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Thriving Through Chaos – Part 1

A lot of aspiring authors are coming to me with a plethora of concerns and excuses that all boil down to the same issue. They’re thinking:

“The COVID-19 crisis has killed the economy and now isn’t the time to write my book”

So I decided to record a series of weekly interviews called Thriving Through Chaos where I’ll be documenting how most of my authors are having their BIGGEST MONTHS EVER during social distancing.

Their results are unbelievable, and they’re proving to everyone that now is the biggest and best possible opportunity to start making money with a message of hope, healing and transformation.

This week we feature:

Karen Lorre, Author of Effortless Enchantment
Jill McAbe, Author of It’s Go Time!
Po-Hung Yu, Author of Stop Hiding Behind Your Weight
Dr. Mindy Pelz, Author of The Menopause Reset

So many of our authors are having their best months ever, the only question that remains is… are you ready to have yours?

If so, go to

We select our next four authors next week.

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