How to Write When You Don’t Want to Write

Try this: Sometime when you have a spare 10 minutes free between meetings or picking up the kids, set a timer for 10 minutes and type without picking your fingers up off the keyboard. You can type about anything – but if you need a prompt try something like: My favorite memory of childhood is… … Continued

Page Up Ep #13: The Hero of Your Book Journey

  In this episode Dr. Lauria explains how you can be the hero or the victim of your book journey. As an author you are the director of your experience. It will look to you sometimes like the things effecting your book are coming from outside of you. Maybe your editor will drop out of … Continued

Page Up Ep #7: Finding the Discipline to Write a Book

  In this episode you’ll see why “White Knuckling” it will only get you so far when it comes to authorship. If you want to write a book that matters you have 2 choices. You can write from a place of fear and frustration or you can write from joy and ease. I always say … Continued

Page Up Ep #3: Why Writer’s Block is Awesome

  In this episode , Dr. Lauria demonstrates how to get writer’s block working for you instead of against you. Whether you think your problem is procrastination or laziness, you’ll learn exactly how you can leverage the energy that has been holding you back to hoist you forward on your book journey. Once you learn … Continued

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