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Below is a recent class taught by Dr. Angela where she outlines in great detail the process of working with our company to get your book done. Before getting on the phone with Dr. Angela or someone from our team, we as you take a quiet hour to listen to the program description and decide if it feels like a fit for you. Watching this is a big commitment, but your willingness to take watching this seriously let’s us know how ready you are. Dr. Angela reserves her time for working with enrolled authors and not doing 200 calls a month repeating the information in this video allows her to have 200 more hours to spend with out clients.

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1,111+ Authors

1,500+ Books Written

99% Completion Rate

Millions Of Lives Touched!

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If you see your question in this list, click the + next to the questions to find the answer.

You would laugh if you knew how many people think their application was selected on a fluke. “Who me?” our ego mind thinks. Yes! You! Who are you not to shine? You application was not picked on a fluke. We looked at your topic, our ability to sell your topic, our interest in your mission, your life experience, your desire, your readiness, and then we asked God through a prayer ritual whether we were aligned and the answer came back, yes! We believe we have a soul contract to help you. Ask your heart if that feels like a mutual agreement or connection.

Marianne Williamson wrote:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Right now! We believe the only time to help people is right now! No other time exists. There are no start dates because while you will be able to tap into a rich and vibrant community, YOU and you alone set the schedule. When your heart is ready and our dharma is aligned, we start. There are group elements to the program but it’s your program and we start when you say go.

Most people are surprised to find out, writing your book will only take 24-48 hours of writing time with our system. We have had hundreds of authors use our system and write their book in just 3 (very intense) days! However, writing your book is only a small piece of making a difference with a book. You must be equally committed to sharing your message beyond the book. That’s why we are only looking for long-term relationships with people who want to build a 6-figure coaching or consulting business with their book (or books) as the cornerstone of that business. Most successful authors have careers spanning decades and we’d love our relationship to provide so much value we work together for years or decades. We ask you to put aside 4-5 hours a week for the first 8-12 weeks to get your book written but over the year we will spend together we will spend as little time as possible to get you a spectacular result. We vow to never make you do busy work or come to boring meetings!

Soooooo seeing as the bulk of the program in the first 3 months is working with Dr. Angela to figure out your book topic, this is an odd question, no? If you can figure it out without us, then please don’t sign up to work with us.

It’s like saying: “I’d like to go to out dinner, but I haven’t cooked yet.” It just sounds weird. If you need help with this, it’s a great reason to join.

Thanks for asking! Our authors have so much success we get this all the time! Unfortunately we only work with people who want to commit to working with us for a full year to build a Quarter Million Dollar Author Business that includes us helping with writing a book, publishing it, working on speaking skills, developing programs, serving clients, and marketing.

Welcome to the club! Books are like tattoos… if you are into them, you rarely have just one! One of the first things we will do is sort through all your ideas and with some help from Source we will pick the best NEXT book with you. Bring all your ideas and we will work together to land on the right one. This process is called Developmental Editing!

The primary additional cost all authors have is the cost of books and shipping those books. Unlike most publishers, we do not have any minimum purchase requirements. You can buy as many books as you want or none. Each will cost you between $2.50 and $5 though most are around the $3.50 mark. You could also take your designs to a printer if you wanted to do a big run, like 10,000 copies could get your cost down to $1 a book, but frankly I’d rather pay more and not have to deal with the cost of storage. 

Include with your fees of working with us is all the editing, all the proofreading, all the design, all the publishing services, a best seller campaign (these can go for $10,000 on their own). More importantly we are your business advisors so instead of paying an agent and a manager each 10-20% of what you make, we charge a flat fee up front which allows us to treat every single client equally and you will never pay us another cent no matter how much your books generate. You will never pay us a royalty. You keep 100% of the revenue you earn.

Imagine you have revenue of $400,000

With our model:
Cost = $40,000 (if paid in full)

Traditional Agent
Fee = $60,000

Now double that to $800,000

With our model:
Cost = $40,000

Traditional Agent
Fee = $120,000.

Membership in the Incubator, as a % of revenue same or less than a traditional agent or manager but more effective and with a cap – most people pay a higher percent as revenue rises!

Our program is conducted all virtually with no in-person appearances required. However, as an author, you may wish to travel and speak at different events. This would be completely optional. No travel is required.

