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Tuscany Three Days to Done Recap: Our Enchanted Villa, 5 Amazing New Books, & Some Amazing Pictures You’ll Love

“The distance between dreams and reality is measured by your action.

Just about a year ago I sat in a hot tub in Park City Utah with Jill Angie, Sharon Pope and Cassie Parks. We were dreaming about where we would want to write a book and Tuscany was at the top of all of our lists. Now, a year later, we’ve done it together.

Anyone can dream about writing their book in Italy, but how many people actually do it? The 4 of us — along with 2 other incredible women–got to live the dream.

None of us will ever forget it.

While we have been in Italy, we’ve been staying in a villa at a vineyard run by one of Italy’s most successful female entrepreneurs. What’s especially magical is that her dad was one of Italy’s most successful bookbinders and the villa is filled with beautiful books. The connection to the history of this place has been palpable.

We all commented on how writing with a vista like this is a totally different experience. It’s like the scenery seeps into your writing making it easier to channel your book from the same source that created this beautiful window on the world.

I had to share some of the pictures with you so you can see and really know that you can write your book with joy and ease and be loved and supported through the process. Writing a book doesn’t have to be hard. It can be a dream come true.

Here is the amazing villa where these books were born!
3 Days to Done Eve – a Quick Toast to the books we would be creating!
We ate like Queens with the most delicious food and the freshest ingredients in the world lovingly prepared by my husband!


Our authors spread themselves around the villa writing as I edited.


Just a few shots of our authors and our celebratory toast when they finished.


Our 5 newest books – coming soon to a book store near you!

These authors set an intention to write a book in 3 days in Tuscany and they made it happen. What else is possible? Just being totally honest with you for a minute, I get pretty frustrated when I hear people talking about their dreams and not making them happen. All of these authors had reasons not to come to Tuscany, reasons not to get their books done, reasons to keep playing small – we all do – but they choose something greater.

I’ve been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1994 and there is one principal from ACIM that is the driving force behind my work and the miracles I create with my authors.

Only Love is Real. Nothing Unreal Exists.

When we are tired, procrastinating, scared, stressed, or exhausted… we can always choose love. And over and over and over again our authors chose love and that is the secret to writing a book in 3 days.

Love is not a feeling. Love is a choice. Love is an action we take. Love is a verb.

When you choose to play small, you are choosing fear and fear and love can’t co-exist.

How will you choose love today?


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