by the group of nine, and more people are expected for second part on March 7th. But here is were I need assistance, so please let me attend the Weight of Success Insider Experience. I want to create a course, that I can package to get people to stop doing what everyone expects them to do and live their life, like their life depends on it, and not just their bank account. I’m teaching people to live with their body and not to be afraid of it, to feel it. Not mask or dull it with drugs or other addictions.
    The body gets hungry and it wants love, how lucky we are! Feel it! Love it! But here is my dilemma, I’m blocked on asking people to spend their hard earned money, on my life changing program. Help! Studied, practiced and teaching, but need steady income too. Looking forward to the event!

    1. You have a truly blessed life Susan and I want to thank you for sharing parts of your experience with us. Copy and paste your comment into an email to put yourself in the running for one of our tickets. You could be one of our lucky winners!

  8. I would be nothing with out self support and discuvsry holding me up giving me the reassurance and self discovery I craved in my developing years xxxx

    1. Not enough people realize how important reassurance and self discovery is to our growth! We need to remember that, “it’s easier to raise strong children than to repair broken men.”

  9. Princess Gabrielle Michaud

    I like you believe whole heartedly in this new field going mainstrem.
    I am currently starting a comunity minded company that gives back to society. I will start my own talkshow webcast live January 01 2020 to open peoples minds and reach their hearts. Many say where has the love gone…I say Im right here.
    I am a Spiritual Sheperdess, teaching the masses classes Live in January. I want to publish before and attending your event will give me the knowledge and wisdom needed to become a great leader and speaker like you.
    The oportunity possibly meet you will be a dream come true. I admire strong women and hope to conect with them to form life long bonds. I am being the change I want to see and making the world and life more beautiful for you and me. Thanks to consider me.
    Respectfully Yours
    Gabrielle Michaud 1 450 877 3573

  10. I love documentaries and did life coach trading in 2007.
    My old fried is married to the mayor in Ranchi Mirage.
    I will do a healing book one day with you.
    Mary Strang

  11. Bonnie Thompson-Ford

    I will not be available for your event on March 31st. However you are involved in an exciting adventure that is music to m6y soul. This is my life’s work. Integration of Therapeutic Life Coaching. My approach addresses filling holes in the soul in effort to release inner power which can make profound differences in our lives . There is so much more connected with the understanding of our Multidemential selves. Please keep me posted. I would love to join you in conversation and support for Life Coaching.
    Bonnie Thompson -Ford
    MS, LMHC, LCAC, Ct

    1. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on with us Bonnie! We want to encourage you to keep up the good work. It’s a rarity that a profession allows workers to see meaningful results in real time. Watching our authors grow and make a true difference in their readers lives is exactly why we’re in this line of work.

  12. I became a life coach the moment I conceived my first (of 2 children). To be anti-life coaching is to be anti – mother, father, minister, best friend, and mentor. History proves that where there is money, there will always be scammers/charlatans. It is up to the individual to know that another can not coach you to happiness or success. Only YOU can take the knowledge and make it “magic.” It’s easier to blame others for our lack of success than it is to make it happen – with intention, desire, and purpose.

  13. Shawna Purcell

    I am so excited for you, every life coach in the world, and the millions of Americans who have, or will be helped by life coaches throughout their lives. The release of The Weight of Success documentary brings to the forefront an intellectual and very raw discussion and education of what a life coach is, how a life coach fulfills the basic needs of human beings and guides those through difficult or good life experiences to become a better version of themselves. My life was both changed at a young age and saved after a tragic death by life coaches. I would not be here today, sharing my knowledge and spiritual gifts, changing lives daily and helping people take control of their bodies and emotions if it were not for my life coach whom I work with to this day.

    I feel so very strongly about this and so thankful.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you’re doing Dr Angela and all of your colleagues. I believe the truly amazing life coaches such as yourself, are spiritual guides given to earth to make huge positive changes in the lives of those who ask, but also to change the views of those who oppose, in order to raise the vibrations of this earth one human life being changed at a time. I cannot wait to experience the affect this long awaited for documentary will have on so many Americans, open the eyes of those who have been asleep, and serve as confirmation for those already doing this priceless, human life changing work.

  14. These types of events have proven to be educational and inspiring for me. I am only an hour and half from where this event is being held, and it would be great to go, and see what those before us have accomplished. There are so many ways to learn, and there is nothing better than going to these types of events to feel that energy. It would be an honor to attend this event as your guest, and the next one as a speaker. I look forward to your response, but it is energizing just thinking about it. I will be giving back to the community, showing some of these youngsters that you can make it coming from the hood. I am also looking forward to building a life coaching business. I have been experiencing some time challenges since signing up to write my book, but I’m reprioritizing my time and my life for the next chapter. Thank you, for your consideration.
    Cedric Graham

  15. Lena Mj Moore-Fennell

    Good afternoon,
    The idea of helping people to make their dreams come true has always been a deeply rooted dream of mine, that I’m ready to have as a goal that I meet. For all the challenges struggles, mistakes, bad decisions I have made, to be turned into lessons that have brought me to becoming everything I have ever wanted to. And most importantly, showing everyone that their ways didn’t help me, but my determination of simply choosing to be positive about who I really am, and learning to portray myself correctly to everyone around me. We can all succeed in our dreams, if we stay focused on them, on positive thoughts, and understanding the strength that lays within ourselves.
    I’d be honored in participating in your workshop to learn as much as I can, so I can pass it to everyone who will read my book.

    Thank you for the opportunity, and taking time to even have me as an applicant.


  16. Wow, I sure do miss some cool opportunities when I am devoting my life to helping those who are suffering find that hidden path to freedom. I work at a trauma, addiction facility and today I gave my notice I’m backing off of my hours, hard decision but it’s more important to try and help bundreds more today.
    I’ve been trained as a therapist but I also trained with Tony Robbins and Clie Madanes to be a Strategic Life Coach, that training has kicked my Mental Health schooling’s ass all the way to the student Loans debt bed that I was lying in for so long.

    I applied for your author incubator program because I am writing a book “The Truth About Addictions” it’s such a scary thing to do with such a huge billion dollar industry but I honestly am not letting anything deter me from my purpose. I honestly have to say, I kinda screwed up the save up for retirement path in which I would have used to pay for your program. But proud to say at 50 I had ninth grade education and went for it, went and got bachelors degree and than at 55 I completed my Masters in Memtal Health Counseling. In between those accomplishments I did Tony’s training and got certified with him.

    Don’t ever think your too old to accomplish your purpose, fly so fast towards your dreams that you won’t have time to choose that limited path!
    Just Breathe and Believe
    No Matter what
    You will be Ok
    Now go and fly!
    Don’t hesitate, make the leap
    And build your wings on the way!
    I still wanted to put it out there for all those that won…..ENJOY THE FUDGE OUT OF THIS OPPORTUNITY!! (You all thought I was going to swear huh? Come on, you did right?)

    Sending lots of love! Deb

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