Going for the Solo

Mr. Troccolo lead the chorus at my middle school, Dag Hammarskjold. Every year he picked a couple of 8th graders to sing a solo in the big spring concert. The soloists were always thin and pretty and looked perfect in their stirrup pants and backwards pastel Forenza sweaters. I was shorter and squatter than those … Continued

Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D. – Book Journeys Author Interview

Ramani’s motivation for writing the book was to get psychology off its ivory tower, with all its scientific information that nobody can You Are Why You Eat – by Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.understand, and make it usable for everybody. A second motivation was so that her own patients could have information they could go back to when at home, while those who can’t come see her can also be reached through her book.

Mike Parker – Book Journeys Author Interview

Mike’s love for books and his desire to be an author even as a child was one of his biggest motivations to eventually come up with his own book. After pursuing many other jobs from being a stockbroker and restaurant manager, to doing a stint in the army, it all came back to writing for him.

Kayce Hughlett – Book Journeys Author Interview

Hughlett explained how her being a psychotherapist helped in the creation of As I Lay Pondering. As a personal healing endeavor that turned into a vehicle for reaching out to people and touching them in many helpful ways, it was in essence, a personal invitation into falling in love with life and living it fully.

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