How to Start a Book (And Why You Haven’t)

Each week my team and I weed through hundreds of applications searching for the perfect candidates who we know we can help write a book that makes a difference. A lot of people think we are looking for beautiful writing, or succinct marketing plans, or even a willingness to be molded and shaped by our process.

It’s actually none of those things! In fact, those are, perhaps surprisingly, indicators someone ISN’T a good fit. Find out what DOES make an author a good fit.

Wendy Fry – Book Journeys Author Interview

The aim of Wendy Fry’s book is to reach out to people who need support in getting to the heart of their love and relationship problems by connecting with their inner self. In particular, Wendy focuses on Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT as a way of releasing and relieving a range of symptoms that involve the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Lee Gale Gruen – Book Journeys Author Interview

Lee Gale Gruen’s book is a memoir that narrates her three-year journey of attending a senior acting class with her father and how the experience bonded them together more than ever in their lives.

Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D. – Book Journeys Author Interview

Ramani’s motivation for writing the book was to get psychology off its ivory tower, with all its scientific information that nobody can You Are Why You Eat – by Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.understand, and make it usable for everybody. A second motivation was so that her own patients could have information they could go back to when at home, while those who can’t come see her can also be reached through her book.

Mike Parker – Book Journeys Author Interview

Mike’s love for books and his desire to be an author even as a child was one of his biggest motivations to eventually come up with his own book. After pursuing many other jobs from being a stockbroker and restaurant manager, to doing a stint in the army, it all came back to writing for him.

Roland Hinds – Book Journeys Author Interview

Roland Hinds, author of the book, Are You the Right One for Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway? A speaker, radio host, and relationship mentor, Hinds shares that he has been talking about relationships for several years and thought of answering the same questions of people who have been in and out of relationships.

Shawn Shewchuk – Book Journeys Author Interview

Shewchuk’s objective, as he revealed, moved around the fact that no one lives eternally. Everyone will eventually have to check out, which is inescapable, and he wishes to see the movie of his life – the one that flashes by at the moment of transition – to be one worth watching.

Book Journeys with Author Dr. Mark William Cochran

Dr. Mark William Cochran revealed that his experience in suffering chronic debilitating inflammatory arthritis inspired him to write “Oby’s Wisdom.” He shared that he was once a member of the US Marine Corps but resigned due to his illness which left him virtually crippled. However, through his journey of learning natural healing, his life experienced a turnaround that didn’t just restore his health, but actually allowed him to become a triathlete and a marathon runner.

Julie Bauke – Book Journeys Author Interview

Julie Bauke is a professional career strategist, and has several years of previous experience working with a large recruitment and career management services firm called Lee Hecht and Harrison. Her time with the career management services firm, Bauke says, has allowed her to pick up on the warning signs — both from the company and internal ones — that employees often miss or ignore, which then leads to them being laid off work.

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