Jamie Wolf – Book Journeys Author Interview

In this post, we review Dr. Angela Lauria’s Book Journeys interview with Jamie Wolf, author of Start Over! Start Now! Ten Keys to Success in Business and Life! At the start of the interview, Jamie remarked that the book was intended to help people who have experienced a major change in their lives to start … Continued

Book Journeys with Author Dr. Mark William Cochran

Dr. Mark William Cochran revealed that his experience in suffering chronic debilitating inflammatory arthritis inspired him to write “Oby’s Wisdom.” He shared that he was once a member of the US Marine Corps but resigned due to his illness which left him virtually crippled. However, through his journey of learning natural healing, his life experienced a turnaround that didn’t just restore his health, but actually allowed him to become a triathlete and a marathon runner.

Sallie Felton – Book Journeys Author Interview

Sallie [Felton] kicked off the interview by telling the story of the time Angela approached her to write a book. Angela gave her four months to produce a 60,000-word manuscript; she managed to cobble together her notes from over several years to form half of the content.

Jason Coleman – Book Journeys Author Interview

Jason Coleman co-wrote the book with his wife Debby, whom he has been married to for almost 23 years, and together they have mentored married couples after more or less figuring out what keeps a marriage going, having gone through a lot of difficulty themselves in their earlier years as a married couple.

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