Our goal is for you to start making money right away. Within the first 30 days you will get instructions and support selling coaching or consulting services related to your book before you even start writing. This is great for market validation. Don’t worry, if you aren’t ready or don’t have time to serve clients, this is optional. But we have had authors make over $200K from their books before they are written. A more typical number we see is $10,000.

On average, for clients who start selling right away. $10,000 in the first 3 months. $30,000 in the next 3 months. And then $100,000 in the 3rd and 4th quarters for a total of around a Quarter Million Dollars in the first year.  

For clients who already have an established course in the mid 6 figures, we have seen them use these strategies to get their business to be on track for $1 Million within a few months of launching their book.

Of course, the results are largely dependent on you. We can’t do the work for you or want it more than you. The methods and systems we teach will work for new and established businesses, but it only works if you work it.

YES! We have tons of clients come to us with no idea, no audience and having never sold anything or started a business ever, and then absolutely crush their goals for their difference making mission.

If you are starting from scratch, we have a very specific plan for you to follow in the first few months to create an impactful book, course, website, and/or podcast, and certify as a coach with a leading mentor. You’re not “too beginner” for this, you found us at just the right time, because it’s worth it to start delivering on your God-given mission from the foundation the RIGHT WAY, THE FIRST TIME.

There’s no need to struggle on your own. Start off with the endgame in mind, and you’ll be moving faster right from the get go.

YES! Absolutely. Many of our clients come to us when they already have a successful business that they want to SCALE. Maybe you’ve had success with other methods of selling your business, but you know you need to get a book published to get you to multi-six figure level and beyond! We routinely helped people scale from $100k to $1m and beyond.

This program is ideal for people looking to scale to the next level and you’ll be in good company in the group, surrounded by other 6-7 figure entrepreneurs.

Great! We don’t want you to have a finalized idea yet. In this program we teach you how to identify the most impactful topic for your book and get market validation before you launch anything. Most people who pick their idea without our help get it wrong.

You wanna know a secret? The most successful people you look up to all felt scared before they took action. The confidence comes from ACTION. The more tiny steps you take, the easier and easier it gets – until one day you won’t even recognize yourself because you are such a badass.

We get this offer all the time. “I don’t have any money, but I’ll split the revenue with you.”

We invite you to think this through. 

For over 200 years, there have been established publishing companies doing just that. In fact, they still exist. These company take a risk, do all the work for months or years, before they see a dime. 

Then, they take almost all of the artists money.

How has this model been working out for women, people of color, and LGBT peeps??? Not so awesome!

This is the model we KNOW doesn’t work. Our business exists to PROVE this is the WRONG model for building a new future for the world. If we were to work with you using this out-dated, patriarchal, feudal system, we would be working at cross purposes to everything we believe and stand for. 

By all means, if you want to work under that model go to any of the major publishers. That’s what they do! They will only work with you of course, if you are already established and have a strong platform, which is of course, what we would have to do if we were going to work on a percentage. It’s a system that never gives the underdog a chance to rise up.

We believe deeply that underrepresented voices need to get out there. In fact, our entire mission is to amplify the voices of women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA+ communities. Because every single person we accept fits in this category, every single person deserves a scholarship. We could double our prices and give everyone 50% off – but that seems like weird marketing bullshit. There are organizations like The Point Foundation, and the ALA Spectrum program that exist to help provide funding for educational opportunities. You can check there, but we don’t offer any one any special or different pricing. It doesn’t seem fair and it doesn’t fit our tiny organizations capabilities to figure out who is worth and then administer the program. We aren’t qualified to do that. If you HAVE the funding, we can get your voice out there but our part of this equation is not funding it.

First, thank you for your service! We have quite a few military authors including Travis Collier, Coast Guard; Dana Ayers, Navy; and Benefsheh Verell, Army. We do not have a capabilities to manage different pricing plans or to authenticate military service. We are very excited to represent your experience and help you share your message with the world, however, we just don’t have a way to have you work with us for a lower rate than everyone else.

If you have co-authors, we will require that only 1 person be our point of contact. We have run into issues in the past where one author says one thing to our editor and the other changes it back. It can really complicate our work. If you have a co-author situation, you must have a lead authors who has the final say. If you have any questions about this, schedule a call.

