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Tabitha Jayne – Book Journeys Author Interview

Tabitha-Jayne-Author-of-Thriving-Loss-Moving-Beyond-Grief-to-a-Place-of-Peace-Passion-and-Purpose-200x300Dr. Angela Lauria’s Book Journeys Radio interview with author Tabitha Jayne was a revelation. Jayne, who penned Thriving Loss: Moving Beyond Grief to a Place of Peace, Passion and Purpose, revealed how her book came to be, which discussed her experience with the sudden passing of a sibling. Though the subject dealt with death, she wanted the book to be inspirational and powerful to help people get past grief through the use of the Tree of Transformation bereavement process which she uses with her clients. This special process has seven steps outlined over a metaphorical tree, starting from the roots and moving upwards to the branches and leaves. It emphasizes the five steps of grief which Jayne nestles between prework and postwork steps that function to keep those five steps in place for someone going through the loss of a loved one, with the transformation beginning at the roots.

Jayne is no stranger in the field of grief and loss so she already knew where she was going with the book. In addition to her personal experiences, she also did some research to support her content but the book didn’t focus too heavily on that because she relied more on her story as well as those of other people to deliver her ideas. She believes it’s important to begin with one’s own story when writing a book that’s self-help. This way, she can create a rapport with people who are going through the process of grief and share her first-hand experience. But she admits that its translation to writing was more difficult than just saying it verbally to illustrate her point.

Thriving-Loss-Move-Beyond-Grief-to-a-Place-of-Peace-Passion-and-Purpose-by-Author-Tabitha-Jayne-198x300Jayne took two months to write Thriving Loss, but it took a year of thinking to get things about the material clear. Her work with clients served to give clarity to how she created her content and gave her insights on what to put in the book. Now that her book’s released, she says she’s very satisfied with how she structured it. Her only afterthoughts were of how she could have added mode content in certain areas or parts of it, even after having edited the manuscript three times before she submitted the final to the publisher. So it was like a more polished second draft when she sent it.

She admits that her writing method is not typical and deviates from the usual advice she hears. But she says that it’s her way of honoring her style which was what had helped her get the work done. This however, does not mean that she’s not willing to try the proven ways of other authors.

To Jayne, writing Thriving Loss was the easy part, particularly after having outsourced some of the work involved like design and layout. To her, it’s the marketing aspect that’s difficult because it’s something that she had not really prepared for. But people have contacted her and told her how grateful they were after reading the book. All the positive response resulted in more clients calling in. With all her success, Jayne still finds herself in a state of surprise that she’s written a book.

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