We Know Books Make The Biggest Difference

Here at The Author Incubator we think it’s pretty clear that writing a book is the best way to create a positive impact that ripples outward into the universe. 800+ Incubated Authors don’t lie. But think about it— a book gives you, as a creator of change, a platform to stand on. Simply having your name … Continued

Why The Author Incubator Bought* A Bank

For the past few months, we’ve been focusing a lot on the concept of transformation around here. Last month we hosted a series called The Transformational Author Summit, which included authors from every stage in the process of transformative authorship, including Oprah’s ex-producer, Sheri Salata. And Sheri’s book launch seemed like a pretty great excuse … Continued

Let’s Talk About The Weight of Success

None of us here at The Author Incubator ever had any doubt that our CEO was eventually going to hit the silver screen. And we could have assumed that, however it came about, anything featuring Angela would be inherently dramatic. But over a year after we started filming first shots I think it’s safe to … Continued

Taking A Stand For Life Coaches Worldwide

We’re grateful beyond words for your response to the premiere of a new documentary featuring Dr. Angela that takes a stand for life coaches worldwide and will help take life coaching further into the mainstream. 150 coaches traveled to Palm Springs, California from all over the United States and beyond to join Dr. Angela and … Continued

We’re Taking Life Coaching to the Mainstream

On March 31st at the American Documentary Film Festival, there’s going to be a documentary premiering that poses the question “Is Life Coaching A Scam”? All the tickets are already gone, but I saved 20 that I’m giving away for free only to people who are on my email list who write to me with … Continued

9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making the Impact You Want to Make

You’ve seen Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I bet. Making the impact you want to make shows up way at the top under “self-actualization” – achieving one’s full potential. Even making a difference with a book, what I teach authors how to do, falls pretty high on the pyramid, under esteem needs.         … Continued

Richard Branson Thinks You Should Write A Book

“You’ve got quite a big brain there,” he said as he tussled my hair and walked away. The smoke from the campfire was blowing in my face and filling my lungs. I coughed and stared into the fire. ‘What the fuck did that mean?’  Here I am standing with one of my heroes and I … Continued

Bringing the Magic

I am so excited to announce that The Author Incubator is welcoming Ramses Rodriguez to the team. This is a very special addition because in his role as our Social Media Manager he is going to be representing the voice of our authors.                   I believe anyone … Continued

Why I Love to Journal

10 years ago I wrote these goals for my body in my journal: – Be able to shave my legs – Be able to lay on my back – Be able to cross my legs – Fit comfortably in normal seats – Shop in normal store (eg on vacation, forget shirt, can get one) – … Continued

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