Why The Author Incubator Bought* A Bank

For the past few months, we’ve been focusing a lot on the concept of transformation around here. Last month we hosted a series called The Transformational Author Summit, which included authors from every stage in the process of transformative authorship, including Oprah’s ex-producer, Sheri Salata. And Sheri’s book launch seemed like a pretty great excuse … Continued

Richard Branson Thinks You Should Write A Book

“You’ve got quite a big brain there,” he said as he tussled my hair and walked away. The smoke from the campfire was blowing in my face and filling my lungs. I coughed and stared into the fire. ‘What the fuck did that mean?’  Here I am standing with one of my heroes and I … Continued

What to do When You Want Something

There are two kinds of wanting. Wanting something unspecified: Success, Fame, happiness, more followers, more money, to lose weight, to have a better marriage, to sell more books. And wanting something tangible and concrete: $10,000 of revenue in February, a cover story in the New York Times Magazine, 350 new followers this week, $2500, to … Continued

I Got This Part Wrong

I’m writing from the kitchen of a mansion in La Jolla, California that I rented for my first Three Days to Done conference. The writers are gone, the trash has been taken out, the towels are piled up on the bathroom floor. For the last 3 days, I’ve been working with 3 authors, hand-in-hand to … Continued

Need You to Make a Choice

“Let’s build a fort!” I hear my 8 year old son, Jesse, yelling to his best friend Dylan. They are so excited as they whisper and giggle their way upstairs to Jesse’s bedroom. A few minutes later I make my way upstairs, open the door, and find a pile of pillows and the blanket. Dylan … Continued

Paul Smith – Book Journeys Author Interview

Angela’s Book Journeys Radio last week brought to us an interesting interview with Paul Smith, a keynote speaker, trainer, and author of two books: Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives that Captivate, Convince, and Inspire. This has been followed up with his second book, Parenting with a Story: Real Life Lessons … Continued

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