Richard Branson Thinks You Should Write A Book

“You’ve got quite a big brain there,” he said as he tussled my hair and walked away. The smoke from the campfire was blowing in my face and filling my lungs. I coughed and stared into the fire. ‘What the fuck did that mean?’  Here I am standing with one of my heroes and I … Continued

How to Write When You Don’t Want to Write

Try this: Sometime when you have a spare 10 minutes free between meetings or picking up the kids, set a timer for 10 minutes and type without picking your fingers up off the keyboard. You can type about anything – but if you need a prompt try something like: My favorite memory of childhood is… … Continued

New Releases by Incubated Authors

Our newest authors have JUST published their books for the first time on Amazon. Congrats authors! You did it! These books are already climbing the bestseller charts where they’re going to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people who need these messages. You can preorder your copy today – they’ll be ready in just … Continued

Coaching Crimes No One Talks About (and a request)

I bit into the taco shell and everything fell out of the taco on to my plate… and my lap. I’m not known for being a graceful eater, but I had a good reason for losing my taco stuffings that day. I sat across from one of my favorite clients at a little hole in … Continued

The Confidential Story I Told 3 of My Clients Last Night

I’m in LA for work this week, so while I was here, I met up with a few of my local clients for dinner. I shared with them a confidential story, I normally keep to myself. In fact, I’ve only told it once before, on my 40th birthday, in front of 200 of my closest … Continued

I Made This for You

I’ve been working on this post for a long time because I wasn’t sure how to share this with you. I’m afraid you might think I’m a bit of a whack job when I tell you what I know about your book. It’s not something many people can really wrap their heads around, but your … Continued

Re: Re: Price Rollback – Happy New Year!

Hey, real quick… I just wanted to make sure you saw this opportunity! If writing a non-fiction book is on your 2015 plans, you don’t want to miss this chance to get nearly 50% off the price of my signature Your Delicious Book program. What’s the catch? Well it’s pretty simple – you’ve got to … Continued

Re: Price Rollback – Happy New Year!

Is writing a non-fiction book one of your goals for 2015? If so, you’ll want to read this. If not, please have an amazingly happy new year, but stop reading now, I don’t want to waste your time! Here’s the thing, last night I was taking the ornaments off my Christmas tree and I got … Continued

My Big Launch Day F Up – Part 3

December 2014 Our Newest Books. Get ‘em While They’re Hot! The last thing I wanted to share with you today is the list of all the books we released yesterday. If you get them all and send me a receipt for all 10 books, I’ll send you a copy of my Free Your Inner Author … Continued

My Big Launch Day F Up – Part 2

I have 2 amazing events in early 2015 I’d like to fill before the end of the year so I’m going to offer an amazing price point of 50% off if you decide you want to join us before December 31, 2015. Here are the mansions where we’ll be writing: San Diego, California Feb. 2 … Continued

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