We have done a handful of books with kids ages 10 to 21. This is a legit, great reason so schedule a call and chat. When it comes to working with people under 21, we are open to it if the parent or another adult is involved. Please schedule a call before registering.

You’re funny. 
Ain’t no where did God promise you were going to feel ready. No one feels like they have the time, money, knowledge, or experience. Instead the way it feels is that they are COMPELLED to work with us. 

Think of it this way: If your hot water heater went out, or your car died, would you ever say “I’m not ready to buy another one?” NO! Of course you aren’t ready! The question I am asking is, will you do it ANYWAY. And if the answer is no, that’s cool. But no, we can’t save your spot. You can apply again. We don’t guarantee the program will be the same, that it will cost the same, or that you will be accepted. Repeat applications need to have something new in them to get accepted and it’s quite rare. This is your moment. God is throwing you the line. The question is, do you choose to take it?

Guess what, the only way you are going to get the time freedom you so deeply desire is by prioritizing creating your difference-making book and the systems we teach you to be able to run your business in a few hours per day. That is the only way. Continuing doing what you do now is not going to magically lead to more free time!

I guess maybe you should ask yourself, do you have time to keep doing what you are doing. You see the financial results your current approach is getting you, how is that working out. The steps are clearly laid our for how to build a profitable author business where you work about 30 hours a week. If you have another plan to work 30 hours a week and make $250,000 that seems more fun, I’d go do that plan!

Please don’t promise that. It will be a waste of your money. This is a year-long intense graduate-level training on having a 6-figure author business. It’s an apprenticeship where we make sure you have everything you need to have a successful business. If you get your business where you want it without us we will pop the champagne with you but we would not then want to take your money to teach you something you already know.

When you actually think about it, references are kind of stupid, right?  Anyone that provides references or testimonials are only going to provide those from the clients that sing their glowing praises. We don’t activly solicit our clients to be available for referral calls because we want them out there selling their own work, not ours. However, we realize some people find it useful to hear from our past clients, so we do have prepared some testimonials we like to share:

  1. Dr. Shaunna Menard pivoted from work she wasn’t passionate about to six-figure months serving health coaches by writing her book: View Testimonial

  2. Angela Jackson Yousey broke out of the box with her book. Together with her husband Chris, she is a church minister and they are on a path to profitability and prosperity as a coaches in a way that is in total integrity with her mission from God. View Testimonial

  3. Tamara went from scraping by to $300,000 months with her book. View Testimonial

  4. Nurys’ book scaled her recruitment business and raised her professional profile. View Testimonial

  5. Dr. Veronica got the support she needed to write a book and a movement that goes beyond her medical practice and makes the difference she has always wanted to make. View Testimonial

  6. Megan Jo went from feast/famine to consistent five-figure months helping women find their voice View Testimonial

    We also encourage you to check out what our previous clients achieved with us. We list the completed books from our clients in the Our Authors page. 


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We would be happy to speak to you if you still have questions. Start first by replying to any of our emails and texts and see if you can get an answer that way. If not, we will jump on a call with you but be aware, Dr. Angela likes to spend as much time as possible with clients who have made a substantial financial investment to work with her and our team. We are confident you will appreciate this dedication to service when you are a client. As such she only has a few slots per week to talk to prospective candidates. The video above should answer most, if not all, of your questions, if it doesn’t, however, you may schedule a very brief call to have a question answered by entering the password in the box below.

A few notes:

  • If you can text or email your question, do that instead!

  • Understand the program is frequently sold out and pricing is not guarantee until you pay. When you schedule a call you risk losing your spot.

  • Do not ask a question that has been answered on this page or you may be disqualified.

  • Do not schedule a call to ask financial questions such as “can I split my payment over two cards” to Dr. Angela as that is not in her area of responsibility. Instead go to finance for that (Text or Call +1-202-815-2988)

  • Trust your gut! It is a big investment and if it feels like the answer to a prayer or a hell yes, lean into that and sign up without a call. Sales calls can feel high pressure and no fun but being in alignment and finding your teacher is a gift. This is how it will feel for your clients too. Model the behavior you want your current and future clients to have! No one wants to convince or be convinced. Ask the Goddess to show you the way.

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