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The Two Paths Of First-Time Authors

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There are 2 contrasting conversations I had recently that illustrate the 2 possible ways your experience with your book could go.

Before you write your (next) book, it’s essential you understand these 2 paths so you can choose wisely.


“I wrote a book in 2012 and it didn’t sell well. I’d like your advice on how to relaunch and market it.”


“I’ve started writing my first book and would LOVE some your insight… I posted this in a group and you said not to write a word until we talked.”

The FIRST conversation was from a person who put her heart and soul into writing the wrong book. The reason I say DO NOT START BY WRITING is because most people just don’t write a book that COULD sell.

Now, if you get a traditional book contract this is taken care of because they wouldn’t give you a contract if it wasn’t going to sell. You need to bring certain things to the table and the publisher brings other things. Often the things the publisher brings PISS the author off. They hate the title, or the way the book is framed, or the cover. But the publisher has bought access to your IP in exchange for the right to control things so your book will sell.

When you self-publish you don’t have that perspective. And look, if you don’t have decades of experience in publishing, why would you? First time out of the gate – what are the chances you would nail a formula that has evolved over 200 years?

Like let’s say I was good at basketball, that doesn’t qualify me to coach an NBA team. That requires a couple decades of experience.

80% of the marketing for a book is locked in the way the book was written. Once it’s written, it’s too late.

The SECOND conversation was with someone who would have written the exact same type of book as the first. Most people come to me with a very general idea that’s focused on what the author wants to say with no regard to the audience or the outcomes. It’s all about what the author wants. These books are unintentionally selfish and ineffective. They are not of service even though that is what the author intends.

I was so grateful I could talk to this author-in-transformation before she wrote her book. We dramatically changed the concept of her book in 45 minutes from a book that couldn’t make a difference to one that really could and with huge returns.

Left to her own devices, the truth is she will forget 90% of what we said and only be able to fully enact half of the 10% she remembers because, it was only a 45 minute conversation and I’ve been doing this for 25 years. Still, I feel like at least she knows what matters and how and where to reach out for help. And I know she took good notes!

It physically causes me pain when I see people write the wrong book. It’s such a big process and the people I see want nothing more than to help and serve, but most people write books that create the exact opposite.

Unfortunately I can’t work with everyone, and every day I get more and more messages from people asking for my help, so yesterday I launched an offer that will help even more aspiring authors write the right book, in the right way, so their books will make a difference in the world and peoples’ lives and reward them as a result.

It begins with a free printed copy of my #1 bestselling book (just pay $0.99 shipping), and for those that take me up on this offer you’ll then have the opportunity to join three courses on book-writing, book marketing, and program-creating, worth $1,800, for $1 for a week.

And I’ll also give everyone who participates in the courses a publishing consultation with my team where we’ll discuss your book idea and publishing options, just like I did in my second conversation above, worth $500!

I’m only going to do this for a limited time, so act fast!

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