9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making the Impact You Want to Make

You’ve seen Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs I bet. Making the impact you want to make shows up way at the top under “self-actualization” – achieving one’s full potential. Even making a difference with a book, what I teach authors how to do, falls pretty high on the pyramid, under esteem needs.         … Continued

Richard Branson Thinks You Should Write A Book

“You’ve got quite a big brain there,” he said as he tussled my hair and walked away. The smoke from the campfire was blowing in my face and filling my lungs. I coughed and stared into the fire. ‘What the fuck did that mean?’  Here I am standing with one of my heroes and I … Continued

Why I Love to Journal

10 years ago I wrote these goals for my body in my journal: – Be able to shave my legs – Be able to lay on my back – Be able to cross my legs – Fit comfortably in normal seats – Shop in normal store (eg on vacation, forget shirt, can get one) – … Continued

Coffee With Yoda

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future..” – Yoda This picture is from one of my favorite spots in San Francisco, hidden in the Presidio. I’m not a big Star Wars fan… I’ve never even seen the movie, but I do love me a good Yoda quote. If I had dinner with Yoda, … Continued

The Biggest Problem Most Authors Don’t Even Know They Have

Have you heard the one about the author who walked into a pizza place and ordered Chinese food? Well, if not, you will want to stick around because if you are making this mistake, you definitely want to stop! But before I explain, I’m going to share a little bit about my birth story. Birthing … Continued

How to Start a Book (And Why You Haven’t)

Each week my team and I weed through hundreds of applications searching for the perfect candidates who we know we can help write a book that makes a difference. A lot of people think we are looking for beautiful writing, or succinct marketing plans, or even a willingness to be molded and shaped by our process.

It’s actually none of those things! In fact, those are, perhaps surprisingly, indicators someone ISN’T a good fit. Find out what DOES make an author a good fit.

Writing a Book for the First Time

“Tell it to my heart. Tell me I’m the only one. Is this really love or just a…”


Yup, I was full-voicin’ me some Taylor Dayne when my 1977 Nova slammed into a telephone pole and spun out into the beautifully manicured lawn of some wealthy Connecticut family.

Now in today’s message, I’m going to tell you exactly how to write a book for the first time. But first, we have to talk about my first car accident.

Keep reading to find out what happened to that old Nova.

Live It to Give It

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